Are players placing too much importance on SP after 120?

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by Crimson Crossfyre, Nov 20, 2017.

  1. Crimson Crossfyre Well-Known Player

    Is there really all that much of a difference between the effectiveness of a player with 120 skill points and one with 250 skill points in terms of being able to complete all but elite instances? Would a group of very talented players with 120 skill point characters with VIII or above gear mods and every white mod gear slot filled find it impossible to complete instances versus a group of players with characters just having 250 skill points and no mods? Is it more important for players to reach a target number in the stats critical to the character being played over just having a certain threshold of skill points?

    I ask these questions based on two things.

    First, an in-game behavior of players seeking group members with a certain number of skill points but not caring if the characters have Beta Stat Mods or VIII or greater Stat Mods as well as having all of their white mod slots filled or even having any mods at all.

    Second, several posters here have made complaints about skill points being gained through Time Capsules. If one totaled up all of the skill points solely from Time Capsules, does that number of skill points seriously damage the effectiveness of a character or is it purely a perception of the players only thinking that those skill points are that important?

    Are both concerns simply quibbling over minor percentage points that have a negligible effect on overall gameplay, or do these difference merely make groups of characters with low skill points take a little longer to complete instances, or is it really impossible for a group of characters with low skill points to complete any instances at all? (Assuming equal PLAYER ability in all cases)

    If low skill points (120) have a negligible effective on overall efficiency or only add a little time to how long it takes to complete an instance, then players need to reconsider behaviors in-game and realize that taking a little longer to complete a raid is far better than wasting time trying to find characters who can meet a threshold of skill points that is not that important.

    If it is impossible for a group of characters all having low skill points to complete instances, players need to know this and also what threshold needs to be met to become effective.

    If all of the skill points that can be gained via Time Capsules do have a noticeable impact on character effectiveness, that is an issue that needs to be addressed. Since Time Capsules are time sensitive (no pun intended), newer players are automatically at a disadvantage as there is a finite supply of the older Time Capsules. A simple solution would be to put into the game an alternative method to complete the older feats associated with Time Capsules. For example, having the completion of every instance, mission, and Episode feats not linked to Time Capsules associated with the Episode during which the Time Capsule was released could grant some if not all of the feats coming from Time Capsules.

    There is something that could be added to the Instances screen that would render all of my questions moot and would put an end to player debates on skill points - Recommended Stats. The Dev Team already has recommended stats for all of the open world instances and the CR agnostic events as characters have stats raised to what the Dev Team considers to be the minimums to be effective. (It would be even better if the Instance screen could interactively evaluate a character based on stats and give the player an effectiveness rating or odds of success but coding that might be too difficult to implement.)
  2. MaverickRaven657 Well-Known Player

    Personally, I hate the revamp. I think it does a lotta things well, but messed up one a few key things. One of the key things is that a player with 350 SP can get housed by a player with 150 (or even less SP). Furthermore, a lotta the time these two player types will have very comparable damage if the 350 SP player does win.

    To be clear and honest, I have almost every feat. I've been playing since launch. I obviously have a vested interest in SP "mattering" and I laugh to myself when I hear ppl say that it matters now. It may matter MORE, but it doesn't actually matter; not anywhere near as much as your gear and your power.

    In a perfect world, new players and players who just don't want to feat grind would understand that a game has to reward players with higher SP, and said game would make high SP players like me absolutely crush low SP players in every category.

    But they can't do it because they can't discourage potential customers. It still doesn't mean they should allow the almost invisible disparity between the two categories.
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  3. Ringz Dedicated Player

    To answer your question, yes there is.

    Your talking about a player with 120sp healing about a 100 vs a player with 250sp healing about a 1000.

    Even if you have all the knowledge in the world about dcuo mechanics and raids, your then talking about how effective your character at given role will contribute to the group. Solos, Duos, and maybe some alerts doesnt matter that much with sp. But if you talking raids then you have to be question how much will you contribute to the group in how smoothly the raid runs.

    If I can find the video I would post it. I can't remember if it was Orbit, Gods Disciple or Dark Reign, but they made a 'Does Sp Matter' video, and showcased them solo electric healing PB(Prison Break). Of course those names are highly skilled players, but that video showcased the struggle as a healer healing with 100 sp vs 200, and video basically said the same summary I just said..

    Some players may be very blunt and straight forward when asking others about sp, but the purpose of it is legit. But everything I just wrote can be thrown out the window if content doesn't hold up its own bargain of the deal. This episode really provided no challenge for people to be concern about those with sp. A good question that should be ask now is if content continues to be design this way, why bother getting sp?
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  4. >>>KIra<<< Dedicated Player

    Very Well Said
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  5. Fed up player #10 Well-Known Player

    I have made many statements about this recently and agree that my stats don't really seam matter. Just because I chose to be one power does not mean somebody else should get to perform better than me just because they are a different power. Yes I understand all powers are unique and have different abilities but when you take all other things out of the equation then they should be equal.
    I have an end game level dps/tank with a lot of SP and when I can be outperformed by someone with half my SP and 10 to 15cr below me that's a problem. Some people will go on and on about player skill being the problem but we know its not really the issue. Because when I run on my lower level alts that are one of the premier powers then I too get shine. Yes its a rant about ego but not to boost an ego but to stop the bashing of one because you feel useless. Makes the game not very fun to play sometimes.
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  6. Mosquito_1 Well-Known Player

    I will answer your question with a couple of questions.

