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  1. Tiffany6223 Devoted Player

    I hope that wasn’t my catnip toy! I lost it somewhere….
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  2. Multiverse Creator League

    Next time I go to the bathroom.... I'll look for it. ;) ;)
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  3. Owl Devoted Player

  4. Sollace Well-Known Player

    I'm still looking for it in the game, they do so little to make it visible...
  5. jpharrah1010 Steadfast Player

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  6. Tiffany6223 Devoted Player


    This week, your chances to receive Nth Metal as drops when defeating enemies is doubled! This means whenever you trigger an opportunity to get Nth Metal from enemies, that opportunity will trigger twice. The bonus begins today (Thursday, March 21, 2024) and runs through Wednesday, March 27, 2024.
    Nth Metal is used to fortify and rank up your Artifacts. This bonus week *does not* grant any bonus Artifact XP when fortifying. This bonus week *does* stack with the Nth Metal Detector in the Marketplace (which separately doubles your chances to get Nth Metal.)

    The bonus week begins with daily server restarts on March 21, 2024 and ends at midnight PT/GMT on March 27, 2024.
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  7. bigbadron alt Dedicated Player

    And now I know not to buy the BB, and I don't need to watch the video to learn that. Thanks Buddy! ;)
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  8. Multiverse Creator League

    You're welcome. ;)
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  9. Dominic Blue Dedicated Player

    Good thing I hung back till after shutdown to run things because if I popped an Nth metal detector and lost that extra Nth cache I’d be miffed. Thanks all for keeping us in the loops as honorary replacement Mepps. :D
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  10. Dominic Blue Dedicated Player

    Usually the best way to know is if you use a Nth detector you’ll see double Nth metal caches immediately.
  11. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    Meh....not sure why it matters for this kind of bonus. There is no real way to screw it up like with a bonus 'current marks' week where you might run before reboot and miss out, or (sigh) a 2x APPLIED week where you might blow your stack of saved Nth or aug food a few hours before the event goes live. Even 2x SM, if you are doing a bounty run or cashing in your Omni boxes, I suppose, could be considered a 'loss'. I suppose if you burned up your last nth detector after reset last night, but before today's reboot...there is the one scenario where you lose out.

    Drops will drop 2x whether you knew about it or not. And while I 100% think we SHOULD know at least the night before...if not a DAY before. I just feel MORE ticked off when it's something where you really do lose out on whatever 'bonus' you would get if you waited a few hours to do whatever activity was the target of the bonus after reboot.
  12. jpharrah1010 Steadfast Player

    For me at this point it doesn’t matter in a few days my sub is gonna run out I’m not renewing it … and I’ll take a break from dcuo… I’ll be checking the forums each week to see what the bonus is if it interests me I’ll come back… I’ll be back for spring event. (Maybe) but this game just isn’t worth the time anymore.
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  13. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    It's actually funny as I generally run every day at least just for the grant and stabilizers...maybe seasonal. I watched some TV last night and then looked at my controller...looked over at the bed...looked back at the controller. Sleep seemed more interesting than the game at this point, so that's what I did.

    I'm sure I'll put some time in today as it's reset day...but yeah. I don't think I'll get a whole lot of 2x drops anyway.
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  14. Dominic Blue Dedicated Player

    If there ever was a time to drop DCUO it’d be now. After St. Pat’s over next week nothing new will happen till like May maybe whenever they decide to drop the Spring seasonal. We can kiss goodbye the coping that they might release the next episode late in April or early May that’s not gonna happen. Who knows when they’ll decide to let us know when that’ll be but at this point people who still remain on this game are just waiting till 2x Nth exp (if that ever happens) so I think officially we’re in hibernation mode on DCUO till May, maybe June if next episode is then. I doubt a lot of people will come back even for Spring if it drops in April now too much tedium no communication etc. Spring Break will be more like Spring Broken. I’d probably not recommend anyone subbing for April at this point it’s not like the 21 day reward will be awesome going by their track record of releases. Meh I say meh to it all.
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  15. Drathmor Unwavering Player

    Never give in that's what they want I'll stack those things 20 lines deep if I have to
  16. Rejchadar Inquisitor

    I canceled my automatic subscription last month...even if the developers have a really good excuse for what is happening...the bad quality of the product does not cease to be bad this point the developers have to provide something real revolutionary so that I would have a desire to renew my subscription... in the meantime, the money allocated for DCUO... went to Dragons Dogma 2...
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  17. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    That's why we have alts and their spacious banks.
  18. Raven Nocturnal Devoted Player

    Good thing they never offered an automatic subscription renewal on Xbox hahaha. Probably lost even more people that way who just simply stopped playing because they couldn't "forget" to cancel it ;)
  19. TI99Kitty Dedicated Player

    Ordinarily, I'd be trying to run all my alts daily (or something close to daily) to get the seasonal marks, but you can only get 8 per day, and the seasonal (according to the Warp menu) is only running until Tuesday. I know I'm not going to have enough marks to get anywhere close to all the goodies, so eh, whatever. I've got enough marks to finish the entrance to my Electric villain's base (the entryway is an Irish pub, loosely based on Cheers), and I'm not really trying for anything more at this point.
  20. Ryll Committed Player

    The warp menu normally shows until tuesdays for events. On the last wednesday it changes to hours left.