Wing walking - endgame certs

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  1. RageMasterUK

    I envisage a time where some players have almost everything worthwhile certed, so I was contemplating what else could be thrown into the cert mix to give some extra fun to the longtime players and big spenders.

    Wing walker boots -
    With a prohibitive cost of 2500 Certs for the first tier, wing walker boots would allow you to gain more traction while standing atop vehicles/aircraft. It's obviously non-essential feature for combat, but its inclusion could provide for some interesting emergent gameplay, jumping atop friendly vehicles for impromptu transportation or onto enemy assets as part of unconventional attack patterns. The prohibitive cost would make sure that wing walking players are not a common sight, but might provide an exclusive element for those rich or willing enough to cert it.

    Would be a rare sight and hilarious to see, and may add to the endgame variety that seasoned cert rich players might really want to play around with.

    Roof Dismount for Galaxy
    A simple cert mod that when equipped allows infantry units to exit the galaxy directly to the flat of the roof, so that it may be used as a platform for infantry to stand on at any altitude. Could be used for the purposes of setting up aerial sniper positions, mid-air repair stations. Again would be a rare sight and prob wouldn't be that useful, but again in the end game players might appreciate being able to play around with silly things like this!!! I know I would.
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  2. MadGelo

    checked my calender, no its not 1st of April ....
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  3. makrome

    I think there should be moonwalking too.
    What's a MMO without dance emotes ;p
  4. StormStrafe

    In Beta, one could stand on a ground vehicle or an aircraft and move along with its momentum. Some incredibly powerful tactics were used by players who capitalized upon this and the developers were not happy with the emergent gameplay. This is why the physics of standing on a vehicle in-game are so unrealistic now, it's a direct result of a nerf.
  5. FateJH

    Normally this would be /thread, but this is the official PS2 forums. We'll be arguing for pages.
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  6. Compass

    I'm not the Scorpion, and this is not Just Cause 2.
  7. Ture

    You don't need boots for this:
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  8. RasFW

    Inb4 prowler HEAT OP, mag OP, and nerf the scatmax.
  9. RageMasterUK

    I can imagine the devs would not want players wing walking from the off, hence why I suggested a prohibitive cert cost, so we could see only the players who really want to wing walk all actually doing it.
  10. Bucketmaster

    I'm a scatmax!

  11. Zaik

    They had to disable people having traction on vehicles for performance reasons.