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  1. Absolix Loyal Player

    If you see a HL Dps using Hand Clap in PvP, it is likely because they are use a strong safe damage combo that starts from it that makes HL arguably the best Dps power in competitive scrims at the moment.

    For speccing, I wouldn't go directly for Vit. It is currently impossible to hit the stat caps for both Might and Precision, so you should be going for Precision, then Might when at all possible.

    If when speccing into skill points you have to get stats other than those to get to the bottom tier innates, you can get Vitalization, Power, or Health. Toughness has had its effectiveness nerfed in GU 47, which is why it is not as recommended as the aforementioned 3. their effects will be slight, but if you want to have a bit more power, go for Vitalization and/or Power and if you want a bit more survivability go for Health.

    Be careful with Light Blast as an execute. It can be used effectively like most others currently, but if you play larger group sizes where the enemy team is grouped together with pets Light Blast's damage can be split by the opposing group to the point that it might not actually kill an enemy under 35% Health.
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  2. CassUV Well-Known Player

    I always thought that spec full precision mods are the better opcional in PvP too, but now reading im confused if it is really the best option. We dont use our AM in PvP n cast power tray often than normal, so, we use a lot of might in PvP, right?.

    Going with Precision n Might V8 mods will be better than just Precision V8 or not?.
  3. Kryptonian Being Committed Player

    That's really funny that there's a safety net damage for hard light users. There's something wrong with that because it makes other hard light powers feel unimportant. But it's whatever. To resort to players using clap hand because of it in my opinion feels like should I say cowardly. Once again I can't help but laugh hysterically at the stats. I assumed if one had enough vit using partial controller gear or even sp placed into vit, one can regenerate their power quick. It's the same as restoration. I don't play much group based arenas just 1 vs 1 or 2 vs 2.
  4. Dr Improbable Dedicated Player

    Hey folks! I wanted to chime in here and say that this thread has been a HUGE resource for me as a newer HL player. Well done!
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  5. dr strangeonline Loyal Player

    Thats good.... I don't know you so I wasn't trying to be rude. I've often seen video's made by people who are just plain wrong about the way an ability is supposed to work. Or they post broken tricks and call themselves beast. Which inevitably leads to a fix in that type of play(LW for example a few months back). Its good your investigating on your own because in PvP more than PvE there is wiggle room for loadouts and tools. You'll want to use a large sample of matches to make your determinations since its hard to equate the opponents skill level.

    Spike Quake is just as effective as chompers. Each do extra damage to and inflict dazing to dazed opponents. They have the same base damage. However, SQ in PvE can net more damage than CH specifically IF all the DoTs go off. In PvP DoTs get a slight nerf and they end up being about the same. CH does have a higher crit magnitude but that's only much of a factor if using WM(which doesn't do as much in PvP now). The reason most use CH is based on popular loadout spec.

    Hand Clap is vulnerable to a lunge so if you see someone using it the best thing to do is lunge them.

    Light was tweaked for PvP a while back. That made less of our combo's cause a counter. Most are still vulnerable to counter mechanics however. Because of this its best to try to use longer combo's and clipping when an enemy is countered.

    Vit is viable for all powers(including Light) in PvP. It will aid in weapon regeneration which happens from both weapon or combo attacks. Each time you cross a hit counter tier you reset the power regen. Each tier escalates the amount of power regen and SC your getting. The formula is 10 ViT=1 % regen increase.

    Vit shouldn't be a primary focus for a PvP DPS. Crit Chance/Mag, Precision, Might are more of the primary focus. After that increasing health, toughness(to a much less degree), vit and power can be helpful. It doesn't have to be in a specific order.

    Keep in mind in PvP there are caps to all stats and you may be hitting them depending on how geared/skill points/modded you are. You can check this pretty easily. Enter an arena and go into your inventory. Look at the stats tab and look for the capped stats. You can try to adjust from there.

    I don't know if I'd say that LB is OP compared to other abilities. Comparing to Rage's specifically isn't a very equal comparison. LB as a combo(does the most damage) takes 4.3 seconds to get off. It can be broken out of and is vulnerable to counter. It deals its damage in a equal manner across the ticks. The might version will do more damage at melee range. I don't recall the animation time of Rage's under 35% but its much faster. Each are vulnerable to counter.

    Animation time should be considered since LB is extremely long and vulnerable. In most competitive PvP matches players won't be able to pull off LB.

    I hope that helps to answer the question about ViT.
  6. dr strangeonline Loyal Player

    Nothing wrong with precision. Weapon and combo damage are still very good for PvP. There are caps for arena's so if your fully geared, modded, and have a lot of SP you may be at the cap. In that case you may want to re spec into another area that is under the cap such as health, power, or ViT.

    There isn't a go one way for PvP. I'd suggest looking at where are with the cap and adjusting your mods from there. Precision will net you the best damage as a Light DPS.

