Dcuo 2 or continue dcuo?

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  1. Dark Soldier Dedicated Player

    Yikes i did indeed see the comments on ign. I dont understand why they brought the switch on board, now i fear that we’ll always be held back.

    I bought a switch to play smash bros and was gonna keep Fortnite & apex on it.. maaan thats such a bad console

    Wonder if theyd finally fix the tunic in a sequel
  2. willflynne 10000 Post Club

    Consoles will always hold things back in some way, shape or form, though. The static nature of those platforms means that even the most powerful console out there will limit the potential of a cross-platform game. Tech just keeps advancing, so if something can't be upgraded it will eventually be a roadblock.

    And just as an aside, when you take into account that finding a Switch system can be just as challenging as the latest offerings from Sony and Microsoft, I'd question just how "bad" a console Nintendo made. Sure you can find the portable-only Switch Lite systems easier, but the full system itself? Still tough to come by.
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  3. Dark Soldier Dedicated Player

    Hahah woulda sold you mine for a discount! Sold it at a garage sale for 120
  4. willflynne 10000 Post Club

    Had mine since launch, no regrets. It's a solid system, it has the games I want to play and you can't beat the portability.

    To each their own, though. :)
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  5. Bantos2 Active Player

    All up for a DCUO 2. I wouldn't care if I lost my characters or my og items. The current game stopped being good long time ago.
  6. PolarisSylar Committed Player

    Well, the DCUO 2., if they make let them. But I won't play dcuo2, only if we can use same characters & same items we obtain through the years in dcuo. I do care if I lost my characters or my items. The current dcuo game can still have potential
  7. lordexecution365 Loyal Player

    Over the years there has been a decline in participating vets with each drop in difficulty.

    It used to be much different before the change.

    I am saying this for newer members.

    Content lasted a whole lot longer and it took a whole lot longer to get to end game.

    Endgame was not completed as quickly, the DLC's life could and did stretch between multiple DLC's.

    It also spanned all the way from T2-T4, where even in full T4 gear a person would struggle and a group would need2 healers and 2 trolls.

    I know that there are those who would say "not me" or "not my league/friends".

    But back then they would inspect the group and if you weren't geared enough, you'd be back shouting again.

    This new way has dragged the game down to an arcade level, which makes the game much easier.

    Role playing and even having to figure out what the group or even the individual is doing wrong now, is met with annoyance and attitude of being an elitist, even when a valid attempt at reason is given.

    The frustration back then was over being held back, because higher CR players or more seasoned players were a whole lot more stricter.

    Being open minded and friendly has not changed, but the toxicity of a lot of newer players, didn't help with the communication, even when a newer player who first contact with a vet was with a vet who was at the lower scale of skill or had a very bad experience, was not in the mood to carry and felt some type of way, or just wasn't interested in helping or whatever.

    It doesn't justify it but the lack of difficulty doesn't help, once at the top level there really is not much to do but talk with friends.

    Until they move on to other engaging games with difficulty.

    Most of the other games mentioned are no walk in the park and all of them you grind through them.

    The grind for this game has been singled down so bad that they become the boogeyman of the game as if they are game breaking, i.e. reapers, treasures...

    A whole what 1-2 SP out of how many, but that is not the discussion.
  8. willflynne 10000 Post Club

    A fair question to ask, though, is how much of the decline of difficulty for vets is due to what the devs are putting out and how much is due to the veteran players that have already experienced a LOT while playing.

    The more we play the less likely we are to be blindsided by a tactic or game mechanic, especially if it's something that's been used before. And when some new mechanic is added, there's more than a few folks who do their level best to cheese it or work around it instead of actually dealing with it. First example of that that comes to mind for me is the whole "pull him to the stairs!" bit with Mr. Freeze in the Valentine's Day seasonal instance. That kind of behavior in particular brings up questions of how much challenge folks are actually looking for.

    There's also the folks who built up their character and just completely ignore new mechanics by trying to just power through it, but that's probably getting a little off topic.
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  9. Aduzar Light Dedicated Player

    We would all like to get a DCUO 2, but frankly, would it really change anything for us?

