Why nurf prowler?

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  1. LordKrelas

    That's the point.
    Air makes Tanks useless, not Infantry.
    Infantry does not have the speed or capability.
    Only due to Air's ability to **** vehicles, and Air's superior mobility & Speed, are tanks useless.

    Isn't that glorious?
    The sole purpose of infantry, and sole place they survive is in the smaller environment walled off, praying for no enemy Aircraft to get an angle.
    If tanks could enter every base, and capture every point, Infantry would be the true useless.
    As why cap a point with a squishy, if a massive tank capable of withstanding much more can do it always.

    Beacons are squad-limited, with a long-standing timer.
    As well, in proper battle where you can't call the enemy out for having Non-equal numbers, Sunderers are a lot better.
    Infantry only by ability to re-deploy, and usually into Galaxies or Valks, are more mobile.

    If Tanks were equal inside bases to small infantry, Infantry could never leave without Air support killing off every vehicle.

    Aircraft is literally behind everything you said.
    As only aircraft is that mobile.
    if we could pack tanks into Galaxies, you'd see just how much aircraft is responsible for 'infantry mobility' outside of spawn-jumping.
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  2. TR5L4Y3R

    yea but that requires those things to be in place first or you being part of the squad that uses beacons, valkeries or galaxies .. so again you can´t spawn just anywere like you initialy said ..

    if the person is unable to react to the LA planting it on his roof then he but deserves to die to it ..

    1 sec in a fight is ALL the difference .. it´s the difference of either succesfull detonation or the LA getting shot and his attempt and nanites wasted ..

    doesn´t sound like you go into a scenario were you have to support allied vehicles then .. also tankmines are always planted on prep anyway ..
    and of course not everyone of us is a skilled player weither that is being aware of your soroundings or a good shot ..
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  3. LodeTria

    It's not aircraft's fault there is no reason to fight in the fields. It's the way the game is designed. Tanks are supposed to rule the fields, but the fields have no value, so tanks are valueless. The only points of value in the territory game of seversmash is the things that let you capture territory, and none of those exist outside of bases. Even if we removed air vehicles from SS, people would just wraith-flash around anyone stupid enough to pull armour.

    Tanks have no place in serversmash. Don't try and pretend they do.
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  4. LordKrelas

    It's not infantry's fault there that they wish to not be roadkill for every vehicle that goes by.
    Aircraft's firepower & agility, paired with AA's ineffective nature is how Tanks are rendered null by aircraft.

    If armored tanks could capture every point like Infantry, you'd have no reason to ever use infantry.
    Even if free, a Tank holding a point is far stronger than any infantryman doing it.
    It's why a vehicle zerg lives, but a footzerg dies.

    This entire argument is about why Infantry are not better than tanks.
    And that Serversmash's lack of tanks is due to the situation serversmash makes, with Aircraft & safeguards.
    As that was your Entire argument for why Infantry are better than Tanks, due to serversmash's very specific cases.
  5. LodeTria

    Infantry are better than tanks, in server smash, like the original text I quoted. Field fights do not happen in SS, so tanks are plop & have no value in server smash. You're the one who asked if SS has field fights or sieges & suggest that tanks are good there, but that situation doesn't happen in ss because the fields between bases have no value in the territory game.

    If you want to argue that server-smash is an edge case, and live play shouldn't be balanced around it, then fine I agree with you. SS is far more co-ordinated and even balanced better by the nature of balanced teams than live play ever will be.

    Instead of constantly nerfing vehicles the past 5 years of game development we should have been giving them things outside of bases to do, even if it was a single capture point in the hex to help in attacking or defending a base. Hell you could have a unique "base" that is just a capture point in the middle of nowhere that opens up new lattice links that were not there before.

    But do not try to imply tanks have ever had a place in SS. They was always useless due to game design in SS.
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  6. LordKrelas

    AP Tank was the go-to tank.
    HE was just for farming infantry.
    Any non AP Tank was Fodder to other tanks with AP.

    What possible buff to tanks could change that?
    Making AI weapons instantly delete infantry?

    They have lots to work to do.
    But making AV not the best-possible-weapons for Tanks was a grand start.
    (also we have new bio lab that has vehicle capture points, with no cover at all.)
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  7. adamts01

    Tanks can take part in big battles, while air often can't. Especially in big open areas around Indar and big fights at any tower. Air only survives when it can limit its exposure, so big fights around half the bases are off limits if there's any AA pulled, especially spawnroom maxes and Striker HAs.
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  8. Pelojian

    i don't see how it is better now, AP may have been popular but it wasn't objectively best, you couldn't for example use it for splash damage, now HE is objectively best, good damage vs armor and infantry +splash for infantry in cover only downside is lower velocity then AP which you can train yourself easily to account for, now that the only viable choice is HE.

    HE may have gotten stronger, but they watered down the game a little bit more now that there is no thought process of "should i go AP/HEAT/HE" for any tankers that are experienced, now it's "run HE all the time, AP/HEAT sux"
  9. CMDante

    They nurf prowler because it's a vehicle and they wanted to make vehicles other than fighters suck.
  10. MonnyMoony

    It's not just the Prowler - AV weapons across all factions (including NS and base turrets) got a pass that rendered them less effective against infantry.
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  11. Humoreske

    Not only prow. vang shield has been nerfed and lost the advantage of ballistic of AP.
    Current vanguard is subtle in every range.
  12. LordKrelas

    The Top-Guns.
    They may have removed some of the choice in cannons, for some people.
    But at least the Top-Guns are not AI for farming, AV for everyone else.
    Not to mention, AI weapons are no longer useless against Armor...
    While AV was one-shotting infantry, and killing tanks.

    That's how it's better.
    It needs work, but it's not AV or Go home.
  13. rawdev

    This is what happens when you have someone designing video games that have no idea what they're doing...
  14. Pikachu

    They want weapon variety. Previous AP cannons were too versatile. Too little reason to use HE, which could not be buffed because that would be too powerful against infantry.
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  15. CMDante

    Well now AP cannons are crap and HE are the meta. So once again, DBG has no idea what they're trying to do.
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  16. rawdev

    The fact that the devs are focusing on balancing (and re-balancing) weapons rather than focusing on the core mechanics (which still aren't complete yet since the spawn system still doesn't take into account the alert triggering faction) says something...
  17. JibbaJabba

    Hey just my opinion:

    A *direct* body shot from any of the 3 cannons should be able to one-shot kill any non-max infantry at any range. It's a high skill shot, particularly when the recipient is actively trying to avoid it. Reward the player.

    HESH should be able to kill on near misses, cause "Medic help!" damage on far misses.
    HEAT should cause "Medic help!" damage on near misses, chip damage on far misses.
    AP should cause chip damage on near misses. Nothing on far misses.

    I have other opinions on C4, anti-tank infantry, sniper, and anti-material rifles, but that's a different discussion.
  18. JibbaJabba

    *** Flak, and other factors should be able to mitigate death from near misses. Direct shots though: You die. It's a tank shell. What do you think it's going to just mushroom against your bullet proof vest?
  19. Pikachu

    In a game with arbitrary damage rules all over the place, yes.
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  20. Drsexxytime

    It's not a VS vehicle, it's not a magrider. It's not supposed to be good. Only VS can have best everything. This is something that hasn't changed since launch, and apparently, it's still prevalent to this day.

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