Why don't you just remove TR faction? ..

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by GiorgyGR, Aug 28, 2019.

  1. GiorgyGR

    All these years (and about 12k hours ingame on various chars) i m seeing EVERY TR feature
    gets stomped to the ground.
    MOST NOISEY KNIFE? (chainblade)

    ..and the last update puts another nail to the coffin.
    Are VS and NC only crying on these forums?
    Seriously just delete this faction to be done with...
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  2. Blam320

    There's a number of things that I really, really want to say...

    But I'll let others do that for me.
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  3. LordKrelas

    When did you play TR?

    When has the Prowler been beaten? It hasn't lost anything, in years.
    It got cheated on the new Upgrade option, but NC got screwed in the PTS - and still screwed when it went live.

    MAXes? Nothing about the TR max has changed, NC literally just had their entire weapons branch slammed.

    What in the dark abyss is wrong with the Striker, the best Infantry-level Anti-aircraft weapon in the game?

    What, are you smoking?
  4. GiorgyGR

    Oh please enlighten me!!
    The number of playtime hours i have are BOTH on 3 factions so i know from 1st hand
    every weapon&ability of classes/vehicles on EVERY faction..

    Are you coming from another dimension or what?
    What exactly is the latest feature added to it? (because i haven't got the time to field test it)
    What it seems though is deploying this..*new overshield just makes its hitbox from tank->mountain-like
    hitbox-with an 20% increase to hitpoints??(what's that 1-2 AP shots??)
    Prowler has being nerfed hard twice as i can remember with the last one on latest update.

    MAXes? ..
    NO other MAX can 1v1 the NC MAX...
    and the only thing nerfed is the mattock ok..

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  5. Skraggz

    I assume your crying about striker range? As it's the best frl to deal with a2g, even after nerfs. Just because you cant lob strikers at an anomaly from 800+ m or 2 bases away doesnt mean its weak.
  6. ZDarkShadowsZ

    Having a new ability, however good/bad it is, isn't a 'nerf', it's an option. People can choose to use it or not.
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  7. AllRoundGoodGuy

    Pretty sure the numbers have been done, the NC max loses at all ranges in a 1v1.
  8. GiorgyGR

    I don't know about numbers (and i m talking for AI CQC options)
    what i know is whenever an NC max appears in the room..dead bodies litter the place-including OTHER AI MAX'es.

    If you wanna talk about MAX AV options..ok the VS have the decent Comet but who can say otherwise
    about the Raven?
    TR Fracture? just a joke ( a bad and cold one)
  9. AllRoundGoodGuy

    Ask @Liewec for the numbers, I'm to lazy to get them myself, but from what I can recall the tr long range AI option is actually better then the nc close range AI option. As for the AV options, I'm not sure, someone else with more knowledge would have to answer that one.
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  10. Liewec123

    for fractures to be effective at range you pretty much need Lockdown,
    also fire them at the same time, if you fire them one at a time the wobble is too much for ranged accuracy.

    i'd agree though that currently NC max probably has the best AV in ravens, they're so easy to use and have pretty long range.

    i used to love Pounders before DBG gutted their reserve ammo, and before CAI nerfed their splash,
    i could snipe vehicles from so far away with them and also obliterate infantry in cqc,
    it was like dual wielding furys XD
    they suck now though.

    for the CQC AI, you're thinking oldschool, yep NC used to dominate CQC and pay for it with every other stat.
    now though, NC max deals similar cqc DPS to the other two. (but still pays for it with every other stat...)
  11. GiorgyGR

    Listen what you re saying guys.
    "Lockdown to be effective" in a game where everything dies if it stays still 0.1 second more than he should
    -considering the Decimators/Archers/Tank shells/AV-frag grenades/Small arms rain...EVERYONE smacks the other
    prior to get the max kill :D

    On the other hand (because the conversation turned mostly on NC/TR comparison so far..)
    MAX's they CAN strafe AND use shield on danger (which i love myself whenever playing NC)

    See any difference?? :D

    and btw i m not just a "stubborn" on this one..but seriously you got an NC MAX vs a TR MAX
    in 5 meters (even with lockdown and BOTH maxes A.I. loadout-full health) ..and TR max won?
    I..........haven't noticed such a thing as i recall..
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  12. OneShadowWarrior

    Hilarious, I said it in the past that TR should be disbanded and their weapons become main pool for the other empires to use.

    What was once my favorite empire is now my least favorite for so many reasons, once they did the LMG updates, it was pretty much over.

    I prefer to usually play NC or VS these days.
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  13. JumpRopeJ

    TR faction better than NC becuz NC cant shoot as fast... this common knowledge.. you know this but dont say it... everybody know this... nc has worst guns so we lose most alerts... just look at aert stats
  14. Sobek

    TR is best faction. fast shooters mean more kills. VS has bad cosmetic make it hard to see so more teamkilling and they like to disco party at warpgate. wasting time and not winning alert... you must not play very much
  15. LordKrelas

    There are now two additional threads, in this same style.
    With the same complete lack of rational argument.

    As gods knows if they're serious or being sarcastic.
  16. GiorgyGR

    @ LordKrelas .
    .you re a smart guy..figure it out-won't be hard

    @ JumpRopeJ
    What should i need the magazine capacity and RPM when i have the greatest "Inconsistent" recoil of all?

    @ Sobek
    You ARE trolling right?
    The faction with "natural" night camo.
    Cosmetics?? ...what!?..ok

    Seriously i m dissapointed seeing people trying to undermine a *legit thread.

    Makes someone to wonder on which voices are heard and ruling these forums.

    I said what i HAD to say and proggressivelly i ll withdraw from this thread..
    If there are other players who share the same "troublesome thoughts" as i do..
    ..please MAKE the effort to post an opinion instead of lurking
  17. DarkStarAnubis

    TR infantry weapons are very good in general and are the best CQC/bullet hoses of each faction. Very good LMGs, ARs and Carbines, while the Repeater is the best panic/"oh-no-I-am-reloading" semi auto pistol available.

    The new Doku carbine, the Kindred, is possibly the best carbine available: extremely powerful, good fire rate, easy to control. It works well in every situation, so it beats in flexibiliy dedicated long and short range alternatives.

    What is exactly wrong with the Striker? Again, it is the best Empire Specific launcher: it provides no lock-on warning and the rockets are extremely fast so you can engage without problems either ground or air targets.

    The other ES launchers are either close to useless (Lancer) or a meme/spawnroom only weapon (Phoenix).

    I play in all factions: if there is a faction with overall undererforming weapons, it is Vanu (with some shiny exception like the Orion or the Pulsar C).

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