    I'm really starting to wonder if it will really change anything for us, when you see what Daybreak is doing with the game, we only have relatively classic DLC and more and more recycled capsules, I'm really starting to regret that this game is in the hands of the latter, I'm really starting to regret that this game is in the hands of the latter, in cruel lack of will to offer new things to DCUO, while when you see other games almost as recent as DCUO (with 2 or 3 years of difference) some still receive updates and novelty, look, for example, Warframe free game and yet a follow-up worthy of the name and in perpetual evolution.

    DC Universe is a universe rich in 'imagination possible for a MMORPG, I find it a shame that we do not have more novelty than that for this game, I want to believe that technology can limit many things, but frankly not being able to adapt novelty to the game compared to the current technology of the latter, I doubt it.
  10. Qwantum Abyss Loyal Player

    For the investment in time and $ i’d rather keep the game an keep playin then start over.
    Due to that i wouldnt start over actually.
    Many games port your current character (think diablo series). If they do make an updated version and/or make a dcuo2 they just need to port our toons an that’d be fine.
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  11. willflynne 10000 Post Club

    You don't see that much (if ever) with MMOs, though. Allowing us to port our toons would put new players at a significant (if not huge) disadvantage to the DCUO vets. It'd be even worse if the original game were to shut down on startup of the sequel, because that would mean new players would NEVER have the chance to catch up to the vets.

    To keep things even and give all players a fresh start in terms of gear/stats, the only things that could really be ported over would be cosmetic stuff.
  12. lordexecution365 Loyal Player

    I'd say it is on the devs, but it's more about what the community wants.

    I say that you thinking about a stretch between Hand of Fate and Origin Crises being the the difference and comparing to content we have now.

    In the stretch that I am referring to most of the problems people complaining about now they complained worst then.

    Invisible missions like oolong island, bugs like the rock in FOS, falling through the floor or spawning in a rock or my favorite a bush and being stuck.

    The raids were much more simple than the mechanics like in prime or gates.

    People ran those missions countless times as they do today and they not once seemed easier.

    FOS 3 and the medic shield, easy mechanics yet whole groups of full T4 geared experienced players would easily wipe over and over again and it was the hardest or the easiest raid in the T3 group, it was basically a preview as to Dox, minus the different tunnels and a few extra differences, looking back, 1 of those differences being can summon all bosses at once or fighting monsters instead of characters.

    The difficulty even with the rewards gave value.

    Remixes, calling a weapon in Hands of fate or Prime, if the group managed to make it to the end because it never was guaranteed.

    Again the mechanics were not that difficult back then, bosses didn't have PvP mechanics, but there still were some areas where the mechanics were brutal, like the batcaves or the healing bots in prime.

    But it always comes back to where we are today from back then.

    OC changed the game that old difficulty was thrown out, now we can out gear content with a few pieces of gear and the mechanics are not as simple either and it still can be completed with in the first week.

    Sure it's easy to point at vets, the high stats or whatnot.

    Don't forget what the effects OC had and the direction that was taken following.
  13. KneelBeforeZodd Dedicated Player

    People think having dcuo 2 means they will just take a year break and then new graphics... That couldnt be further away from reality. Unless they get some major funding (more than Destiny for example) they may be able to launch a new game in like 3 years with 1/10 of the content we have.

    DCUO 2 is great on paper, but you really want to start over? And there is the risk of it killing both games (like the marvel avengers alliance 2 fiasco). All styles, all materials, weapon mastery combos, all cutscenes, all legends characters, all episodes, all that has to be done again from scratch. Do you think they would have the resources and time to do that? Or they would release a game that wouldnt ever be 30% of what what dcuo is? I stick with option 2
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  14. Qwantum Abyss Loyal Player

    Im not saying that all, most or alot do porting. Im saying some do and have done it and if they were to do it i’d be board and if not then im not on team DCUO2.
    Graphics is the least important thing to me. I may be in the minority of gamers in general but i need it to be good not fancy. I have 2x PS2’s simply to play a few of the old PS2 games and ensure i always have a working console to do so. For PS4 i have the disc that has all the great original sega games and play thise regularly. I dont need a new DCUO. I need them to not muck up this game an keep it going.
    I dont even need new content 3x a year. New content once a year is more than enough for me IF its well done, substantial, and has good replay value (not the bounty spam crap they tried).
    The change i would make to ensure replay value would be not allowing resets on loot locks in elite content. This would force ppl to play steady. I know it cant happen due to revenue but its a change i’d embrace.