    You are correct the AM isn't as effective in PvP. Our Combo's still have a higher damage range and can be clipped for PvP.
  7. Delta796th Loyal Player

    Hope you've got plenty of free time upcoming Doc..
    The new changes look as if they are going to make some serious changes in how the powers can and will be played
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  8. CassUV Well-Known Player

    True, there will be a lot of work to do, hehe. I also like the "no powerpoints" idea. We will be able to maximize our loadout options.
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  9. Greenchain Well-Known Player

    My thoughts watching the Livestream yesterday.

    Big assumption here: they are making no changes to the Combo sequences

    Inspiration will be commonplace. Maybe not used everytime its off cooldown but will have a lot more utility than now.

    OMG the Combo chain possibilities

    With 200+ SP and Precision/Crits maxed, toss some into Might. LB as a cast on nearly KO's NPCs with Inspiration active??? Maybe thats crazy but cant wait to find out.

    INS>Ch/SQ>Supply Drop> Strafing Run???

    Remember the Hybrid Clipping that kicked butt during Tunso mid range testing? Is that going to be viable option?? Is nothing not going to be viable??

    My head was just exploding. My toon oldest and favorite toons are HL and Celestial. Both, I think, are going to be so much fun and versatile after this update. It's going to be crazy!!!
  10. CassUV Well-Known Player

    I think its fair that we use inspiration during this new DCUO. Today we cant, its useless, so its just being fair with us HL players again.
  11. MainMan52 Well-Known Player

    My mouth is salivating at the thought. :D
  12. Nicolas Gallardo Committed Player

    Why people use Shield as Primary Weapon with HL guys?
  13. Greenchain Well-Known Player

    I "use" Dual Pistols on my DPS but just because I like to shoot IRL and never really have to actually use them. My Troll armory, of course, has Brawling.
  14. dr strangeonline Loyal Player

    Sadly I really don't.

    I haven't really been able to update the guide the way I've wanted or play the game as much as I'd like. I took a new position at my company in APR and for the last few weeks have been working 50 - 60 hour weeks....

    I'll try to be more available when the changes come but will likely lean on smart players like yourself to help get the word out about the changes and how it affects Light.
  15. dr strangeonline Loyal Player

    I watched the live stream and am excited for most of the changes. Some interesting things to note will be continued combo'ing vs clipping since AM damage will be gone. I envision personally it'll be more like the post GU 36 changes. Continue'd combo'ing may no longer be viable since the PI will become a factor. They have speculated that they want it to be but we'll see. The loadout/rotation possibilities look pretty awesome.

    In whole it looks good for the game. I like the idea of more varied play for everyone. I don't want to speculate too much.... We don't know what it'll look like at all really. I'll try to test when it hits the server.

    From the video it looks like their looking for data from boss fights for overall damage. That'll be hard to test for but I would suggest at least 5 mins worth of data. If anyone has any questions or concerns please provide them to the development team in the developer discussions thread.
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  16. VioletSorceress Committed Player

    Im excited that we'll finally be able to have whole melee, whole range,PI, Insp, shield and a SC in 1 build.

    The removal of AMs will also make all forms of supplemental damage more important, which is cool.
  17. CassUV Well-Known Player

    AMs still gonna work, only bonuses will be removed. Of course a lot of tests will be done but onde thing that i will test is if, even with all PP avaliable, Inspiration will be viable or not.

    I remember a post, i think was Mighty, that tested this loadout n the Phantom Triangle loadout was more viable than inspiration
  18. Delta796th Loyal Player

    It's all about to be moot, but it's partially correct.
  19. dr strangeonline Loyal Player

    Things to consider when the changes go to test will be looking for bugs. Things that are dealing more damage or not enough damage. If an ability deals less ticks of damage and confirming if that's intentional.

    I'm also interested in these other things
    • How much of the AM is removed? Do some of the abilities that become AoE abilities as combo's still work that way?
    • Will Consecutive combo use still be viable? I doubt it. Before GU 43 it just couldn't keep up with clipping or WM. So if the bonus damage is removed will it still be a viable play style? Also and this is a small thing but the HT mod Relentless PREC.... Will it be viable in any form for DPS? Should it be changed somehow considering the changes. Should Consecutive comboing at least keep the PI buff?
    • How will this affect Controllers? As far as modifying power regen goes.... Along with the PI. Support roles are supposed to do more damage given the changes. Are those things working the way their intended.
    It'll be important to try to look at a wide breadth of content from playing as a DPS in solo's and group content to playing as a controller and how power healing and dealing damage are working. As well as looking at how these changes affect PvP. They shouldn't bleed over too badly. But we won't know unless we look. We'll need to look for bugs that both negatively and positively impact us.
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  20. Lord Jareth Steadfast Player