Which is heavier? AP or AA mine

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  1. TheFlamingLemon

    Simple. It's harder to strap AI mines to oneself in such a way that they will not detonate, so the number a person can strap is more limited. AT mines won't detonate on a person, so they're much easier to carry.
  2. Mezinov

    It could actually be reasonably added as a Sunderer Utility slot option - which compared to the Sunderers other slots, doesn't exactly have many choices.

    Sunderer Utility Slot
    Barrage Balloon
    When deployed the Sunderer releases a small dirigible connected via hard light cables to an altitude of 150 to 300 meters, providing a deadly obstacle to aircraft.
    50 Certs - Level 1 - Adds Barrage Balloon to Sunderer with sufficient hard light power to rise to 150 meters.
    100 Certs - Level 2 - Adds additional cabling capacitors, allowing dirigible to rise to 200 meters. Reinforces dirigible increasing dirigible resistance to all damage by 6%.
    200 Certs - Level 3 - Adds additional cabling capacitors, allowing dirigible to rise to 250 meters. Reinforces dirigible increasing dirigible resistance to all damage by 9%.
    1000 Certs - Level 4 - Adds additional cabling capacitors, allowing dirigible to rise to 300 meters. Reinforces dirigible increasing dirigible resistance to all damage by 12%.

    Dirigible would have health equivalent to a flash. When destroyed, ability has a cooldown (60 seconds), and will relaunch after cooldown if deployed. Elsewise, will launch once cooldown is finished and vehicle is deployed again.

    Dirigibles inherit defense slot bonuses from the Sunderer. Cables do not (only relevant to cloak).

    Dirigibles connected via two cables in line with the central axis of the Sunderer, sufficient in size to link them all with one sections over-reach on the front and rear. Dirigible should be roughly 75% total size of Sunderer, and cables spaced so that a Mosquito (thinnest aircraft) can not pass between them without clipping one wing.

    Cables are immune to damage/ram damage (hard light) and glow the faction hard light color (yellow, teal, red). Diameter roughly equivalent to Spawn Beacons beams widest point.

    Cables allow friendlies to pass through. Solid to enemies.

    Dirigibles are regular entities that can be shot, rammed, ecetera.

    And there you have it. A utility for the Sunderer that adds a WW2 era anti-air countermeasure. Aircraft would interact with it like they do trees, so it only either makes them lose control - or if they are unlucky - whirl around it until they smash back into it fast enough to die. Passively protects an area from low flying aircraft at the cost of putting a giant neon sign above your Sunderer.

    Aircraft can counter play by shooting down the balloon, or flying above the dirigible ranges.

    Allows the utility slot choice to synergize with the defense slot choice. Blockade armor would make it more durable, but at the cost of cloak or shield. Shield would extend a shield to it, making it more durable, but at the cost of exposing your shield to fire from sources that may not have line of sight to sunderer but to balloon. Cloak hides the balloon (less likely to be shot down by enemies in the area), but at the cost of having hardlight arrows showing exactly where you Sunderer is. So on and such forth.

    Sunderer no-deploy zones, both on bases and on Sunderers, automatically limit where and how many balloons can be deployed in an area. Making it possible to coordinate comprehensive low-level coverage, but not complete low-level coverage.

    Anti-Aircraft mines that do not interfere in any way with Aircraft on Aircraft violence.

    Weaponized tree mechanics.

    I quite like the fleshed out idea myself.
  3. DirArtillerySupport

    From the day you start playing Planetside to the day you finish you are given free reign over 5 AT mines and 3 AP mines....whether you want them or not. How soon you start putting out all 8 is completely up to you but in the end...you will put them out...oh yes.
  4. stalkish

    Once you spend the 3100 certs of course ;)
  5. Jake the Dog

    Ever created a mine field with your friends? Try getting your zerg across an open field with 30+ mines scattered around it with 4+ MBTs shelling your advance. Take the extra mine lol
  6. Hammerlock

    yeah sure
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  7. Jake the Dog

    Well planned traps in planetside that go as planned are beautiful things. Which is funny when a zerg tries to go up from howling pass and meets 3 deployed prowlers with 30 mines between them and us, tis glorious.
  8. Jawarisin

    AP is walmart-made. They are less compact, heavier and don't work as well.
  9. DirArtillerySupport

    It is dumb...I don't even use C4. :mad:
  10. Taemien

    Because -I- am not allowed to carry 5 Claymores on my Engineer.

    Do you know the sort of BS I could cause with that? I'd love it.. but there'd be too many tears on these forums.