"you have been disconnected from server. Reason : have a nice day"

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Inzababa, May 23, 2018.

  1. GhostRiderGer

    the thing is this guys who are come 1 hour ago online just can stay online but the rest can´t since 32 minutes hm what is happening there
  2. LoveDispenser

    Today I was cycling 35km. I've ALREADY had a nice day. And now I want to shoot ppl with my pump-action shotgun which I unlocked just yesterday.
  3. Scorponok

    ye i finally got back home wanted to wage some war, but that doesnt look like it will happen today after all with just getting dc'd but it so weird then its a disconnect with reason: have a nice day..
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  4. Jitsuryoku

    I think we should start demanding for refunds - maybe things will clear up a little faster.
  5. Inzababa

    this is a long shot, but I'm guessing they are already scrambling to sort this this out, and if we don't hear from them, it's only cause they don't know hehe
  6. Zlidden

    This happens as soon as I spawn in at warpgate.
  7. Inzababa

    btw, update, I managed to get in in the end, took like 20 tries but it worked :)

    (and I'm not member)
  8. Towie

    I haven't seen any statement as to why we had issues yesterday but everything was down for a period (ie. the game, the website, everything). The only thing I saw was 'investigating connectivity issues'.

    With the new message, this is looking more and more like a hacking job - DBG have been targeted before (and Sony before them) and with it being the anniversary, the temptation must be too much for the scumbags.

    Maybe Hagsclub - upset that DBG closed off a source of income with the introduction of Battleye !
  9. wake467

    yep it is looking like a hacker to me for that message to appear like that just scream hack but like you said no response from the admins or even acknowledging theres an issue.
  10. Roxxlyy Community Relations

    This should now be resolved - we had an issue with our anti-cheat system this morning that caused this. Please let me know if you keep seeing this issue!
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  11. Corezer

    lol u killed higby and he cried hax
  12. Jitsuryoku

    Diconnected after first death....
  13. Ucarenya

    I guess they start to accept transfer from Everquest team
  14. Sprant Flere-Imsaho

    What legitimate use could you have for 5 accounts? That's got to be a TOS violation, right?
  15. Tanel

    Bit offtopic (didn't really want to make a whole new topic just for this) but where is the PT timezone they are using?