Wish we could lock the ammo box as the default and mana turret as the secondary.

Discussion in 'Engineer' started by Ghostfox, Nov 27, 2012.

  1. Ghostfox

    I personally use the ammo box much much more often and am starting to find it a bit annoying to have to hit B every time.
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  2. Celair

    That'd be nice, especially now with this new problem I and a few members of my Outfit seem to be having where I pull out my ACE tool, Repair tool, or Ammo box and it auto switches me back to my gun. Really annoying when I try to hit B after pulling out my ACE tool, only for it to swap to my GD-7F and put it on semi-auto mode.
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  3. Bubblewrap2

    You already have a slot for dedicated ammo box.

    Even though I do not use the dedicated ammo all the time (its one of my loadouts), and I do use ammo a lot more frequently than I use turrets, I think your method would be a disaster.

    When I need a weapon, I almost always need it as fast possible in most situations. Having to fiddle with an additional step plus the already extremely slow placement of the turret would mean I would probably never use a turret again.

    They just need to revert it to how it used to work instantly in the beta and not have these random delays and weapon switchback everywhere.
  4. Goats

    This would be nice for all weapons, to stay on the fire mode they're set at when you switch. If I set my carbine to semi-auto, then switch to repair a MAX, I want it to still be semi-auto when I switch back. It's not that big of a deal, though.
  5. Ghostfox

    How would my 'method' negate this? If you want the option to be able to throw out a MANA quickly, you pick Mana as your default ACE setting. If you want to throw out ammo quickly(which I do since I tend to play an assault engineer and find that often times, setting up another ammo station in a forward position is the most sure way to push the assault along), then I can set it as my default position.

    All I ask is for the option to be able to pick which version my ACE defaults to. Sure, I have the dedicated ammo box but having that means that I cannot use my other utility options.
  6. Bubblewrap2

    Ah! You didn't say wanted the *option*.

    Sure, in that case, its a good idea.
  7. Noollab

    I approve of this suggestion.
  8. Binkus

    This is a +10 suggestion, preach on fellow engi
  9. DeadlyShoe

    I got tk'd by a max today because I didn't have an ammo box.

    And even if we don't have an ammo box we still see people that are low on ammo.

    Ammo supply should be a core engineer function, not something you progress out of.
  10. voigt

    I really wish we didn't have to deploy the ammo like a fixed object, we should just toss it in front of us and let the physics let it flop around until it comes to a stop. We should not have to hit 5 for the turret then hit B to swap to the box of ammo, then walk around like a ****** looking for a spot that isn't red, just to drop the box watch it bounce around then teleport to the green spot. Its all so tedious.
  11. shahryar

    ummm not to sound like a jerk but...

    why hit b?
    I select the ammo box with my mouse wheel....or hit 4 on the keypad hell on the mouse wheel the ammo pack is 4 and the turret is 5.
    why are you selecting the turret and hitting B when you could just select the ammo case?
  12. Sienihemmo

    Because you can have C4 or mines in a slot (utility slot, slot number 4, whatever you call it) that replaces the normal ammo pack. Even if you do replace it, you can still deploy ammo packs trough the ACE tool by pressing B. So the ACE tool lets you carry an extra item with you, but causes you to be slower at deploying ammo to compensate.


    And that's how I think it should be, there should be something to encourage using the normal ammo pack instead of just instantly certing in to explosives. That is, if it was deployed fast to begin with. 3 seconds is hardly fast, with the darn thing not appearing at all if someone decides to step over the spot where you're trying to put it.

    I agree with the physics, just make it into a slower, heavier grenade type throwable that just doesn't explode but instead hands out ammo. Like in the Battlefield games. That system works, so why not use it? Probably because they didn't bother to make the game engine support small physics objects that don't explode. Even the larger ones tend to explode if they touch the ground with anything but the landing skids.
  13. Ghostfox

    Eh, the advantage of the utility slot box is the ability to improve it through certs. We get the ACE box because it is a central part of our contribution to the fight. I dont think that reducing the deployed time of the ACE box to 2 minutes would be a bad idea to give the utility box more appeal though.
  14. Ghostfox

    You do get it as a core ability. The alt mode of the mana turret(b) is an ammo box.
  15. shahryar

    ah okay that makes sense then thank you.
  16. LeoBrok3n

    Considering the way the Cert Unlocks positions the ammo box as an ability unlock, I bought AP mines thinking I could still use the ammo box. But alas, I cannot. I hardly use the turret anyway, If i could put the ammo box in its place instead I'd be very happy. Its as if the developers though the turret should be the engy's main ability instead of the ammo box. Its not.
  17. Ghostfox

    Again, you get the ammo box with the turret. Pull out the turret constructor, hit the alt fire mode, and you get a nice shiny new ammo box.
  18. Binkus

  19. Pockets

    Would like this very much. The mana turret has far less use in most areas.

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