Wich Carbine should try for NC LA?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Uliseh, Apr 24, 2014.

  1. Uliseh


    i have played a lot of PS2 since the last month and i feel that the Af19 mercernary pretty much kick a.ss but i want some gameplay variarity with others carbines ¿Wich one should i pick?

    thanks !
  2. Atis

    Shouldn't this thread be in Class Discussion?

    Anyway, try Razor if you like to shoot from roofs. it's most accurate NC carb for mid-range.
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  3. DJPenguin

    Auraxiumed every LA gun, take my list as law.

    AC-X11 for range, accept no substitutes
    GD-7F for CQB (Although I'd recommend Blitz unless you really want the carbine)
    MKV Suppressed for all your stealthy needs (Again, if you want the carbine GD-7F works too but ammo runs out much quicker)
    Razor and Bandit if you like garbo guns
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  4. Crayv

    Razor is great for range. For close range... umm Cyclone.. or maybe try that Bandit gun that just came out.
  5. Takoita

    Pretty much everything would work. As the poster above has already said, Razor is the one with most range.-S variant has some interesting attachement options, even if the main attraction - under barrel grenade launcher - is currently rather frustrating to use. GD-7F, Bandit and ACX are all for closer ranges, they just approach the task differently. -B variant is basically the Mercenary but without full-auto; if you seek some variety from the usual, it may just help you with that.

    If you are playing Engineer, you have an option in Warden - the semi-auto rifle for longer ranges. I've not been able to make any of those guns work for me yet, but maybe you'll find it suits you, who knows?

    Since you are NC, you have a solid option in Cyclone SMG. Not exactly a Carbine, but it can kill doods just as good in most situations and can be used on all non-MAX classes to boot.
  6. Paperlamp

    MKV should not be a serious consideration for NC IMO - suppressor on Blitz or Cyclone will be better most of the time.

    Even on TR it's questionable over the regular PDW.

    Razor is not a great choice especially w/NC's alternatives, but Bandit is a strong alternative to GD-7F and is much more accurate.

    Personally I'd go AC-X11 or Mercenary as your all-rounder/long range depending on taste(AC-X11 is better IMO but the small mag may not be everyone's thing), Bandit or GD-7F for closer ranges, and Blitz if you just want high mag capacity CQC.
  7. MuchachoBob

    But... m-mah bullet speed?!
  8. NoInstructions

    MKV I loathe that gun after auraxium, AC-x11 I'm in love with.
  9. Epic High Five

    Razor - long *** distances
    X11 - literally every other situation

    The default Mercenary is also quite legit, so don't feel that you NEED to upgrade anytime soon
  10. Bankrotas

    /facepalm. He wanted variety and you offer him AC-X11... Why not offer GCS?

    What variety NC LA has is mostly in high costs: SMG's, GD-7F. Honestly my suggestion, try Blitz, before other guns. You'll get CQC option for multiple classes and something with longer effective range than a shotgun.
  11. AssaultPig

    GD-7F is civilization. Personally I prefer the cyclone over the blitz, but ymmv.

    if you want to do roofcamp things or shoot at longer ranges I would use the razor or just stick with the merc; the ACX is frankly pretty awful
  12. Epic High Five

    The variety you're suggesting is literally a single type of gun - high ROF, CQC specialist

    By variety I believe he means versatility, as that's pretty much what having variety in a single gun means. For versatility, it's really tough to beat the X11
  13. Paragon Exile

    I'm considering getting it on my NC guy. How do you compensate for the bad magazine and bullet velocity?
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  14. Epic High Five

    The gun absolutely thrives with HVA since the change - it feels a lot like a Reaper, as the huge dropoff means it benefits hugely from it after the changes to HVA. Also, and ymmv, I don't really notice a difference in recoil with HVA vs without.

    The bad magazine is a bit deceptive, because it's still got 4800 damage per mag and a rock solid reload speed. It means you've gotta land your shots but the perfect ADS accuracy and impressive accuracy in general mean that doing so is relatively effortless.

    If things get close, slap a laser on it and it's really good in CQC. The low ROF makes it SEEM like it's low DPS, but it actually clocks in higher than 143/698 weapons like the SVA-88, and factoring in the zero second damage advantage it's more or less on par with the 143/750 guns.

    Of course in biolabs and towers the way *I* prefer to use it is to run adv grip/hva/suppressor and ammo belt and find a nice perch somewhere to rain down 400 damage headshots on people, but everybody's different :D

    edit - alternatively you could just kit the X11 out for close-mid combat (adv grip/comp/hva) and pull the free shotgun when things get within kissing distance, but jeez who's got the patience to keep switching loadouts like that
  15. Paragon Exile

    Wait... isn't a silencer on a 200 like the God SAW, X11 and Reaper a bad idea? They pretty much bank on that 5/3sk in my limited experience.

    Of course, my skill as an NC is equivalent to my aim, so take my objection with a grain of salt.
  16. Llaf

    Disagree with you on the Bandit but other than that, +1 to this.
  17. Epic High Five

    Oh it absolutely is. When in doubt, NEVER use a silencer, but HVA offsets the otherwise crushing damage penalty somewhat, or at least enough so that it is workable in fixed range battles like you get in a biolab. At the ranges I'm talking about (in the biolab tree firing down on the rimward entrance to the shield gen building and the airpad entrance, perched on a protrusion over a doorway in a tower fight, etc) the total demolition of your damage curve is less noticeable.

    In these situations, your elevation practically guarantees you 350-400 damage headshots, so you've put yourself in the position to put people down instantly, with 3 shots (harder to follow visually) that are silenced (impossible to follow on the minimap), and you can do it over and over and over. It's not uncommon for me to have to leave to reload 3-4 times in between deaths in these situations, despite a max rank ammo belt.

    But yeah, otherwise, no barrel or compensator 100% of the time.
  18. Bankrotas

    OP asks a variety from good midranger gun and you offer him another good midranger gun. How the **** are you doing anything useful? I'm offering a gun that is not typical in NC arsenal, nor can be experienced by using basic guns. Yes, I am offering variety, which has it's cost divided by 5 classes it can use is a sure fire decent investment, since NC doesn't have many CQC options. What you're doing, is like offering for new TR player a Jaguar after Trac-5 for sake of "variety"
  19. Epic High Five

    Because..it's not just a midrange gun?

    As an NC, the answer to "something that's better maybe close up?" is always going to be the Cyclone or a more generic SMG as we obviously agree upon.

    Honestly the "best" answer here is probably "Mercenary with a laser" but gotta have some variety! I consider the X11 to be the most fun carbine and it's also the one I do the best with, so of course it's going to be the one I go to bat for :D
  20. Bankrotas

    AC-X11 is just a midranger variant, as Merc and GCS. AC-X doesn't have hipfire or reliable TTK (headshot TTK doesn't count as reliable) to be CQC weapon and it's velocity undermines it's damage effectiveness at longer ranges. And due to 0.07 CoF bloom it's worse off at range than 167 tier with lesser bloom and walking CoF (and if you're stationary, you're just baiting snipers to make you a third eye). AC-X11 is a novelty weapon, it might be fun, but not to everyone. It might feel powerful, but it's not for a new player hands, especially with average accuracy like OP.

    Fun for you is not something that matters, when making suggestions to new players. You can't make people play like you, you can only help them to find what they like themselves and first step in that is self-sufficiency and having options. Even low BR's want to have variety and be effective, have choices and you can't have choices without certs. However, if you try to help new players, it is your responsibility to account how well he plays the game. It's not a place to say "X is fun for me", it's a place to see how well OP does and offer a suggestion that probably would help him in next step in evolution of person's Planetside 2 career.