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Discussion in 'Miller (EU)' started by Napoleon64, Jan 3, 2014.

  1. Napoleon64

    Giving this a shameless bump so it doesn't disappear into the abyss.
  2. Bvenged

    Buuuuump, on the water!
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  3. Napoleon64

    Thanks, Bvenged. Here's a small montage of our squad in action during the first half of the server smash against Cobalt, courtesy of Kardynalka.

    By way of additional commentary on the video, we spent most of the match being outnumbered and under continual rocket fire from 10-40 scythes at any given time, so not our finest hour, but we did the best we could with what we had.
  4. Kardynalka

    Pardon my extremely sad amount of deaths, but in general this Smash was awesomely fun!!
  5. Shalalala

    If you are a player looking for a large and well-established outfit, then I firmly believe you'll find what you seek in this outfit. Always a pleasure joining them on the battlefield.

    And now I hope that with this post they'll be back on page 1, where they deserve to be!
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  6. JOups

    Xdt does not deserve page 2.,.. bump to page 1
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  7. Napoleon64

    I've updated our recruitment information on the main page. We're being a little more selective in our recruitment these days, as we're looking for those who can adopt to our play style without too much trouble. As always, thanks for the kind words Shalalala and JOups.
  8. Napoleon64


    XDT participated in the Miller vs Woodman Merge Smash last weekend. We fought in Platoon 5 alongside and under the leadership of our good friends from 252, and I'm pleased to say that the performance of both our outfits was excellent. Job well done to all those from the Miller community who participated, particularly the force commanders who led us to victory. To those from Woodman, we give a friendly welcome, and as always, we're still on the look out for any NC players who meet our recruitment criteria and are interested in playing alongside us. Cheers.
  9. Napoleon64

    Still around and still looking for a few good men\women\robots.

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