What's up with ADS recoil on shotguns?

Discussion in 'Engineer' started by Cirevam, Mar 8, 2013.

  1. Cirevam

    Fellow Engineers,

    I'm mostly posting this here because Gameplay Discussion is filled with whining and heathens. I know this topic will be seen if I post it here. Over the past few days I noticed that the recoil pattern on my Sweeper has changed when I'm aiming with a 2x reflex sight. I noticed it when using slugs but I guess it works the same for buckshot. Before the flinch mechanics were changed the recoil went straight up, then straight down. Simple. Now it goes up and to the left, follows down, then to the right to make a full circle.

    This is really disorienting and it's throwing off my ability to track targets at range. The slugs still hit where I aim them so the first shot is fine, but my view is thrown around immediately after. This is remedied with the IRNV scope which behaves as it always did (straight up and down) but then my effective range is 50-100 meters depending on the environment. I probably shouldn't be using slugs much farther than that but it's really annoying.

    I did take a quick in-game video to show you guys what I meant but the recording either got corrupted or I did something stupid to botch it. Once we get VR training it will be easy for anyone to see but I ask any shotgun-wielding engineers to let me know if this is just me or if it's actually a problem. I haven't seen any other topics about it.
  2. Xebov

    I use a Thanatos with Slugs and 4x Scope. My recoil pattern is straight up, straight down and a little bit up. I didnt notice any changes.
  3. Gopblin

    I use Nova with 4x and slugs. Don't see any changes either.

    Best wishes,
  4. Cirevam

    I guess I'm going to need a new scope. Thanks for the input.
  5. Umrtvovacz

    I am using a Sweeper with 4x scope and the recoil pattern has definitely changed. It is now nearly impossible to hit fast twice in a row, but the recoil itself is shorter, so you are able to shoot next shot slightly faster. It's about getting used to it. I am waiting for VR and second pump action shotgun to see whether they are better for sniping nowadays.