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  1. undrline Issue Tracker Volunteer

    I tested Lasso, and it is broken. I've filed a bug report, which includes links to videos (phone of screen; I'm on PS3):
    Please upvote.
  2. undrline Issue Tracker Volunteer

    If your friend is fire tanking, they're not into making things easy on themselves anyway ... what's one more handicap? ;P
  3. Black Prime OG Devoted Player

    Not current content. He left about a year ago.

    Just asking, how's it a handicap? It's supposed to be a single target pull/taunt only right? There are only a couple of current raids you need a single target taunt. Is the lasso a stronger taunt than fireball?

    Back when he played, GOOD fire tanks were OP. Only spot some had trouble was way back in FOS2. He made it work. Just saying I never saw him use that move. There was really never any use for it.
  4. VioletSorceress Committed Player

    Why would I upvote it? I dont hate myself and I dont hate other tanks using it!

    I dont think that Lasso is broken in any way. If anything toop tip doesnt describe the complete effect of the power.
    Your concern to "fix" an ability that has been working in same manner for 5 years is impressive but I hope Devs dont take it seriously.
  5. undrline Issue Tracker Volunteer

    Single taunts were not developed until around the time that Love and War came out. Before then, the method of separating NPCs was to physically isolate them through control effects until the taunt expired on all but the target you were focusing on and isolating.

    Perhaps the fix is to edit the tooltip, which would still be a reason to upvote it. I can understand not wanting something fixed because you like the way it works, but I can't understand not wanting things to work the way they say they should.
  6. undrline Issue Tracker Volunteer

    Lots of tank questions going around today. Updated a few instances where I wasn't sure if buffs count as taunts in tank stance with the fact that they do, along with a link to my awkward video that proves it with Ice Bash. Hopefully, Ice Bash isn't an exception.
  7. L T Devoted Player

    This is slowly morphing from simply dispelling the myths about Aggro into a comprehensive how-to-tank guide. Great guide!
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  8. Rokyn Dedicated Player

    I've had an idea for a long time to see if we can expand on your work and underline's work and possibly combine that plus other stuff into a giant Ultimate Tank Guide. There's also a bunch of experienced users on here who can also contribute in terms of individual powers or tips/tricks for help making a better tank community.

    We have the aggro mechanics and the tank survival comparison. What if we incorporated aspects such as full countering mechanics, each NPC and boss mechanic in the game, positioning mechanics, and power by power tips/tricks? Breaking all these aspects down and making well made videos for the visual guide and for the YouTube audience would be ideal.

    Just a thought for improving the tank community and making it a healthier transition for people afraid for switching to over to tank or with a lot issues already with tanking.
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  9. Pinky Well-Known Player

    Hey Undrline, thanks for writing this aggro guide. I think the most important things I learned from reading your guide was about taunt refreshing every 8 secs (and hence power conservation by not spamming powers) and scripted attacks by bosses. Thanks again!
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  10. Pinky Well-Known Player

    Thanks Rokyn, I was the one requesting for SM tanking tips and your advice was really helpful. I checked out this aggro guide (by Undrline) as well as LTs Tank comparison guide. Both guides were very useful in helping me understand tanking mechanics. I geared up my alt Ice tank and tanked dwf and kct for the very first time a couple of days ago. I think I fared decently as a result of reading these 2 guides. Thanks again. I think so far the main problem I had was not dwf or kct but Brainiac's Bottle Ship raid 2nd boss fight vs the Broodmother where her adds spawn at the 2 doors and I have to pull them over to me. My raid mates kept dying to the adds even though I tried pulling as the adds were quite spread out and pple died to the jumpers jumps. Inescapable storm does multi-pull the adds but they still remain a bit spread out I feel. Or they are resistant to my pull as a result of the troller stunning/controlling them.
  11. Rokyn Dedicated Player

    Your mates could be dying to the Buttmother's rockets. They tend to be launched in a frontal cone against people. Depends on what it says on their combat logs. As long as you taunted a power in the vicinity of the adds in a quickly manner, they should have their attention towards you and it shouldn't be an issue. But the rockets could be the issue.
  12. undrline Issue Tracker Volunteer

    Also keep in mind that raid mechanics are set up with a 2222 group in mind, not the 5111 that people frequently run. It's probably intended that there be a heal a troll and a tank on each side of the room.

