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Discussion in 'Testing Feedback' started by Cardboard, Jun 23, 2022.

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  1. Cardboard Developer

    What's up players!

    A new ally has arrived!

    Future Lex Luthor

    Summon the deliverer of the Exobytes, Future Lex Luthor.

    Brainiac Field
    [Combat Ability]
    Creates a sphere that deals damage and reduces the movement speed of all enemies within for 6 seconds.
    At Max Affinity Level:
    • (10) +400% damage, -30% movement speed reduction (reduction does not work on bosses)
    Exobyte Overdrive
    [Passive Ability]
    When below 50% health, boosts Dominance, Restoration, Vitalization, and Defense for several seconds.
    At Max Affinity Level:
    • (10) +15% stat boost, 15 sec duration
    Circuit Breaker
    [Passive Ability]
    Increases duration of control effects resistance gained from self breakout. Upon self or group breakout, gain increased power.
    At Max Affinity Level:
    • (10) +15% power boost, 40 sec control resistance duration
    Let us know any feedback you have!
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  2. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

    Known Issue
    • Brainiac Field's movement speed reduction currently is functioning on bosses, but should not. This will be fixed.
  3. Penryn The Gadgeteer

    What's supposed to be the cooldown on the two passives?

    Exobyte Overdrive doesn't seem to have any cooldown. It keeps proccing as long as you are below 50%.
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  4. Penryn The Gadgeteer

    For Circuit Breaker, is that supposed to be a "15% boost" to the Power Stat or Power Regeneration?

    I'm not seeing a boost to the Power Stat while testing. I've tried using a regular breakout and a breakout trinket.
  5. Penryn The Gadgeteer

    On most bosses in Flashpoint Gotham and Doomed Washington, I'm seeing ~75k damage per tick from Brainiac Field. If I try it against one of the Dark Knights in Death Metal Washington, I'm seeing 125k per tick.

    That doesn't seem right.

    On a side note, the benefits of the "slow field" mechanic always seems questionable. Most enemies just lunge out of the field or they just attack you with ranged attacks. I haven't been able to observe any movement mode debuffs so far.
  6. Proxystar #Perception

    This is just a bit of wider feedback before I hop on there and have a look, but

    Firstly, I don't like that we're effectively being sold control resistance when we know there's lots of complaints in this game about excessive control of the player, also how much control resistance is it exactly?

    Secondly, why do most ally seems to always be predominantly tank centric in most of their core functions. I could go through them if really needed, but looking at this one you've got a passive that's boosting Dominance resto and defence when below 50% health, which is tank centric, because a healer or controller isn't really going to be dropping below 50% frequently and you've got a second passive providing control resistance which despite potentially benefiting everyone also predominantly benefits the tank whose most likely to be at the forefront of being controlled.

    So it begs the question where are the allies that focus moreso on direct DPS passives, controlling (they got death metal batman) or healing, I don't even think there's even one ally that focuses predominantly on healing? I'm just sayin.

    Also is it possible to rename Circuit Breaker something else, given that's also the name of electric's supercharge?
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  7. Proxystar #Perception

    Damage Feedback at Level 10

    5 targets - I'm seeing damage of 445,000 for Lex

    By Sample Comparison - Superman is 543,000, Death Metal Batman 545,000, Bombshell Harley Quinn 398,000, Cyborg 531,000

    1 target - I'm Seeing damage of 450,000 for Lex (I've checked this 3 times)

    By Sample Comparison - Superman, 544,000, Death Metal Batman 542,000, Bombshell Harley Quinn 423,000, Cyborg 883,000
    (people will hate me for saying it, but it's hard not to see the outlier in here.. hint it's not Lex)

    For consideration, the lower damage may be to do with the fact you're either canonically suggesting he's weaker than the others or you're offsetting the lower damage with the benefit of reducing movement speed of enemies.

    Given this doesn't work on bosses though and the damage is lower I don't think you're going to see this get run much in an active slot, especially since its not easy to tac swap in allies during combat, perhaps an add tank in those scenarios, circumstantially

    The damage output being low also makes other allies far more appealing in active slots and given the strength of Lex's passives it's hard to see him moving into the active slot. In combination with that you've got that outlier up there virtually preventing anything from ever touching the active slot because of its disproportionate damage output.

