would tr have the "best" heavy if heavy assaults could use ARs?

Discussion in 'Heavy Assault' started by miraculousmouse, Sep 8, 2014.

  1. miraculousmouse

    Right now the "best" heavy is the Vanu heavy assault due to his versatile arsenal (not trying to cause a sh1tstorm about the Orion as I love that gun myself), but do you guys think it would change?

    Pls discuss.
  2. Covah

    With weapons like TAR / Torq or even the TRV, yes the TR would have the best HA.

    T1 cycler is great also, great all-rounder like the Torq.

    Only "long range" weapon would be the SABR-13 and it's good too.

    NC with Carnage or GR-22 would be good too, but only 30 rounds.
  3. HerpTheDerp

    Nope, Carnage AR.

    Also, Orion is a joke.
  4. cruczi

    I agree, TR would have the best HA due to highest damage per mag.
  5. Casterbridge

    NC wouldn't be to bad off but yeah I think the TR would take it in the end their ARs are great and the extra 10 rounds can make a nice difference.

    Course HAs should never get Medic ARs so...
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  6. SharkSpider

    Yes, they would.
  7. Bankrotas

    Issue would lie with people, who'd master TAR and TRV to such extent, that it would make TR heavies unapproachable without a shotgun :/

    You say Orion is a joke and state that Carnage AR, which is practically Orion with AFG, bit less drift, more jitter and less ammo is best?
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  8. ATRA_Wampa-One

    Without question.

    And if only assault rifles could be used on heavies it would be TR>NC>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>VS.
  9. miraculousmouse

  10. Nakar

    It's not that bad anymore! The Terminus is actually kinda on par with the Cycler! So all VS HAs would be using the Terminus, kinda like how they all use the Orion now. TR/NC would have some variety.

    This is still a very bad idea and giving any faction's AR to the Heavy class would end in devastation and tears. Heck, the things I could do as a HA with just the NS-11A would be disgusting.
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  11. cruczi

    Out of all AR's of all factions, I'd probably end up using CME the most -.-
  12. johnway

    If the HA could use AR, the class would be even harder for me to change class as i would happily use the HA class to aurx every AR.

    I should play more medic, but that Rocket launcher and shield is just too good and helps low skilled players like myself survive.
  13. Bankrotas

    TR have CME in LMG form already.
  14. cruczi

    LMG's have much higher vertical recoil and much worse hipfire COF. The LMG you're referring to is either Bull or Rhino, both have straight upwards recoil, whereas CME recoil pulls to the right: the closest thing TR have to CME in terms of handling is T5 AMC which also pulls to the right, has comparable vertical recoil and decent hipfire (being a carbine). Also let's not forget reload speed.
  15. Bankrotas

    Well the angled recoil is kinda bad thing. I learned after GR-22. Hipfire of Bull is good enough, 2x more ammo and better horizontal recoil for starters.
  16. cruczi

    It's a preference thing.

    I know what the differences are, and the point is there are plenty of differences. I don't really know what you're getting at - I told you I'd probably end up using CME if I could choose from all AR's. I would not use Bull. Are you trying to persuade me to prefer Bull over CME? Why? What do you care what weapon I prefer?
  17. Littleman

    Probably for the same reasons you feel you have to defend yourself: Someone is wrong on the internet!
  18. cruczi

    There is no right or wrong preference... so, you're wrong! :D