Xbow needs a buff *Fixed*

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Ned, Feb 14, 2014.

  1. Ned

    After using the Xbow for a fair amount of time though I have come to the conclusion that it is pretty good, but it needs a buff.

    First of all, it needs a projectile thats easier to see, I have no idea where my bolts go at the moment and it makes follow up shots almost impossible.

    Second, it needs better velocity, 150M/S is abysmal, it makes hitting targets, especially moving targets stupidly hard.

    I understand that this bow is useable for all classes, but its real niche seems to be infiltrator with stalker cloak, and the ONLY reliable way to get kills like this is with the knife/bow combo, and you might as well use the comissioner for that.

    The Xbow should be better at range, with a better velocity, it already has the slow fire rate, now the shots need to move faster.

    Currently there is almost no point using this over the comissioner, except for the recon darts, it needs a small but meaningful buff

    (No idea how the hell I got that title wrong first time, its been a long day)
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  2. GunsmithJoe

    Crossbow is absolutely fine, and could probably use a very slight rechamber nerf (ONLY!) There's no tracer on it, you have to actually watch for the bolt impacting a surface to determine drop. Just to be clear: This is a GOOD thing!
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  3. Ned

    It most certainly does NOT need a nerf, this is a very very bad idea, running it already gives you a disadvantage to pretty much any other sidearm due to the fact that its so easy to miss with
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  4. Hatesphere

    again, knife plus bow is better then knife plus comish. it is silent and does not give a map dot. plus the bow can mount optics, the comish can not. the bow is in its own class, and it is a fine weapon IMO. it works well when applied correctly.
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  5. Tuco

    There's wrong, and then there's

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  6. Acestar1st

    No, it does not work correctly.. the author is right.. it needs a rate of fire buff and a velocity buff.. I play infil almost exclusively.. it's basically worthless and I'd like my station cash back!
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  7. Ronin Oni

    If you buy a weapon with SC adn didn't TRIAL it first..........
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  8. AdmiralArcher

    it is also very buggy
  9. Ned

    So this means that its ok for the bow to be nothing than a glorified knife combo? glad you approve
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  10. Ronin Oni

    Don't need to approve.

    I can just not buy it and not care.

    If it's grotesquely OP'd, then I might be annoyed depending on severity, commonality, and how it personally affects me and my game style. (ie; I did less tanking during Harasser glory days, and lolpod domination)
  11. AccelPrime

    Crossbow needs this:

    - Stronger damage at long range, it's already ridiculously hard to use at anything above 30m because of the horrible drop & ridiculously bad velocity.

    - Faster refire/chamber time, this would improve the grotesque TTK.

    You've been wanting to nerf everything in the infil update and bringing nothing but unintelligent spam since the update went live.

    Hush, young one.
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  12. deggy

    Can't trial the crossbow for some reason. Not even the cert one.
  13. Kwyjibo

    I would say for sure it could us a larger mag. 4 rounds is a bit small.

    Also, if they add in high velocity darts that would be nice.
  14. Ronin Oni

    VR then, you can at least get a feel for it.

    How long till shot hit's at ranges tells you velocity feel, you can figure how that will affect ability to hit moving targets

    you can test STK and TTK on targets at various ranges w/ and w/o headshots (most ranges you'd probably use it) is 1HS and 1BS to kill. Close enough can OHK to the dome against infil.

    You can see RoF and bloom and recoil.

    Everything that matters is testable. I'm not buying one right now but I will probably pick one up in the future after I pick up All Access 6mo pass in 2 months and end up with a lot more avg cert gain. It might even go on sale and with 500SC a month (going on top of my 2k banked which I'm waiting for something better... might get a new ESF weapon though. Still undecided).

    If you're a impulse day one blind buyer... then that's on you. Patience and testing is the way to be.
  15. salembeats

    Wait a second, I don't believe you. Here's your playtime distribution (you wouldn't even have enough Infil playtime to meet the minimum requirements to be accepted into my Infil-main outfit):


    Compare your playtime distribution to mine -- someone who truly does play infil almost exclusively:


    My results in the crossbow-challenge after discovering only late last night that it was a thing:


    It needs neither a buff nor a nerf -- you just need to get better with it.
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  16. Malacovics

    People should stop whining when their weapon doesn't shoot nukes and kill a dozen enemies in one shot.
    It's a secondary weapon. And a two hit kill at ranges like 50m is insane even from a primary weapon.
    Also it's silent, has no tracers. Infil tool to the max.
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  17. Tuco

    If it were up to me, I'd delete half the crap in this game.

    And you're going to be playing in a ghost town within 6 months, young one.
  18. ShadowViper

    Jesus, with all that infil time, do you find yourself useful to a group? (no sarcasm)

    ITT: People who are treating a secondary weapon as a primary one.
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  20. Fredfred

    I was not able to trial mine at all, never gave me an option for that, so I just bought it.