Why don't ps4 players get construction

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Twerllewr, Feb 13, 2020.

  1. Twerllewr

    We have the ant on ps4 but where's construction. I really want construction so I can play with new things.


    I do not know
  2. Badman76

    The only use the ant has at them moment is running people over whilst being cloaked
  3. JobiWan

    They couldn't make it work without affecting performance too badly.
  4. Twerllewr

    Good point
  5. Twerllewr

    but they said Thell add light construction
  6. Twerllewr

    Agreed I do not know how many times quite stupid ant with cloak that had ran over me and my squad
  7. JobiWan

    They have said on recent streams that they hope to bring construction to PS4 eventually.
  8. Marik

    There was once an answer from Andy on Twitter where he said that the escalation update is coming to the PS4. Along with the construction update. He wrote that it might take some time, because the effort for the construction update on the PS4 is very big.
    But unfortunately this answer does not exist anymore.

    But I hope Escalation gets to PS4.


    Es gab mal eine Antwort von Andy über Twitter, wo er sagte dass das Escalation-Update auf auf die PS4 kommt. Zusammen mit dem Konstruktionupdate. Er schrieb das es auch etwas dauern könnte, da der Aufwand für das Konstruktionsupdate auf der PS4 sehr groß ist.
    Aber leider existriert dieses Antwort nicht mehr.

    Aber ich Hoffe Escalation kommt auf die PS4.
  9. Twin Suns

    LOL. Keep dreaming.

    rPG won't be doing anything for their PSN customers, except to keep stringing them along. PSN customers asked them several times during their live streams about what's coming to the PSN side and all we get is the run around.

    Now that I've witnessed rPG's track record with its PSN customers. I'll never buy/support a rPG product on my console again.


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