Asymmetrical griefing in Spring Event

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  1. Anti-Monitor Monitor New Player

    Nobody seems to get the point... It's not about immersion. I don't mind if opposing factions can interfere. I have no idea what solution the devs have in mind, but if they make it so that villains can also interfere with hero missions, I'd be in favour.

    The problem is only one side can interfere. How is it immersive when the hero side can interfere with the villain side, but the villain side cannot do anything in return?
  2. Proxystar #Perception

    Oh sorry, I was sure my dry sarcasm was obvious lol :D

    I agree with you both sides should be able to interfere. The point of my sarcasm however was probably more lent towards the fact that that generally speaking an intolerance towards this sort of thing stems from a rather unrealistic expectation that there be absolutely no player to player interactions, certainly not in any negative way, despite the fact it's a multiplayer video game, it wasn't intended to be specifically addressed to you or anyone else in particular was simply a bit of a sarcastic joke based on player generalization. :D

    As for your solution that they allow both sides to interfere my general feeling, based on prior things like this over 10 years is that they won't allow either party to interfere, they'll disable to potential entirely, because... well the reasons I've explained above leading my sarcasm in the first place ;)
  3. Imaginos Dedicated Player

    So I had a douchenozzle hero grab one of the bodies for one of the events where you protect the roving plant and fly off with it. They purposely waited till I activated it and grabbed it before I could just to screw with my mission. That crap MUST stop! Damn that pisses me off. IF I wanted pvp I'd go do one of the rarely done pvp events! /rude
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