Batman Beyond DLC Idea

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    From this thread:

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  2. Solstice Vanguard Well-Known Player

    Okay first off, yes that was especially directed to your post. It's why I replied in response.

    Second, I'm sure you meant "license".

    Third, businesses can be negotiated, clauses can change at anytime. "DC didn't want us to have them" was due to Jens explaining to his audience how they didn't have the "go ahead" to release them due to copyright issues, the VERY same issues pertaining to Batman Beyond.

    What you're saying here is accurate. I'm simply countering your "shade" by making an accurate statement.

    Forgive me for being critically optimistic, as I tend to have a positive output towards the games I love to play. Possibilities are still there. Just saying.
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    They are not the same.

    In the case of the Green Auras. The Issue is part of the license agreement that allows SOE to have DCUO at all is that DC Comics, as the primary copyright holder, has final say in ANYTHING that goes into the game. So when SOE says "hey we want a Green Aura." DC says "umm yeah we really don't want that in the game." The end result is no green aura. Likewise DC Comics is free to (and obviously did) change there mind and allow it. Same as not allowing villains be Green Lanterns. In the end, it has to do with DC Comics having final approval on all additions to the game. Copyright has nothing to do with it.

    In the case of Batman Beyond. When SOE negotiated the licensing for the game, there was a list of characters they were allowed to use. Since DC Comics is the primary license holder (and the one SOE was negotiating with) all rights had to originally belong to them at the time the contracts were negotiated. Batman Beyond was not. So there is NO way for it to be added to the game. Even if DC Comics now owns the rights to the Batman Beyond Universe (and I have no reason to believe they don't) you would still need a new contract to cover what is not in the current one. And that would no doubt also mean DC negotiating more money from SOE to have the rights to use Batman Beyond in the game.

    Could it happen, sure. But it is not really financially viable, and SOE has said as much.
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  5. Jafin 10000 Post Club

    Eh, you actually didn't reply to my comment directly, that's why I asked if it was aimed at me since you had not quoted anyone. It's cute that you thought that one simple question of uncertainty was me throwing shade. The green aura thing was nothing to do with copyright. You can't copyright a colour. It was explained to us that we didn't have it because DC didn't want us to have it, nothing to do with copyright. If you read my first comment again you will see that I said they would not be able to use BB unless they renegotiated their agreement, so you're basically saying the same thing to me that I have already said. The Batman Beyond thing is not the same as the green aura thing. Batman Beyond was not owned by DC comics when SOE purchased the rights for this game.

    The CURRENT license agreement does not cover Batman Beyond is the point I was making the whole time. And yes, well done on picking up my iPad's inability to differentiate between licence and license. Am I saying it will never happen? Not at all. Will it ever happen under the current licensing agreement? No. If you read the thread I linked Spytle said it could happen in the future but that it would be very expensive for them to make it happen due to having to specifically license the use of the Beyond universe.
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    Thanks for peeing on my parade.
  7. Jafin 10000 Post Club

    Better to have the facts than live in false hope about something that will almost certainly never happen in my opinion.
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    I dont really need any new DLC, powers, movements and all that jazz. I just want more customization and be able to make my character look unique and have more depth appearance wise. new styles would be a big plus, including new weapon styles, new skin styles, new face styles, new hair styles.
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    Good point.
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    Would love to see it happen but sadly i dont think it ever will with some of the comment i have heard spytle make as far as what this dc universe is about and how dc needs to approve everything. Great idea tho +1