Why's the game catering the vets only?

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  1. karlooo

    I've been on a couple of outfit discords and you know...Like each discord page must have this rage tell section.
    The vets, they receive these complaints all the time, it's usually ppl with anime ppl or furry profile pics for whatever reason...

    At first it's funny, but then it starts to be a little bit questionable. How come I, who has played this game for multiple years, has NEVER received a complaint? How? I don't understand, WHAT the absolute FÚCK do they have to do, to get multiple violent private messages weekly???
    Their private messages include wishing them death, cancer, calling them cheaters, autists, subhumans....
    When I first started playing the game I as well have been sending out angry messages but never to this extent.

    And I don't want these ppl, these vets to **** off. I'm just saying the devs are literarily giving them everything.
    Let start off like this....Vets would be beneficial, if they only had exclusivity for playing the game a long period. Exclusive uniforms, vehicles, weapons, something which would gain the interest from new players. That's very cool, I would want to get there as well.

    But for playing the game for a long time you receive literal upgrades: Implants, ASP skills, even the headshot meta requires you to play for a long period.
    Why does the game receive 0 interest from new players?...Well, here is the reason. And it won't be improved by giving them more items, more certs. Begging isn't the solution.
    Anyways I don't trust these devs with this exclusivity suggestion, they should rather copy off somebody else, like a monkey.
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  2. JustGotSuspended

    Well I get a lot of ragetells based on conversation between other players. About 2 an hour.

    It's not even related to the weapons most of the time I think. It must be mostly because of the samurai helmet, the auraxium armor, etc. I guess based on the tryhard look people get pissed already. Kill them multiple times and they snap.

    But that's not the only reason. People get mad for anything or nothing. A stray tk, "stealing" someone's kill, or just playing a class they don't like.

    A random dude got mad at me for playing heavy and sent me death threats and insults all week. Literally as soon as I logged on, and I didnt have him added as a friend.
  3. RabidIBM

    "Why's the game catering to vets only?"?

    Really? How many times have they said "NPE" recently?
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  4. Botji

    With how fast and easy it is to get certs today, all im reading here is "Experienced players are experienced and thats bad because new players are not experienced yet and get killed by more experienced and skilled players."

    I mean.. yeah, that happens in every single game that has a moderate amount of player skill in it and the game would be dead several years ago if this was not how it worked. People would not play a game for several years if their experience and skill did not matter.
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  5. LordAnnihilator

    I don't quite get this line of argument. You claim that the game is serving only these veterans (and presumably not you)... because they get ragetells and you don't? I get the part about ASPs and Directives, but thats a case of being rewarded for long term play, like others have said (in particular I like Botji's comment on this). NPE is next on the "major update docket" (hopefully right after "get rid of the hackers") so this hopefully isn't an issue for long.

    I'm not sure what kind of Discords you're going on, but they clearly are the more toxic sort that you probably shouldn't be on if you want a good experience. Unless you like that sort of thing. Dunno why Planetside, of all games, apparently has such a furiously active ragetell ********** community...
  6. karlooo

    Because I play the classes how they're supposed to be played, in terms of its logical use.
    If you don't understand now, you'll prob never get it.

    Here is the question... Common Implants are just for boosting.
    Class specific and Exceptional implants shape a class into a specific role, different type of upgrades.

    Why is Assimilate common, something that's 0 help to a new player, because it requires massive amounts of playtime....

    And the Class or Exceptional implants that shape your favorite role based on your own playstyle, which ultimately allows you to specialize in it (Perfect opportunity to gain new players). Why does this require them to invest 3,000-10,000 certs to maybe get the Implant they'd desire? And obviously they're not going to do that.
    So, what does the new player do to try to shape their class? By purchasing new weapons and upgrades...Whiiiich doesn't shape the class, then they're unhappy with their purchases, decide to delete account and make a new one to regain the certs faster...

    So, not only is the new player not having fun with their incomplete class, but they are as well getting shít on, non-stop because of ASP and Implants boosts, which leads to those violent complaints that I noticed on discord pages.
    Why did the game lose 3,000 of its average player count in 1 year? You tell me. Those where 3k players that had interest in the game.

    And what is the new suggestion, to improve this new player experience based on the livestream? Giving them more default items and upgrades.....What a sick joke.

    Btw that Machine gunner vs Heavy Assault topic has some coloration with this topic as well.....It wasn't supposed to evolve into an argument over what's a machine gun lol....The idea was supposed to give new player a specific role. When something is specific then it excels at a specific job, compared to a general use class with everything. Therefore the new player will have a higher chance to have an impact in the game.

    The experienced players are the main cause of the game losing thousands of players, it's true. Not because of them but because of what the devs did with ASP, Implants and other items...
  7. Demigan

    I see several seperate, loosely related points.

