Why Engineers don't get a special ability?

Discussion in 'Engineer' started by CommanderShwan, Nov 28, 2012.

  1. CommanderShwan

    I know Smed or whoever said engineers don't get a nifty F power because we're supposed to be super utility types.

    So why don't we at least get 2 utility slots instead of 1 at the very least? It sucks having to give up my nifty tools if I'm in squad leader position and need the beacon or something. How about letting us replace our ACE tool with mines or something, or lets our ACE tool swap through our mines and C4 in addition to the ammo box?
  2. Goats

    Additional customization like you mention would be nice, but you should know that the beacons no longer take up a slot on your loadout.
  3. Sienihemmo

    Well you can press B while holding the ACE tool to switch the turret into another ammo pack, so feel free to replace the actual ammopack slot with something else like mines or C4. And like Goats said, the spawn beacon doesn't take up an inventory slot anymore (it's automatically added in to an additional slot when you're a squad leader). Though, the ammopack stuff with the turret might be changed or removed alltogether (because it feels like a forgotten/unintended feature) but so far it's still usable like that.

    As far as the special ability goes, I think the turret(s) are supposed to be that. I've heard talk about the devs adding more different turrets when they get to them, like anti-vehicle turrets and whatnot. But for the time being, we'll just have to deal with the cards we've been dealt.
  4. Pandiano

    As for now I have turret, ammo resupply pack and anti peraonal mines out simultaneously.
    So I suppress people with a turret, bobby trap a generator room and support our snipers and rocketbunnys. How much utility do we need more?
  5. Ghostfox

    Pretty sure the ACE box is intended. They want Engineers to have flexibility but if you require them to use the utility for ammo boxes, which is what will happen without the ACE box, then you kill all flexibility that the engineer might have.
  6. Imps

    ...Engineers can do so damn much, I don't even know what the **** you're talking about. You do know that your turret can dispense ammo...right? Pro Tip: press b when you're in turret dispense mode (le gasp) There ya go, now that you know, you can have all that flexibility you thought you were lacking.
  7. Pyros

    Could just make the turret ammo box B thing into F instead, so people actually find out without reading the forums. Also less annoying to drop this way, slightly.
  8. Satex

    Do it SoE... bloody hell do it!!!
  9. DeadlyShoe

    Hopefully they intend to rework the ACE tool to have an interface to create any number of things.
  10. SmileyBomb

    Having a deployable turret is a pretty special ability in my eyes. I mean, where the **** did that engi just pull that big *** turret from! Maybe it's just a decoy hologram! phwap, phwap, woosh, phwap, woosh, woosh, scream... music... Definitely not a hologram.
  11. Nathaniak

    Maybe it's repairing?
  12. SmileyBomb

    Naa...repairing is akin to medics healing gun and infiltrators sensor dots. Now if you could repair things while holding your gun, that would be useful... not realistic, but hey - infiltrators hack with their toes apparently (and turn invisible to put their boots back on).
  13. Mustard Jar

    Engineers only have a spray-pray carbine, pistol, unlimited ammo, ammoless turret, and repair gun. They're so useless. If they had something where if I press F, a magrider instantly spawns in front of me, MAYBE i'll consider playing scrubgineer.
  14. Beltway

    Alright I am going to be a total geek here, and I hope developers see this post because I think it's a pretty sound idea.

    As an Engineer, I have ALWAYS wanted to be able to put down a a shield generated barricade. Here is an example in sand bag form.


    Hopefully the devs like the idea and give me a finders fee. This idea is officially patent by me! I think it would be an excellent tactical addition to the game. Of course to stop abuse it would be able to be a perishable deployable item. Make it take up the mana turret slot to keep things fair. I would say make it two times as durable as the mana turret currently is with a weak point behind the shield.

    Friendly's would be able to duck behind the shield, heal, reload, etc in open fields and not be so exposed to enemy fire. I dunno I think it's a great idea. It would help with the lack of base defense options we currently have and would give ground troops a better chance at fighting against vehicle zergs.
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  15. Goats

    YES. There was a locked cert for something like this in early beta, but it got taken out pretty quickly (early-mid September, I think). I definitely think a deployable shield could be very useful, and I actually have been planning on making a thread this weekend about deployables in general, but it might be best to make an individual thread for each one. Deployable shields would be very, very nice, and there's a lot you can do with them.
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  16. Beltway

    Where they? I didnt get into beta until late October, but I remember seeing a few things under the "Ace Tools" but didn't pay too much attention to it.
  17. FallowField

    Also keep in mind that engineers make the best pilots/drivers of any vehicle (with the possible exception of Light Assault being able to bail out of an airship). If you're an engineer you can just pop out to start repairing your vehicle if it gets damaged.

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