What mouse sensitivity do you all use?

Discussion in 'Infiltrator' started by Hiding in VR, Jan 18, 2014.

  1. Hiding in VR

    Planetside noob here, intent on learning all the classes and I was wondering how you guys would recommend setting your various mouse sensitivites?
  2. M2_Bradley

  3. McToast


    I have a 36x44cm mousepad (~size of a 4:3 19" monitor). If I pull my mouse from one side to the other I do a 360° turn. So placing the mouse in the middle lets me do a 180° turn without lifting my mouse. I would turn the sensivity as low as possible, making your aim more precise.

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  4. Predator01cz

    I use
    X:1600 DPI
    Y:2000 DPI for normal gameplay

    when gunning Vehicles I switch to
    X:1600 DPI
    Y:1600 DPI

    I find these the most convenient for playing Planetside, although I play Unreal Tournament 3 on 900x900DPI and Skyrim on 3000x3000DPI

    Just play a little with your DPI until you find the value that suits you the best for your game.
  5. Astraka

    Not PS2, but it is still very applicable.
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  6. Amarsir

    I'd been slowly lowering since I started in September, but reached the limits of my desk space. For Christmas I got a bigger mousepad and a higher dpi mouse, so I've been creeping it down. I'd say I'm probably about comparable to what you'd get from a 0.17 on most normal mice. And I plan to keep going lower as my instinct adjusts.

    When you only have a split second it's much easier to move your hand an extra inch for big turns than to try to fine-tune a headshot at a fraction of a millimeter. If you find you're overturning when the fight is on and your accuracy sucks as a result, lower your sensitivity a bit. Train your hand to move more and your accuracy will improve. Mine has.

    (This is for normal sensitivity. For scoped or vehicles other rules apply.)
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  7. CuteBeaver

    Due to desk space I have a very tiny surface to work with. Iv had to crank it up to compensate. You have to pick what works best for you. Also don't be afraid to adjust as time goes on and you improve. Check this tutorial out.

  8. BloodyPuma

    At work - very "fancy expensive antique" desk - result - 8 cm of space for mouse movement.
    As I travel and I do it a lot - i put something on my knee - circa the same space as above before quadriceps starts another head and hard surface loose stability.
    At home - nearly no time.

    So im sniping:

    ingame 65 sensitivity,
    ouroboros 3000 dpi
    zero accel, middle setting in windows, double raw input [soft? and hard?], mouse seetings scaled to my win dpi.

    My wrist is a mess after sport accident years ago so dont by angry if you try above setting and absolutely hate it ;)
  9. Nocturn0l

    800 dpi, 0.5 sensitivity, 6/11 setting in windows, no accel.
    Keeps it consistent in every game i play. Might not have the precision of you low sensers but gives me faster reaction times and hitboxes are big enough for my aim to still be reliable.
  10. Lakora

    0.0 ingame sensitivity. 3400 dpi, 2/11 Windows speed, no acceleration.
  11. Noppa

    0.18 in game settings, no acceleration and a 1200dpi(i quess), anyway takes around 40cm to make 360 degrees.. so not superslow like it used to be on CS times.
  12. Jawarisin

    0.24 6400 DPI
    1000 Polling Rate mouse
    6/11 Windows ~ No acceleration anywhere Whatsoever.

    And hekk, I would downvote the comment of the guy saying that lower is better. Faster is better, you'll get used to it. I'm a slowpoke and I don't like it too fast. I also hate to die when I know if I just fix this little bar, I could aim a billion times better.

    As a measure, I do this for any game, I just twist my wrist in a not-precise fashion. I expect it to do roughly a 1/4 turn (90 degree). It's more a feeling of a 90 degree turn than calculating 1 cm or whatever.

    To each his own I guess. If you want to become competitive, make sure you can at least make 180 degree turn at will and fast. That will enable you to look anywhere at anytime.
  13. Hiding in VR

    Thanks for all the feedback. I think the first thing I need to do is make some more mouse space and tidy my desk ;)
  14. Nakar

    And here I thought I was the only one! I can't stand going above 800dpi, and I actually have main sensitivity at 0.55 and everything else at 0.5. 6/11 in Windows with no acceleration, same as you. Never had any real difficulty scoring headshots; if you have that much time to be precise, you're spending too much time aiming. I value being able to turn incredibly quickly with very small mouse movements too.
  15. Doc Jim

    Windows mouse settings middle (6/11?).
    Ingame sensitivity 65%.
    And I think the mouse has 800 dpi.

    It's excrement for using the AV MANA turret at long ranges though.
  16. Jawarisin

  17. Nephi1im

    With gaming mouses (mice?) being every DPI under the sun, it's going to depend a lot on your mouse specifically. Mine has the little on the fly toggle buttons, so depending on the situation I go faster or slower. I think 90% of the time while infantry I have it on the standard setting at .5 in game though.
  18. Imposer

    I just got a new mouse, the Razer Taipan. So right now I play with 0.3 hip, 0.2ish ads with 8200 dpi. My mouse pad is a bit sticky so when the sensitivity's too high it's hard to be precise, so once I get a new one I'll probably turn it up a bit. When I'm in a tank or something I may turn it down to 6400 or 4000 dpi.
  19. Nocturn0l

    Holy moly 8200 dpi? What are your windows settings?

    You know that more dpi doesn't make your mouse more accurate when you have to decrease your sensitivity below 0.5 for it to be not too sensitiv? Infact it can decrease your accuracy because the signal has to be processed to emulate a lower dpi setting. With a setting lower than 0.5 your mouse is sending more signals than needed, so some have to be left out in order for your pointer to move to the next pixel and since your mouse signals can not be divided to a real number, this can lead to a jumpy movement.

    That's why i'm running 0.5 on everything, no processing, but i still have per pixel accuracy, which is the highest one can get.
  20. Pizzasaurus

    Sensitivity value is not that important as long as it is feels comfortable to you and you are using same value in every FPS game.

    btw I play with 400 dpi, 1000 polling rate

    Use this site to set your mouse sensitivity to same value in every fps game. Also google how to turn off windows mouse aceleration forever.