Why Are Logistics Being Eradicated Instead Of Embraced?

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  1. iccle

    The semantics really are not worth getting bogged down in, yes teleportation broadly (if rather simply) fits in with movement of troops but that is not the issue. The issue with teleportation is that it is risk free and with the exception of spawn beacon it is uninterruptible, it is the uninterruptable and risk free part that makes teleportation a bad thing for a FPS game, it literally makes 90% of the terrain useless since its teleported over which is exactly contrary to the original launch goal for the game of "fight for every inch" in teleportation there is no fight and you do not pass through any inches.
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  2. Axehilt

    Yeah, my very first response said basically that. We don't have to lie about what logistics is. We can simultaneously admit that transporters are a form of logistics (which they are) and transporters are bad for gameplay (which they are.)
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  3. ColonelChingles

    Compared to whatever previous iteration of technology there was, any evolution in transport technology indeed was "magical" and allowed a much broader range at a much faster pace than before.

    Transporter technology was preceded by FTL spaceship technology, which can send a spaceship, a full compliment of crew and passengers, and various supplies over a distance of 4 billion miles in less than a second. The difference between that and teleporting instantaneously over 40km is really nothing.

    That's what you're missing out on... transporter technology is an incremental evolution of technology that will be proceeded by things that are almost as fast. Hence an evolution of military logistics, not a break.

    As frequently explained to you, teleporters have real costs to them (energy, personnel, parts) as well as a risk (can be intercepted, can be shielded against, can fail in ways which destroy what is being transported).
  4. MrJengles


    I would say something about derailing the thread to a Star Trek and semantics discussion...

    But you're all keeping my thread high :D
  5. MrJengles

    Jully - Spawning Adjustments

    SOE continues their gradual trend to less logistics.
  6. Rift23

    If you're not into meta-gaming, EVE is boring as hell.
  7. NC supporter

    Much wow, this thread is still alive! Abort thread, the innovation train doesn't stop for nobody.
  8. dasichri

    Why? Because people don't want to deal with logistics and transportation and just get right into the fight.

    The moment any work is involved in a game it stops being fun for many people, even if the end goal of this work is to win in the game. It's still too much of a hassle it seems.

    That much is evident by 75% of the design decisions put into this game.

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