[BUG] Yet Another Hive Exploit

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Campagne, Jan 21, 2018.

  1. Campagne

    Was attacking Zurvan Amp Station, and lo and behold, somebody broke the game. Very likely intentionally.


    Fortunately it was too high to set anyone of the ground on fire.

    Then, a little while later I came back to defend Zurvan and wouldn't ya' know it, there was a fncking hive there too.


    The hive's owner was not listed.

    Plz fix. If this can be done intentionally, skyshields could be used to effectively prevent all infantry spawns in any and all bases where this is possible. Not to mention the untouchable hive underneath.
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  2. DrPapaPenguin

    Your images are not working.
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  3. stalkish

    Same thing last night, this time at Ikanam motor pool.
    Impossible to progress down that lane as the skyshield intersected the point room.
    Also had a HIVE, owner had logged out to cover their tracks.

    Same server as above pic, same VS player doing it.....obviously.
    How the developers can claim to be combating cheaters is beyond me when some1 can do this over and over and over again for an entire weekend and they dont notice.....

    Almost wondering if its just best to move on to another game tbh at this point, just wish there was a direct contender as other FPS games are small and boring.

    O well, multiplayer games i guess its bound to happen, suppose ill just go sell some more space drugs on Star Citizen......
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  4. Campagne

    Hmm. OK, how about now?



    If not, the first image is a Vanu skyshield clipping through the ground going up into the central building in the amp station, where the A point usually is. Whomever placed this one was too stupid to notice there isn't a point insidethat room here though. :p

    The second is my minimap, indicating a VS hive has been placed in the same spot underneath the amp station.
  5. csvfr

    [IMG]Same thing can happen on Hossin, here VS had planted 2 skyshields and could safely sit under it on the bridge at the capture point.
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  6. FLHuk

    Wonder how long this will carry on for :(
  7. OgreMarkX

    Hives are, perhaps, the single worst addition to Planetside 2. They perverted the "meta-game" for too long as players left--making Planetside 2 into Hide-The-Minecraft-Game. And Hives continue to pervert what could have been a great addition to Planetside 2--construction.

    Well, they are the single worst addition to the game if you don't count the old PS2 team's insane fixation on Major League Gaming as an "addition".

    MLG bruh! Ya umm, in an MMO FPS?

    M... M... O...

    You know...

  8. DemonicTreerat

    Too long sadly.

    Really this sort of thing should invoke a "Hammer of God" on those involved. As in an automatic permanent ban with public posting of character name and why banned, any outfit involved put on probation, and the entire faction put on notice that more of these incidents will result in large-scale penalties for the entire faction. You know, the kind of scorched earth reaction that makes it clear to anyone with 2 working neurons that not only will those directly responsible for these cheats be removed, but those who turned a blind eye to it in the hopes of benefiting will find any gains they did collect destroyed along with some of their legitimate gains.

    That sort of thing is generally pretty good at motivating people to report cheats. Unlike reward systems were people may decide that letting the cheat continue so they can benefit from it is more profitable, by threatening everyone if the problem continues people have great incentive to be seen as actively taking steps against cheaters.
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  9. FLHuk

    Or at the very least an official reply on the official forum!
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  10. AkuraThDB

    I saw something like that a week or so ago, someone put up a skyshield underneath one of the biolabs, burning everyone coming out of one of teleporters, to the SCU shield generator. The shield was only visible in the corner of the shield generator room.

    Semantics really, but this is more of a construction exploit rather than a HIVE one.
  11. strikearrow

    On Connery the NC put repair modules inside HIVE vehicle terminals so it's impossible to destroy the silo and nearby structures. They've done this for months, with reports, and they just did it yesterday. The game developers clearly couldn't care less. Yesterday day was new because they hid a spawn tube inside and underneath the vehicle terminal and were shooting through the vehicle terminal.
  12. PlanetBound

    I've seen clipping where I accidentally fell beneath a building and didn't have the long fall. Just not vehicles.
  13. Prudentia

    you mean you want people to make accounts to do an exploit to harm the faction they aren't playing? damn that sounds like a great idea.
  14. Naskoni

    I've seen this done three times already. It looks to be VERY much intentional and not by accident. Has to be fixed - it should be impossible to place structures underground, period. Extend the no-deployment area to a kilometer above and below bases if needed in a cylindrical shape, I don't care.
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