Batman Beyond DLC Idea

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by Solstice Vanguard, Jan 4, 2014.

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    i would just wanna see ..... [IMG]
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  3. Solstice Vanguard Well-Known Player

    I made a mistake of Bliht's real name. His name is Derek Powers aka Blight.

    Batman Beyond is definitely a part of the DCUA set in the future that continues the Batman legacy. I have the comics and they are great!

    And I can give a hoots how the comic isn't set properly in the DCUO timeline; that's why SOE has creative writers that can make this work. It can definitely be written into the DCUO story properly.

    But I'm too hype over this thread's reaction. :D I vote for Jen's awesome voice to be lent as Blight himself. 8D
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    Only if Future Static comes with.
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    great idea! +1
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  6. Zeo Committed Player

    I don't see a problem, because BB future is far ahead of Brainiac menace, DC treats time travel like alternative universes, so Brainiac may never had attacked them before, or just started to attack them now.
  7. Minnion Devoted Player

    Wouldn't that be a twist if we visit the future and there is no Batman Beyond.. (That's not to say that there is no Terry McGinus in our timelines future but he ends up being the future Nightwing instead...)

    Other fun twists that we could have with our own "Futrue" gotham...

    Joker is still alive (having never been killed by J. Junior)

    The Dee Dee Twins are Jokers Grand-kids in this timeline. (They call him Grampa J.)

    The Jokerz not only consist of the usual mix of clown masked goons and splicers, but also Clownsanity mutants, and Omac Jokerz(Joker has been busy with his samples of the braniac/brother eye altered Omac virus that the villains of the presant have colected.), then of course there are the Jokerbots on top of that...

    Commissioner Gordon is wheelchair bound(Because the Events of the killing joke happened in this timeline, she still moonlights as Oracle though.)

    The bottles still exist in future Gotham, though now the multitiered city has built itself around them....

    Metahumans are quite common, splicers use Exobytes and not all of them are furies haveing opted to splice with Doomsday or Parasyte DNA if not something harder to get like Kryptonian DNA, the police might also have GL rings depending on how the War of the Light pans out...
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  8. Solstice Vanguard Well-Known Player

    That's pretty sweet! :D
  9. BlackWingBeyond Committed Player

    I love this idea. Should spread to the whole future DCAU- JLU Beyond (Future Superman, Marina, Green Lantern, WarHawk, Big Barda, etc.)

    Also for those who were unaware, Terry has been mentioned Pre-New52 and referenced (Batman Beyond at least) in the New 52. So it's not as if he only exists within the confines of the DCAU.

    From Grant Morrison's Time and the Batman:

    And from Batman #20 (New 52):
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  10. Batman Beyond Well-Known Player

    I'm obviously for this as well.

    As stated by others Harley was introduced in the Animated Series but has since been popular in all other media, comics, and this game included.

    Terry McGinnis has made some camo appearances prior to New 52 and was considered cannon since Batman/Superman Annual #4, the New 52 didn't begin until late 2011.

    Since 2010 theres been 4 mini-ongoing series of Batman Beyond, and is still a ongoing title. New merchandise and toys have also been made of him in recent years along with DLC costume in several recent games.

    In the late 90's he also appeared in a comic going back into the past to help Superman beat Braniac in a story that reminded me of this game but predates it by over a decade.

    I know theres over a handful of upcoming DLCs planned for this game, but if they add anything Batman Beyond I'm sure they'd see how bright its future and sales would be as Batman Beyond has a nice sized fanbase.
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  11. leapoffaithninja Committed Player

    Beyond epic!

    Introduce a shadow smoke power plus teleport moment and I'll buy it

    Batman beyond was one of favorite arcs in DC universe
  12. Solstice Vanguard Well-Known Player

    I also see this as a great business move for SOE as well to include a popular brand into DCUO. It will add an enriching story element into the game and give players a broody perspective of Neo Gotham.

    That and who doesn't love Will Friedle ("Boy Meets World" and ex-boyfriend of Jennifer Love Hewitt) as Terry McGinnis or to have Quinton Flynn aka "Raiden" to voice the guy as well? One will please the fans and the other will add something special to the character.

    And while Mark Hamill officially retired his voice as The Joker, I mean COME ON Mepps and SOE I'm throwing you a BONE here! :D

    And if you have someone who replied to this thread with the original name intact, then that HAS to say something! :p

    Sorry that I went off the avid fan rant. Just too hype. xD
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  14. Poo New Player


    Then again, anything would be better than Amazonian content. Who thought that would be popular?!
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  15. BATMANs BEY0ND New Player

    I remember a long time ago hearing DCUO could only draw inspiration from the comics not any other media. Now that Batman Beyond has been introduced as continuity in the comics they need to add his armor.
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  16. The Aerovenger Dedicated Player

    and the big raid is....

    :) PARADOX WAVE 2o_O
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  17. Drake Malice Dedicated Player

    I love Batman Beyond but if there is an issue with this idea it is this: This Timeline that DCUO takes place in may have already surpassed the part of said timeline that would result in the "Beyond" Timeline. We know the future (or at least the one we have fought to change) because of the main plot of the game (and Origin Crisis) so it would imply this timeline cant result in the Beyond timeline...unless we are gonna have more paradox activity where the timeline is being changed again. (in which case it is fine)

    An alternative would be to have a trip through the Multiverse (rather than time travel) and end up in the Beyond timeline (or one of them since the multiverse is near infinite) and have to deal with that timeline's problem in order to get back (think of it like Injustice's storyline).

    Either way i am up for it
  18. Jafin 10000 Post Club

    I'm very surprised nobody has mentioned this yet, but Spytle/Mepps have mentioned before that Batman Beyond is not covered in their licence agreement, so unfortunately we will never have anything to do with BB unless there is a new licence agreement contracted. They confirmed this in a video back when they were doing the whole alternate Batman skins for the anniversary. Batman Beyond skin was basically the thing most people were writing in the Twitch chat and they said it could not be done because they don't have the rights to him.
  19. Solstice Vanguard Well-Known Player

    The same for the Green Auras and the likeness of the War of the Light content.

    But we got it. Business men/women can and could negotiate the idea for this. I think this can happen and will breathe GREAT air into this game right about now.
  20. Jafin 10000 Post Club

    Was that directed at my comment? They are two entirely different things. Green auras took a while to get because DC didn't want us to have them. Batman Beyond is not in the licence agreement at all. SOE are legally not allowed to use anything BB related because they don't have the rights to the character.
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