Daybreak, you guys need a new plan now....

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  1. DCUO SmackThem Well-Known Player

    Alright so let me get things straight before I begin.

    I haven’t played DC in half a year
    I barely get on forums now because I’m busy with life I pretty much forgot about DC
    I genuinely love DCUO.

    Alright so DC what confuses the crap out of me is the fact that you guys think that milking these time capsules and these prices for certain things will bring in the most profit for your company instead of actually doing things to improve the game to keep the playerbase active, healthy and willing to drop the $15 a month to enjoy the benefits of your game.

    Instead your little business plan is driving the players in the opposite direction because frankly this game is not worth the money being spent on it as of late. Yeah sure the recycled maps, same content in every impending DLC, and the destruction of PVP is cool n all but maybe you’d actually bring in money if you guys actually listened to the commubity. I like others looked forward to the revamp but I was met with extreme disappointment, and disgust when I was finally able to break free of the CR differential curse and be unique but instead powers are still unbalanced, content has become plain boring, and bugs that have been existing from 2012 are still here.

    I have a lot I want to say that'll probably be said by others or have already been said, but since I want to be quick I’ll wrap up n let everybody else take over. You’re too far in now with this revamp to even change the model but hey, you guys have brains lets use our brain powers to actually try to make this work.

    To keep the profits from going up instead of down, how about actually doing things to keep the players around, and busy such as bringing SM back, revamping this “revamp”, actually cater to the PVP community, taking feats out of time capsules, come up with varied types of content. If you focus on improving the game instead of dropping some time capsule every other month maybe just maybe, us consumers would be happy, and won’t leave so you could be rolling in the dough we give y’all. Listen to the community, some of these guys in the forums have great ideas on actually helping you guys do your job in improving the game, community atmosphere, etc but you aren’t doing that at all. It’s tiring see a dev respond to these Superman costume contest threads but no dev response to the underlying issues with this game. I left the game simply due to the fact that if the devs aren’t going to do anything about these issues, why should I stay?
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  2. SkullGang Devoted Player

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  3. SuperBell Loyal Player

    It's confusing to me why you think Time Capsules doesn't bring in the most profit for the game.

    I like how you unintentionally admitted your ideas would keep the profits from going up.
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  4. TheLorax Loyal Player

    And while you were gone, you've missed the small QoL changes they've been making over time. They've also slowly been making changes in regards to TCs, removing feats from super rare style pieces, removing P2W gear, etc.
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  5. DCUO SmackThem Well-Known Player

    I never once said that they should get rid of time capsules. What I said they could do was take the feats out of them. I know full and well that just dropping this n that to a depleteting player base will make the most money as of late but those profits will keep decreasing because PLAYERS ARE LEAVING. What are you not getting, to keep the consumer happy, and willing to spend the money, the Producer has to give us a reason to spend it it’s the most basic rule in being part of a business. You can say “oh well Time Capsules are the money makers for them.” But will time capsules keep these players playing the game for the forseeable future? Will the time capsules save the population from declining? Because as I see it, The push for these time capsules are a huge reason why the playerbase is declining. Because essentially they have feats in them and that’s progression soley based on spending tons of money on an RNG. I actually like the the time capsules for what they generally are but if I need them to progress in the game, it’s just drawing more dollars out of my pocket.

    Since I’m unintentionally admitting that my ideas would prohibit the profits from going up, what exactly do you suggest because I want to play a fully functional game while also taking into consideration the fact that the devs still need money to feed their families and themselves. If the devs were actually great at managing rhe game, maybe this thread would’ve never popped up. Tell me where I’m wrong and we can debate it in friendly manner.
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  6. DCUO SmackThem Well-Known Player

    I didn’t initially peep that thanks for pointing it out lol. I haven’t been playing DC nor really paying attention to what has changed the past 6-7 months correct me if I’m wrong lol.
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  7. Quantum Rising Committed Player

    I've been playing since 2010. The first few years of this game I literally spent thousands on this game. Since TC's were introduced I spend probably a tenth of what I used to. I recognize that this dev team is milking the gambling system and is putting advancement behind a paywall more and more. Personally I've made the choice not to reward the direction the devs have made.
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  8. Mazahs Dedicated Player

    To add my side to this.
    I "used to" regularly spend $30-45 per month (on top of my sub) almost every month in game.
    Echoing Quantum I no longer so this

    While it may be be short term profitable for DBG the anger its caused in its own player base cannot be good long term.
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  9. SuperBell Loyal Player

    I never once said you said they should get rid of time capsules. I said I'm confused why you don't think Time Capsules bring in the most money.

    Where you were wrong?
    Bringing SM back - No profit here
    Revamping this “revamp” - The last revamp lasted over a year, revamping what was already revamped would be a huge waste of time and money
    Actually cater to the PVP community - No profit here
    Taking feats out of time capsules - This actually would eat into the profits they are making
    Come up with varied types of content - What do you even mean by this?

