Why the hell can't THE NSO MAX use NSO MAX weapons??!!

Discussion in 'MAX' started by Blackinvictus, Jul 4, 2020.

  1. Blackinvictus

    I do enjoy the Defector for the niche times I can pull him, (and the limited times I can activate that shield for people!) and would pull it more if I had the utility that other Max/s have. I realize they are not quite as much of a MAX as the others and designed like that, but maybe a one weapon option? I'd love to be able to equip one burster even, that would be a vast improvement. Could be missing an entire point about the class though, so eager to hear.
  2. Liewec123

    because NSO is a forgotten unfinished mess.

    the NSO max could have been something epic like Ymir mechs from Mass Effect
    but Doku quit and DBG couldn't be bothered hiring anyone to actually create something new,
    so they just took the default NSO body, glued a few assets to it and pretended it was a new unit.
    and hey lets make it only "throw" grenades so we don't need to make new weapon models...

    imho NSO needs a 2.0 rework,
    finish the defectors (throw as much cash at doku as it takes to get him to create an actual NSO max unit),
    finish the javelin, create a unique flying unit instead of an ESF.
    maybe even come up with an empire specific (NSO only) heavy weapon and some harasser topguns.
  3. Desann

    the grenades are nice, but I agree, let us use bursters and the NS machine guns!

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