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Discussion in 'Testing Feedback' started by Cardboard, Jun 23, 2022.

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  1. Cardboard Developer

    The 30 second cooldown for Exobyte Overdrive is currently bugged. I'll let you know once the fix makes it to the test server.
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  2. Cardboard Developer

    The Exobyte Overdrive cooldown should be fixed on the test server.
  3. nanoUSB Well-Known Player

    I hope that's next on the list since it's the passive that caught my interest.
    I'm playing around on test with it right now and as far as I can tell it changes nothing in terms of cc resistance.
  4. lllStrichcodelll ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    Breakout trade:

    How does this work exactly? Does a group breakout ability trigger 40 seconds immunity for the whole group or is it only for the caster?
    Does basic breakout trigger the effect for the group too?
  5. ObsidianChill Creator League, Community "Trusted"

    Control CC won't equal the same as immunity as we currently use the term. Same concept of using a breakout trinket you don't get 20s of immunity from effects. The passive only applies to you that has the Lex passive equipped. If you breakout yourself, use the trinket or get a group breakout from a tank it will proc the passive. Control Resistance is more a myth than anything in dcuo. Think of Crown of Thorns or Gotham City Zoo. You could pop a breakout trinket from the manbats wing flap and be stunned a second later as a tank same with the adds in crown. Anyone who's atomic tanked for a while will know that even though the aura gives increased CC resistance you can swap to another tank and not notice any difference.
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  6. The Fairy Well-Known Player

    Is it becoming a trend from the devs to make allies with one good passive and one questionable if not useless passive?
    If so, then shouldn't we get a 50% discount when we level up those allies?
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  7. Tarn Level 30

    Thank you for clarifying matter of cooldown timings in Exo Overdrive.

    Also since in this thread are more posts about tanking, instead on ally itself, i can say only that any ally/artifact or whatever in future devs will bring to game, wont make player good tank, wont replace wipies and time on learning boss mechanics. For sure this ally will make tanking bit easier, but...thats why devs decided to introduce this passive to game.

    My only concern atm is that new Allies are added to game WAY to often, considering that there isnt any mechanic allowing to transfer ally favor from one ally to another (like we can in artifacts). It can discourage players to ally system, or in bigger picture even to play game. Examples are Superman and Lex ally. I bet some players broke their piggy banks to rank up Superman to get passive shield for tank, and next ally... give even better passive buff (imo). Some players can be angry/frustrated with that.
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  8. Mr.W Committed Player

    I'm sorry I didn't have time to post sooner. (Inflation makes us have work a bit more lol) but I did want to say I think Lex exobyte overdrive passive was wonderfully done & thank you all for making the passive inherent without us needing to change/add powers into our existing loadouts. Lex feels perfect for those who may not be able to utilize superman & i hope to see more allies like him.

    I know the team doesn't always get it but you all deserve credit where it is due :)
  9. Penryn The Gadgeteer

    Bug Report
    When you are coming out of an Omnibus instance and returning to an "End-Game" area, Exobyte Overdrive procs twice:

    My Base Defense is 112317. When I return to House of Legends, Exobyte Overdrive procs and it becomes 141617. It should be 126967 in this case.
  10. Mr.W Committed Player

    Do you think instead of mechanical stuns it will help more with enemy knock downs, knock ups, & juggles? I was under the impression we could break out of those faster
  11. Mr.W Committed Player

    It was probably b/c the stats were increasing so dramatically coming out of early end game. Very good catch though.
  12. Penryn The Gadgeteer

    In regards to Breakout Trade, it would be really nice to know if the "Debuff" is intentional or not. As is, I did not observe any improvement in Crowd Control resistance in any test I was able to think up.

    The best thing about Breakout Trade is that you can maintain almost 100% uptime on the 15% power stat buff by using a Breakout Trinket. The Post boost ends a couple of seconds before breakout trinket normally comes off cooldown. If you pair the Lex with something like Cyborg, you can run a really power hungry damage rotation.
  13. Cardboard Developer

    Thanks for the kind words! Glad to hear you're enjoying Future Lex!
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  14. Cardboard Developer

    The debuff is just a display issue. The actual ability should be working fine. A fix for the debuff being displayed is on its way.
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