    "Producer has to give us a reason to spend it it’s the most basic rule in being part of a business."
    Yes, and it's been mentioned time and again that stuff that they put out doesn't sell as well as they would like. Except for Time Capsules, which are said to be a success.

    "But will time capsules keep these players playing the game for the forseeable future? Will the time capsules save the population from declining?"
    Yes, TIme Capsules will keep players playing for the foreseeable future because it brings in a profit, and that profit is used to make content, and that content is what the players play. Better content hopefully means the Time Capsules will save the population from declining.
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  10. Burning_Baron Loyal Player

    I agree with you but I wish the Daybreak would actually put the cool stuff on the MP. They say the stuff here didn't sell but that stuff in my opinion was garbage. I If they placed the armor set styles found in the MP for like 15 to 20 dollars. I think it would have sold gangbuster. Look at Patho of Exile . It survives off of cosmetics on their MP to my knowledge. Put cool S***** on the MP and it will sell. The Bandito and Cowboy outfits are nice but they shouldn't be the main prize ieces of the market place. I should see something cool immediately that make sme go ooooooooooooo. Batman cowl pack? I bought that for 20 dollars without a econd thought.

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  11. TestReporter Loyal Player

    Yeah, because we are super getting better content this days...What we got in the past months? The worst Episode in population numbers ever and probably the most hated (RwC), a reused event with a raid and a reused solo map, Earth-3 episode that was a ok episode.

    Bringing SM back - No profit, not directly, but when you keep players entertained, they play the game more, spending more money on the marketplace and membership, plus the elite will be farming more OP items and elite gear.

    Revamping this revamp - Besides a few players here and there, almost everyone play the game because of the actual RPG aspect of it, with the roles, mechanics, etc. If this is bad, then the game just dies once people are tired of fashion. Ofc they won't get direct profit from here and if it's done poorly then they actually lose a lot of money, but then that's their fault, the revamp was needed and if it was done in the right way (not rushed and ignoring several bugs/feedback), maybe the high population and full phases we had during the revamp day would still be here. Fixing the mechanics and gameplay are top 1 priorities (or at least they should be) because without them, the game has no future.

    Actually cater to the PvP community - Well, if you don't see the money potential in this then you are just dumb or wants to cover the truth in order to protect TCs (frankly, i have no idea why, it makes no sense at all to like having your money and experience milked by RNG and money grabbing strategies). PvP was HUGE years ago and there were many paying membership and spending money on the dlcs just because of it, not only having a good PvP increases the population, but it also increases the game capability to make money spending less resources.

    Taking feats out of Time Capsules - We don't know how many players are leaving because of this, but we know that at least a few did, and with the population we have losing more players can mean the end of some servers (EU is already in a terrible situation).

    It's true most of the things above won't bring direct profit to the game, but you gotta remember that more players=more money, more free advertising for the game, more members, more MP items sold, etc. TCs are a way to get quick money, but you know, it's business, if you don't look at the future, it may surprise you in a bad way ;).

    Inb4 you say something, i don't wish anything bad for this game or the devs (most of them have nothing to do with the bad situation we have now), but i can't just see something slowly destroy the game and stay quiet, if you think TCs are the way to save the game then go for it, but be sure i'll be there to disagree with you.
  12. DCUO SmackThem Well-Known Player

    Couldn’t have said it any better.
  13. HurricaneErrl Active Player

    Here we go round the mulberry bush.......yet again lol
  14. Trexlight Loyal Player

    Lockboxes are working in STO and that game should have been shut down years ago too but you know. Thats none of my business *sips tea* MMOs are dying since Day 2 of their launches nowadays ;)
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  15. willflynne Devoted Player

    Perhaps some homework was in order before making your post. ;)
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  16. SuperBell Loyal Player

    I just find it weird people think they know more than the devs.

    SM they said so few people played it, it wasn't worth the resources.
    Revamp - I doubt over a year is considered "rushed". Tweaking mechanics will be a never ending process. Part of the purpose of the revamp was to make tweaking mechanics easier without inadvertently breaking something else.

    PVP might have been huge years ago, but there is only so much people can play before they want something else no matter what the Devs do. And if PVP was so huge, why was Last Laugh such a flop?

    TC - You're right, we don't know how many people left because of them. But the Devs do. I'm sure if TCs were hurting the game, they would get rid of them.

    There are so many SP to be made by playing the game, the TCs aren't really a big deal.
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  17. Original Cryo boy Committed Player

    Thats impressive man bc the game came out in 2011 lol
  18. MAGNETOxxFirstClass 10000 Post Club

    Some people have been playing the game since Beta. ;) ;)
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  19. Original Cryo boy Committed Player

    True that. Was just giving him some **** lol
  20. Ringz Committed Player

    Your talking about the same people who stated the population was better than ever on a livestream before stats revamp came out. So yeah, im not buying any of your rebuttal as legit.

    It's like your purposely trying to damage control and put any flaw in the modes that gave the game integrity. Like really, your resorting to Last Laugh dlc as an arguing point? What is this 2015 pvp arguments? You might as well should've said some your mom jokes.

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