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    Introducing the new and improved Alpha Enforcers Elite!
    We've moved our site to Shivtr, redesigned our logo and have never looked better! We've also cleaned house, moving all our younger players to our sister league. Now we're back in full force, so I'm putting out the word: If you're old enough to drink in whatever part of the world you are, we want you! We used to have a very complex list of requirements you had to meet to be eligible, and look where that got us..

    So here's all we're asking for:
    • A microphone
    • T5 ready in at least one role
    • Just enough maturity to know when to be serious
    • A sense of humor at the very least more developed than a two year-old
    • And finally, a complete and unconditional dedication to the league; I can guarantee you the league is worth it
    But I think I'm getting ahead of myself. Let me tell you a bit about my league, and in exchange, you can tell me all about yourself!

    My name is Jason A.K.A. Matkalioux, and I'm a hero on USPC.
    I've hopped around through many leagues, and I don't think I will ever misjudge Goldilocks again. Or the bears that threw her out. Because some were too big and impersonal, others were too small to be of any use. Some were too casual, others too intense, with way too many ridiculous rules. I finally decided to do what many do in this situation: Form my own league.

    I know there are many players on USPC that feel the same way, but it's freakishly hard to get them all together. It's a bit of a catch 22: I'll get 2 or 3 to join, only for them to see an empty league and leave, right before several more join, with the effect repeating itself.
    Now, if I was on USPS3, none of this would be an issue. All the well-known leagues are there:
    The Rebels, Perfect Legends, The Nomads, Apathy, SHII3STY, SEPPUKU etc.*
    Unfortunately, as stated, I'm on USPC, and while there aren't many good leagues here, there certainly is great demand for one. But it's not enough to start a new league with some good players. We'd be just another generic T5 Tired-of-Pugging league. We need to build a reputation.
    Alpha Enforcers is not in any way affiliated with the above-mentioned leagues, nor did we accept any money for this endorsement. I'll swear it in a court of law. Are you still reading this? Well stop. This was written in small letters for a reason. I think. I can't be sure, because there's a cat on my keyboard blocking the screeegddhfjghjfgjghjgh. There is now a cat-shaped hole in the wall.

    And that's where you come in:
    For a while, this was a one-man show. I built the site, designed the logo, managed our various social outlets and advertised in the forums. It's tiring, almost as much Man of Steel was. And so I'm no longer gonna Hans Solo.

    I am looking for natural leaders with the skills necessary to manage a league, whatever those may be (hey, don't look at me!), for the purpose of, well, managing this league. With me. Mr. Eloquent Wordsmith here. Try to keep up.
    You can contact yours truly in-game @Matkalioux or inbox me here, and I guarantee a response within 12 hours. Earth time.
    And so, without further ado, here's a picture of Hagrid Cat, because, well, Hagrid Cat:
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  2. LOCKSLEY Well-Known Player

    Sounds like your trying to build a great league hope some pc players get in on the ground floor. Good Luck recruiting.
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  3. Legacy250 New Player

    Hi, I'm really need of a league please. Name on the game is "OvaKill". lvl 30. combat rating of 26. need help with missions and wood be nice to play with someone instead of going solo all the time. am a brawler, super speed, green lantern powers with super man mentor. just please concider me??? thanks
  4. DamageControl Committed Player

    We're currently recruiting players CR 84+. This is not to say that we're a T5-only league. Once we have enough T5 players to regularly do T5 content, we'll open our doors to lower levels, and at that point, we'll be glad to review your application. all the best mate :)
  5. DamageControl Committed Player

    Hola. My name is Jason, and I'm the illustrious founder of this league. A dubious honor, but still.
    As I'm sure you've realized, I hate rules. I have no problems with authority or following rules myself, but this league was founded with the word "fun" in mind, that being the reason we play DCUO in the first place. Rules kind of defeat that glorious purpose. There are, however, a few very basic rules by which this league must conduct itself, as we are trying to build a reputation here. Yes. We are.

    All players wishing to apply to this league must be, at the very least, mature enough to pretend to be 21, convincingly. If you don't have a mic, get one. All communication will take place on our voice servers, so you're going to feel left out otherwise, not to mention actually being left out of raids. T5 content requires communication.

    You must possess The Sense of Humor. I'm serious here. Not only will you be miserable here if you can't take a joke, others are going to have trouble getting along with you as well.

    I expect of you a complete dedication to the league. If you have skills to offer, by all means, do. It goes without saying that leaguemates come first, whether it be on-duty content or villain bashing. Or, to use the politically correct term, Bad Guys.

    We are a friendly league. Alpha Enforcers is allied with several leagues in both factions across all servers. Be helpful, polite and mature to each other, and, as a representative of Alpha Enforcers, act like one.

    Let the fun begin!
  6. PowerOverTime New Player

    Hey, im a Hero with a CR 85 Troll that goes by the name "Beta I" and im looking for a league to help me with t5. Unfortunately not many players are willing to play t5 with me as i have a low CR. I am online regularly and im friendly (Just ask me a question and i'll try my best to answer you) i also don't mind helping others with lower level raid/alerts. So i would be glad if you considered me.
  7. DamageControl Committed Player

    I'm been trolling Nexus since CR 92, when it first came out. Naturally, I lied about my CR, because I knew i was good enough to pass. That's all I'm asking of you, too.

    Where are you from?
  8. DamageControl Committed Player

    Send me an inbox so we can work out when you're online. The league is a bit empty right now, and I'd like to get enough players together to invite them all at once, so that no one leaves because it's too empty :)
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  10. DamageControl Committed Player

    When you're CR 97, you're told your CR isn't high enough for Paradox. When you hit CR 99, suddenly you need experience: "GLF dps para 99+ with exp". Where the hell are you supposed to get this experience??
  11. DamageControl Committed Player

    Any under-appreciated T5 tanks out there?
  12. Enjoi Well-Known Player

    Great bunch of guys here, Def take a look at them and help them become the best!!!! Lets take back the rank on the USpc side.
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  13. DamageControl Committed Player

    We've got some neat publicity stunts planned, and they're gonna be broadcast live on YouTube! Stay tuned :)
  14. REPUS New Player

    I would join the league. Hoping to be a good edition.
    Cr99 - SP110 - 29yrs
    Quantum Troll
  15. DamageControl Committed Player

  16. blazeing fire111 Devoted Player

    This is a awesome league. I ran nexus with DamageControl once. Good luck recruiting. :)
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  17. Jurassic Speed New Player

    Hey i am a Cr 83 nature healer. I have 52 skill points and 2243 resto. My name is Jurraassic Speed.
    Looking forward to playing with you!!!!!
  18. Kurt New Player

    I would like to join please. The leagues i was in before are Genesis and Knights Who Say Nii, i don't recall any complaints against me. I'm 26 year old mature male. Character is Kurt an 87cr Fire Dps with 113dps bow, 111 skill points, i recently redid my loadout to try to up my DPS it is Inferno/Overheat/SpontaneousCombustion/Fireburst/MeteorStrike/ClownBox, been playing on and off since beta, lifetime subscriber. I play other games too, recently i been playing X3 Terran Conflict, and next want to do X3 Albion Prelude, then X Rebirth. Want to upgrade to T5 gear. :)
  19. DamageControl Committed Player

    Either you're wrong faction/server or you misspelled your name :(
  20. DamageControl Committed Player

    We're a bit empty at the moment, due to some of our players having moved to help our younger league, so don't be put off by that. By next week, we should have enough guys for some steady raiding Enforcer style!

    Alpha Enforcers: Demons run when an Enforcer goes to war...