    I wonder if its possible to include a reduction in movement speed of bosses but for a reduced period, perhaps 4 seconds or 3 seconds for a boss to make active more appealing?
  8. Hollow Gohan Well-Known Player

    After testing, I really think it would be a good idea to make this ally proc like everyman prototype, in the sense that I feel like the buffs should be erased as soon as you are healed above 50%. With the way it works currently, getting a 15% buff for a 10-15 second period when you drop below 50 and regardless of whether you are healed or not is stronger than most artifacts for tanks. Furthermore, this did not seem to have an internal cooldown either, but I did not thoroughly test that so I can't be sure.

    If the previous Superman ally and now this Lex Luthor ally are the direction the ally system is heading, I am very concerned. For endgame content such as Elite + and Survival Mode, the previous ally Superman's passive is extremely powerful because of how multiple tanks can rotate breakouts and provide each other damage mitigations that can stack with shields. That plus the massive stat boosts this passive can give are just too much in my opinion from an ally system that I believed was supposed to be fun and give marginal boosts for players to enjoy. I wholeheartedly believe the percentages on both of these should and could be much lower.
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  9. OneWhoLaughed Committed Player

    We've already ran into some confusion with this and came up with some alternatives.
    Canonically, we thought mentioning MERCY for this (for example, MERCY Defense Protocol), but figured it would cause a similar level of confusion (with the MAM artifact).

    Circuit Buster
    Exo-suit Defense Protocol
    Nexus Defense Protocol
  10. Mr.W Committed Player

    I'm loving what I'm seeing from lex, at least for my powersets & play style with the abilities being built in without us needing to add or change too much to accommodate the abilities. Will do deep testing this weekend :)
  11. Stranger Well-Known Player

    Don't get me wrong, but i thought u're going to release epic/rare allies too. :-(
    But so far you only released legendary allies.
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  12. August Moon Well-Known Player

    alright maybe a 40 second duration on a breakout would be a little op but im interested to see how it will effect atomic. Hopefully making it as playable as fire or rage in high elite content. Maybe that passive buff at 50% will elevate ice tanking to take the 3 in a not so stellar lfg group
  13. Zoe· YouTuber

    Krypto is going to be Epic from what Charon said before he left. So there's that. I do feel that we get too many Legendaries myself.
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  14. Tarn New Player

    tested new ally mostly for passive tank role, and i wonder 1 thing.
    In description there is that passive buff last for 15 sec when on max rank, but there isnt anywhere described when buff is refreshing.
    What i mean by that. When i keep tank in adds crowd, and my health was for more then 3min below 50% defence buff did turn on and after 15 sec it turned off like is should, but here question, which answer isnt in description - if health will stay below 50%, after what time buff turn on again?
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  15. TheLorax 15000 Post Club

    That's a really good question but as a tank why would your health be below 50% for longer than 1-2 seconds?
  16. Yaiba Committed Player

    For Exobyte Overdrive, I think the numbers need to be toned down or he will become a broken ally for tanks:
    . 15% dominance/restoration is worth at least 200 SP.
    . 15% defense is the same as FP Batman, and even then, you won't get the bonus when you stay close to group with Batman equipped. Lex is like Batman but better, and they're both legendary ally.
    . The passive is super useful when tanking adds, manacle procs, or in contents with mechanics that ignore shields.
  17. Ala Rebeldex Loyal Player

    i just want to say that this ally seems really worth the investment for Tank players, especially now that less and less players want to play that role at endgame Elite Difficulty.

    This ally would help powers like Atomic, Fire and even Earth to have more chance to disrupt the Ice/Rage Meta that we have right now, and allow Tanks to resist more damage instead of play hit and run like we play right now.

    People complaining here are probably on the minority of the player base that have the luxury to waste 7+ hours against a wall of one-shots and Humongous health pool Bosses.
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  18. Tarn New Player

    Because before i spent time and efforts to rank up ally to rank 10 i like to know all advantages and disadvantages of that ally.
    Also, it would be huge difference if i would need to wait 30sec for refresh or need to wait 60sec.
    It will aswell affect battle tanking playstyle or melle dpsing. In both options would need to be more carefull right after buff ends and would like to know when buff will be on again.
  19. MaryMagdalene_DCUO Well-Known Player

    Nerfing the ally's first passive wouldn't justify the investment needed to level the ally to max. It's fine unless it could less than likely be replaced with something that warrants 150+ bucks of investment in a system touted as "collect them all"
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  20. Cardboard Developer

    Hey everyone!

    Just saying thanks for all the feedback, and that I'll be using it to make some changes to Future Lex Luthor. I'll let you know what the changes are once they get to the Test Server.
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