DCUO Development Update - May 2021

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  1. kingmasternova Loyal Player

    Fight for the light was free for players when it release & a token to change to hard light
  2. KneelBeforeZodd Committed Player

    It was free for PS only, but it was just a example anyway.
  3. MsTickle Fate Devoted Player

    The extra inventory and banking slots you can purchase all apply to the account, not the character. The expansion occurs on all your characters.

    "that can get expensive for all your toons" is just not a thing. Each purchase of additional bank/inventory/broker slots applies to all characters that you own, including all future characters.

    My problem is that the max number of slots become ludicrously small-compared-to-need about five or six years ago. And has never been updated.
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  4. catplaysxoxo Committed Player

    450 for seven days is not expensive? Considering you have to purchase it every week whereas you can become legendary.
  5. TheWrecker Well-Known Player

    Finally, I am pleased to share that work will begin in earnest on our PlayStation 5 native client as we continue toward a (not just PS4 backwards compatible) launch on this next-gen platform. Please note that this will essentially be a port with a few minor improvements to the new console, not a major overhaul or graphics/engine upgrade yet.

    Please note that this will essentially be a port with a few minor improvements to the new console, not a major overhaul or graphics/engine upgrade
    That is very very very disappointing. I waited to get a PlayStation 5 until I got some kind of news from you all. I saw in that EG7 letter are promised expansion to take advantage of the new consoles in the next generation. Then in this update letter I see this disappointing news.
  6. KneelBeforeZodd Committed Player

    I mean it was expected, the last time they did this (PS3->PS4) we had very minor improvements to the PS4, with some better textures on main locations. And AFAIK the PS4 can already support UE3 at this limit as long as they do it in a optimized way

    What disappoints me is that EG7 had planned for Q4 better graphics, which made me expect at least a few animation and texture updates on iconic places, so far so good it looks like this will be just another year for the game, without anything reallyyyy major.
  7. TheWrecker Well-Known Player

    No it's not to be expected. I don't need a history lesson I know all about it I was there for it. The reason it's not to be expected is because they literally told us they were going to do an expansion to take advantage of the next generation consoles. We never had any such promises or comments when the PlayStation 4 came out.
  8. MAXILIANO Loyal Player

  9. KidSuperBoy Well-Known Player

    Hi all. I think maximum skill points for members would be a really good idea and incentive to purchase membership. Also maybe mentor themed lair options, hence Superman-Fortress of Solitude accessories, etc.
  10. PHNTM Well-Known Player

    Guess I'll post it again, is the focus ONLY on PS next gen and no news or attempts to look at Xbox next gen?
  11. KneelBeforeZodd Committed Player

    PS is far more populated, so it was expected to come first. It's almost guaranteed there is nothing for xbox at least until early 2022. If there is something they will announce in time
  12. Jafin 10000 Post Club

    What do you mean maximum skill points? As in give us all the maximum amount available without having to do feats? If that's what you mean, that's not gonna happen.
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  13. Minifig New Player


    This news has brought both my friend and I back to DC Universe Online after a very, very, very, very extended absence so this news is welcoming. The one piece of input we have is, while you're making all content available to all players, which is a welcome change, please also allow at least one free power set choice (or all of them) when creating new characters as well. It would go a long, long ways to integrating new players into the game if they could choose a powerset they were interested in playing as opposed to being locked down to just a few basic ones.

    The more interested you are in a power set, the more likely you are to want to play the game for an extended period of time if you can use/get that power set right off the get go. If I have to try the game with another initial power set to see if I like the game, I'll be less likely to play for very long because I'm not interested in the powers I've chosen. However, the reverse is true too, if I can choose the power set I wanted at the first, I'll be more excited to play for a longer term because the game has given me an option to play the powers that excite me.

    I hope that makes sense.
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  14. Cap New Player

    If you want people to engage in this game more, then make it possible to go into instances shy of a full group by just teleporting in. For the first couple of years of this game's release we were always able to run raids even if we couldn't field a full group by just teleporting in. This is evidenced by the teleporters that still exists in the wings of the watch tower that can get you into every raid up to and including Gates of Tartarus. Then suddenly that option was taken away and we haven't been able to run an instance without a full group in que since. FIX THIS! Bring back our option to run raids with less than a full group. You want us to play more??? Then give us back the opportunity to do so.
  15. Dark Soldier Dedicated Player

    Thats probably what the “ unannounced feature” is.
  16. MsTickle Fate Devoted Player

    What a completely original idea.

    Why has no one ever thought of this before?

    It's not as if it's the single most frequently made request for the past seven or so years-- oh, wait, it is.

    It's the thing that there are weekly threads about, over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and....

    But I'm sure that suggesting/requesting it for the billionth time will make all the difference.

    Setting aside that I seem to recall us being told that some way of queuing with fewer players was on the way in any case.
  17. KneelBeforeZodd Committed Player

    Yeah, that or crossfaction grouping
  18. Dark Soldier Dedicated Player

    Villain side desperately needs something. I tried running doomsday on my farm character and it took way to long, i wont be using that toon to farm this dlc
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  19. Liko Well-Known Player

    With all the episodes going free, is anything going to be given to people who bought the episodes?
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  20. MiLady Well-Known Player

    For me, I have several alts and also play both roles for each toon. It would be nice to make it easier for players who have multiple toons and play both roles.

    For example, instead of buying gear for both roles, let the gear be usable for both roles. You can set the role specific attributes based on the current role (i.e. dps or tank or healer or controller).

    For multiple toons, can you make things count on an account level. Players put in the time on multiple toons just as much as a player who just plays 1 toon. The effort is there, however, I cant to get as much stuff done because I have to run the dailies for each of my alts and the seasonal stuff too. Players running 1 toon, can run the solo/duo/alert each day and thus get geared up and make more marks faster. Could there be some new benefit (on an account level) where the time played is the key factor? The longer the play, the more/better the reward.

    Throughout the years, we have been getting lots of trinket/henchmen/orbitals/pets. Can you give us more inventory space? Im at max for both the shared and individual bank slots. Or can you allow stacking of more items and higher stacks of current stackable items? There are tons of catalysts from all the various DLCs that are specific to that DLC. Can you consolidate them like you did for the artifacts?

    Perhaps you can create a new Base Dispenser where all of our acquired trinkets/catalysts/dlc specific items can be stored or be dispensed back to us. Just like the way the tactical mods are provided or the way new vendors now have a sort feature.

    Shared artifacts would be nice, but I know thats is a money maker for you. Providing both seal types as drops/rewards would be nice.

    Can you also let open world daily missions give prestigue? It would really help with smaller leagues trying to earn prestigue.

    Thanks for letting us know your plans. Hopefully, this type of dialog can continue to make the game great.

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