    Inescapable Storm is either a Cone or a Ray (I've heard arguments for each, and people that say they're the same thing, but naming it isn't that important). It has a very narrow effect that only exists between you and the target. Frequently, to pull, you'll have to jump up to lose your current target, and hope to target the thing that's furthest away.

    If you are flight/skimming, you should be able to get Low Pressure from your skills. This is a 180 degree effect that pulls things together and towards you. In many "grab the whole room" scenarios, it can be easier, because it's not so target-dependent.

    In that room in particular, if you have a tank and healer in the center, both solo, that leaves six people and four cogs. That means almost everyone should be on a cog! When the boss shield goes up, those six need to go to the doors and block until the solo tank can grab everything.
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  13. Pinky Well-Known Player

    I am flight. Thanks for the tip about Low Pressure! Didn't know that it was a 180 degree effect. I'll give it a try this week.
  14. undrline Issue Tracker Volunteer

    Glad I could help. It can take some getting used to, because its affect is to gather-then-pull, and only shows swirls, which doesn't give you much visual feedback to make your pull more effectively targeted. The animation of jumping up and spinning can also take too long. In general, I like to clip my pulls. I run with Cold Snap or Ice Bash in my loadout to help with my chill effects, and to clip my pull or Bitter Winds (which also has a cast time that can get you into trouble). Shatter Restraints and Reflection can also be used to clip your pull. Bitter Winds stacks with other shields, so if I have the double-protection, I don't worry so much about my pull's cast time.
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  15. Pinky Well-Known Player

    Ah! I didn't know bitter winds stacks with other shields. I know Ice has 4 shields right? Reflection, Bitter winds, Winter Ward and Shatter Restraints. Do these 4 shields stack with each other? Or only certain ones? Thanks for the tip about clipping pulls, I noticed the rather long animation with bitter winds too!
  16. undrline Issue Tracker Volunteer

    Yes, there are four shields native to the ice trees. There's also Hard Light Shield, which is an iconic shield, but it is a healer-type shield (will break after a certain number of hits, even if the strength threshold is not met), and it has a long cooldown. There's also Personal Dampening Field consumables.

    You should know that ice shields are broken at the moment:

    A quick summary:
    Any Shield + Bitter Winds = stacked
    Bitter Winds + Any Shield = stacked
    Reflection + Shatter Restraints = stripped
    Shatter Restraints + Reflection = Reflection overrides
    Reflection + Winter Ward = stripped
    Winter Ward + Reflection = Reflection overrides
    Winter Ward + Shatter Restraints = Shatter Restraints overrides
    Shatter Restraints + Winter Ward = Winter Ward overrides

    It's also been an ongoing issue that no one has been able to re-prove is still happening since the fix long ago ... sometimes Winter Ward appears to de-taunt. So, after using Winter Ward, you should probably pull to make sure you're still on top of the hate table.
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  17. Pinky Well-Known Player

    Holy crap, I wasn't aware of this bug with ice shields.
  18. Pinky Well-Known Player

    I just tested out the following combinations of shields:
    reflect, bitter winds
    reflect, winter ward,
    reflect, shatter restraints
    bitter winds, reflect
    bitter winds, winter ward
    bitter winds, shatter restraints
    winter ward, reflect
    winter ward, bitter winds
    winter ward, shatter restraints
    shatter restraints, reflect
    shatter restraints, bitter winds
    shatter restraints, winter ward

    I checked what buffs were applied by pressing F1 after activating the 2 shields consecutively in the above order.

    In all cases, the most recent shield activated overrides the earlier activated shield. That is, the absorb damage effect of the 2nd activated shield overrides that of the 1st activated shield.

    The stripping of shields after applying Shatter Restraints or Winter Ward after Reflection appears to have been fixed, in that both cases will still leave you with a absorb damage effect.
  19. undrline Issue Tracker Volunteer

    It's been a very long time since I've tested, but testing is not by looking at current effects, it is by looking at damage in on the combat log. It will say "x shield absorbed y damage" The tough part is finding a place that'll give constant damage, and enough to break a shield within the time that two are active, without killing you while the test is idle, and where your shield doesn't kill them. The current effects has been known to have errors of omission, and even occasional typos, on the other hand.
  20. Miserable Dedicated Player

    So I just tested it, and it seems as though there is no more stacking nor stripping between the Ice shields.

    For any two Ice shields used back to back, the second one will override the first. I was unable to find any exceptions.

    Hard Light Shield will stack with any Ice shield (order doesn't matter).