    Is it important to you to gain a piece of gear that may or may not increase CR, but also give a small percentage of stat increase? Do you salvage gear that increase stats to your main role?

    Here is another.

    What is more important..a temporary stat increase or a permanent one that can be applied and reapplied at will?
  7. Mazahs Loyal Player

    Do they matter? Sure they do
    Its still gear > power > player knowledge > mods then SP in terms of SP after you have the basic first 60 or so SP.

    While gear means less now than pre revamp (#'s were overall reduced) Its still the main place your stats come from. Tactical mods and proper modding also plays a large part as well as player power.

    Take 2 equally skilled players in both roles (say Electric and Sorcery) The electric player has a distinct advantage over the Sorcery toon in both healing and DPS.

    Don't get me wrong..SP does play its part. Its just that its a small part compared to other factors that determine strength of a players toon.
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  8. ThePhilosophy Loyal Player

    If you already make 500k a year, yea....550k wont matter, but it's not gonna hurt either.
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  9. Shark Dental Devoted Player

    Actually, if you check the numbers, it's now sp>mods. By quite a bit actually.
  10. Mosquito_1 Well-Known Player

    I would say that they all are equally important. Except SP is the only permanent stat. Powers are always in influx, gear and mods are always temporary, and player skills can diminish as well.

    Why not take full advantage of both modded gear and Sp? Progressing through both sets of stats is the meat of the game.

    Progression even in the smallest of percentages is still progression regardless.
  11. Tarif Committed Player

    Skill points are not mattering any where near the level they have always been and were intended to be. I earned my characters progression over years of gameplay and in support of the game as a customer, just to see them not matter much at all after the revamp. I have called it the Stats dont matter much at all Revamp since launch. Not stopping anytime soon, though I play (and pay) less and less now. Thats how mad I am about the decisions they have made in regards to my character. I feel cheated, to be honest.

    The comparison to those that have put in the time and money for the skill points for that growth, to those that have not, needs to be addressed and fixed.

    As it stands right now, there isnt much of a difference in that regard, if a player has 100 - 150 less than another. And Thats straight nonsense. That isnt what we have supported the game financially for, and earned in the game after all these years. I personally did that for the growth of my character, and the Stats Recalculated Nerf, I mean revamp, took that from me as a player and a customer. Period.
  12. light FX Steadfast Player

    Comparison between 2 of my toons.

    My main: quantum 350sp cr219
    My alt: electric 237sp cr213

    We all know which toon does better damage 100% of the time. That should tell ya how much sp and stats matter :rolleyes:
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  13. stärnbock Devoted Player

    yeah... my main is mental... i totally agree...
  14. Mazahs Loyal Player

    By mods I mean getting the affinity + mods
  15. inferno Dedicated Player

    I share your pain...I reserved a table at a corner for all mental players to drink ourselves of our former glory.
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  16. Black Prime OG Devoted Player

    Totally disagree.

    My water healer held his own just fine. At 200cr with 130 something SP.

    IMO, skill points do make things easier, but they far from needed or a requirement.

    Maybe those names you dropped, or the person electric healing, just wasn't that good at being an electric healer? :)
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  17. Black Prime OG Devoted Player

    It's still all about the player. Skill points will make things easier. Just like using end level mods rather than alphas. Extra stats will make things easier, yes. Are they needed, no.

    Well, let me clarify. If your a decent player, no. If your not, then yes.

    I know some very high SP players, who are not good, but their stats help them a lot.

    I've known some low SP players that can run circles around vets.

    Since the launch of the game, it's always been player skill and the power they are using. These two factors determine "how well you Do." Past that, it's gear and mods.

    If they made skill points matter that much, anyone under 200sp would not be able to complete normal content. Being that a new DLC has dropped and can be done with no tank. It's pretty safe to say we are all still very strong or they game is just that easy now.
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  18. Ringz Dedicated Player

    Well for the names drop part I can 100% assure you they did their thing as an electric healer haha. We talking PB before the nerfs to normal version with a 100 sp vs 200, and the amount of aoes damage you can take from those fights plus power hungry healer. There was a difference.

    But if you notice, I only referenced support roles from a pre era of the game, and thats where I made my mistake. I was still thinking of it from a old way perspective and overlook the current meta phase of sp builds. I can say for sure I stayed after revamp for a solid 2 months I think before my leaving, and 2 days to try out earth 3. Majority of my time was spent dpsing to try out elec dps, because Yeah!

    Therefore I Agree, sp is not as important as I thought. I gave a hint of it when I stated if the content design continues to be easy then sp won't matter, but I clearly wrote that and it flew right out of my head. If PffT continues to be superior and content below average of difficulty, then yea sp is not as important as people are making it out to be.
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  19. Wallachia Loyal Player

    I'm a Rage DPS with 106 or 107 SP.

    I outdps almost everyone when I group with people.

    Screw logic.
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  20. >>>KIra<<< Dedicated Player

    I use to have so much fun grinding for sp. Now I just get them as they come along. Since revamp alot of the fun for the game is gone. I still enjoy the game, but grinding for sp has lost its luster. :(
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