    First off there is a type of person called " an a$$hole". Regardless of them being elites or more likely pretending to be elites they will do anything for attention. They will insult and grief players and then gather up the return vitriol and search for more attention on discords about how "they get rage tells because they are elites". It takes a special kind of someone to gather up such rage tells and then name and shame people while boosting their own ego.
    And that is ignoring the people who will simply invent or exaggerate stories about the rage tells and insults they get. But no matter how you twist and turn, someone who goes to a discord for validation by telling about the rage tells they get is not a good person.

    The game catering to vets is mostly due to how the cert system for vehicles and some weapons is about upgrades rather than side-grades. A vanilla tank is simply far worse than one with upgrades reload, an AP canon, fire suppression or other ability, upgraded chassis and if available any topgun that isnt a basilisk. On top of that the experience difference and nanite costs of vehicles it makes it harder for new players to get into that part of the game.
    There is also the fact that not all weapons are just side-grades that trade some attributes around but some are outright more powerful than others, and many vets tend to gravitate to the most powerful weapons, with a few exceptions that challenge themselves with pistol-only gameplay or similar challenges. It makes it even harder to go up against a veteran if he's also holding one of the most powerful weapons in the game.

    Lastly, do you really have to throw that insult in there about the profile pictures? The way you say it is practically designed to be insulting.
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  8. Statboy

    As a veteran, I get rage tells from time to time. I have about ten people ignored, which solved 99% of the problem on emerald server.

    I never go on anybodies Discords, there is no reason too. We have voice and text channels for the outfit, squads, platoons, local. Why add discord on top of it?
  9. karlooo

    I'm talking about Infantry, Implants, ASP... Not vehicles. That is a whole different topic and doesn't matter anyways because vehicles have no place in the game, in terms of its tactical use, only spam.
  10. LordAnnihilator

    We've been over this before I think, so I won't say much, but the biggest and most obvious counter to the "vehicles have no tactical use, only spam" comment is the Sunderer, which provides a spawn, ammo and repair, and is usually seen as poor offensively. You can spam them, but that in and of itself is tactical, to ensure more infantry can reach the frontlines.
  11. InexoraVC

    Just say to some pilot (@Miller server) " bro just get some aiming skills without coyotes" and you will get info about your low IQ, bad wishes to your family and else.
  12. Botji

    Why does Assimilate require massive amounts of playtime?
    Was aiming for the head some sort of big secret when you started playing this or any other FPS game?
    What exceptional implants are you talking about that are so class defining that you cant play the game without them?
    I think every single new player guide I have seen has something about "Dont buy a bunch of weapons, the starter ones are good enough until you know what you want." as well as this being the go to answer whenever someone asks in the chat, combined with some community top tier weapons people will suggest are good, especially for NC since the SAW is either godly or crap depending on the player.

    "So, not only is the new player not having fun with their incomplete class, but they are as well getting shít on, non-stop because of ASP and Implants boosts, which leads to those violent complaints that I noticed on discord pages."

    Name a FPS game where multi year old vets dont **** on new players that cant aim. New players that can aim will not struggle in PS2.
    Can you even give a example where ASP bonuses and implants will objectively decide a fight rather than who aims better/who got the jump on who?
    I get called a cheater fairly often simply because I shoot a cloaker, flip around and get the kill on someone screaming "ENEMY *insert class here* SPOTTED!!!" or any other similar experience/skill difference while I have never gotten rage tells for ASP or my choice of implants.

    What would your idea of a better new player experience be? Remove implants and ASP? Remove headshots?
    Game would actually be dead within a month.
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  13. LordAnnihilator

    You know what, I'm curious about this one (along with the other questions Botji asks). What do you think the NPE needs Karlooo?

    For the sake of argument, lets leave out stuff like your idea for reworking various bits of gear, or shoving 90% of vehicles behind outfits. Stick to stuff SPECIFIC to new players, that won't necessarily affect the entire playerbase. Me? I'd start with way more in-game tutorials covering just about everything, as well as a way to reference these tutorials after they're done (like an in-game manual). The first step to getting new players to engage is to give them the info that we end up having to give them. Not everyone will bother asking questions of the community.
  14. User8888

    There is a big gap between vets and casuals, i have played like 1-2 months per year, and every time i come back i see the same names in vehicles/planes that are pretty much soloing medium groups. Granted, they have played the game every day and got good at it. Anyway i find this a better game mode than forced matchmaking, most of the pvp games i tried to play have really bad matchmaking with 10-20% sucess rate. A better experience would be to have players icons based on rank or something visible,
    so you dont try to go solo against someone high ranked, or just pick a medic and try to support your high rank team if you can find them on map.