Whats the best Mid range rifle?

Discussion in 'Infiltrator' started by sgtpwasy, Nov 23, 2012.

  1. sgtpwasy

    Hi guys,

    love the infiltrator class, i have a few bolt action rifles but i have since found a new love for sneaking into enemy lines and disrupting them! Im looking for something with a higher rate of fire for close/mid range. I dont really have a budget as i can seemingly afford most guns. Can anyone suggest a more rapid fire gun for close range? :D
  2. Kalocin

    I'd aim for the scout rifles if you want to get in closer...They're faster, have decent range, and allow you to ADS without zooming 6x in. (Not sure but I think you can get a 2-4x scope for it as well)
  3. sgtpwasy

    scout rifle with 4* scope foregrip and suppressor? I like the idea of supressed as it makes sense for an infiltrator. But my main concern would be the dmg reduction for fast putdowns...
  4. Trysaeder

    How close? Are you thinking of carbine style close or assault rifle close, or do you just want lower powered scopes?
    There should be two scout rifles for your race, one full auto and the other semi auto.
    The SMGs are the HSR-1 for TR, Stalker for NC, and Artemis for VS.
    The DMRs are the SOAS-20 for TR, Shadow for NC, and Nyx for VS.

    There are three categories for the bolt action rifles, short range, standard and long range. The short ranged one has the fastest reload at 3.15 seconds, medium rechamber time at 1.35 seconds, slower bullet velocity at 500m/s and can equip low powered scopes up to the 4x (but still has scope sway even with iron sights).

    Equipping a silencer onto any bolt action rifle should not take away its one shot head-shot capabilities, but it will reduce the bullet velocity and increase bullet drop.
  5. sgtpwasy

    well put it this way, i will usually be close enough to dispatch them via pistol...Im VS so i was thinking SMG supressed with a 4* ??
  6. ThElement078

    Try the semi-auto scout rifle, their basically semi-auto sniper rifles with reflex sights, and if caught by surprise (ONLY BY SURPRISE OR MID-LONG RANGE) It could devastate emeies. They still need a buff to RAte of fire though, they feel like pump-actions, DON'T GET THE FULL AUTO SCOUT RIFLES, they don't have enough ammo to do ****l Unload a whole mag and you won't even kill the enemy, way too fast a ROF for such a small magazine.
  7. Trysaeder

    Don't use the 4x then, just equip a reflex and silencer on the PDW (Artemis) and have fun. With a 20 round clip, any range longer than what the reflex is used for will see you miss too many shots to be able to finish them off.
  8. CaptainRobust

    I've been getting a kick out of using the TR's mid-range bolt action. Getting headshots with it even while under fire is painfully easy.
  9. gunshooter

    20 bullets is enough to kill every class in 1 mag unless you miss a lot.