What is your current goal ingame?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Gustavo M, Sep 18, 2018.

  1. Gustavo M

    Right now I'm trying to "unfucc" my Hailstorm stats, by trying to reach (at least) 50% HSR with it. How about you?
  2. JibbaJabba

    #1 Goal is to sneak in the back of some platoon unnoticed then go around doing the killing but not really worrying about an objective.

    This goal always fails.

    I get noticed, looped into squad lead, then looped into platoon lead, and then my new goal becomes saving the !#@$ continent.

    This is why veterans quit.
  3. TR5L4Y3R

    i currently have no goal as i´m not satisfied with how contruction is at the moment ..

    otherwise TR would have been to max out my HA and a fun loadout with chaingun
    VS would have been LA
    and NC is more or less done with engineer as i am not playing much NC over the last few months

    if esf controls weren´t as sh itty as they are i would have maxed it for a AV and AA loadout

    yet the current biggest problem i face is the game crashes after 5 to 10 minutes over and over .. which means i can´t play the game at the moment hence i can´t get to finish any of my goals ATM ..

    guess i gotta wait till i get a completely new rig ..
  4. MuggieWara

    Directives mostly.And Banshee/Lolpod farming when they mess up my stats too much.

    Looking forward to the feeling of freedom to do anything i want ingame ill get after ive Auraxiumed my Infil/Explosives/HA(probably)/Assault Rifles/SMGs and some other minor stuff to reach 3000 account wide directive score.(sad in a way i know :(:p)

    Nevertheless,when the Alert bell rings,I always try to combine my directive goals with the best way to help my faction.
  5. DarkStarAnubis

    Getting better.

    And since I am not that good, it is a very long term goal :).

    Learning to read better the battle, to predict where the enemy will come from, to flank, but also to burst fire, to move unpredictably, to remain cool in dire straits, to aim for the head, to be a good medic or a good engineer, to use the recon darts... So many things where one could improve and I am talking only about pure infantry play, not even being a Max.
  6. Demigan

    On NC: aurax the Gladius, the last LA weapon I could buy with certs that I hadnt auraxed yet. Also sloooowly aurax my frags or bouncing betties to get Arx C4. I've also started on the ant which is a farmvehicle with it's Kobalt and scout radar.

    On VS+TR: mostly I play with a friend, one certs the MBT the other the Harasser. Just trying to have fun.
  7. DatBoi

    Aurax all sidearms (minus the crossbow(s) and joke weapons), and aurax all 200/~500 automatic primaries. Done most of the sidearms certs can buy and only have the A-Tross left for the 200 DMG primaries. Loosely following the AR directive as well.

    Been debating with myself over whether or not to aurax the MGR line of guns as well. Already done two of the three we currently have and I've got close to a gold medal on the Bishop, but I don't know if it would be worth it or not. To be honest I'm not very impressed with any of the three MGRs. I worry the next two will be just as disappointing.
  8. HippoCryties

    Probably one of my favourite auraxium medals ever, especially if u can headshot.
  9. HippoCryties

    Been going for the butcher on emerald (not cobalt since players aren’t as challenging to play against, also quite a few don’t speak English there)
    Trying to keep a 50% HSR on my carv to keep that beautiful S next to its stats!
  10. TobiMK

    HSR on an SMG is literally the most useless stat though, why do you care for it? Not that un****ing stats isn't something nice to do.
  11. Gustavo M

    How come?SMG's are much more challenging to achieve headshots compared to any other weapon -- it's no way useless nor lacks credibility for doing so. And hey, there's also the fact that Hailstorm is the worst SMG in the game -- which adds a extra natcho to it.
    Just want to redeem myself for the shotgun, AI mines, C4, sticky and tank kills I have "ruining" my profile.
    Honestly I'm also "trash", but eh. Someone has to feed the pros, I guess.
  12. Liewec123

    get 750 certs, buy implant pack, repeat.
    there are some funky ones that i want :)
  13. AlcyoneSerene

    Many ongoing goals in no particular order, but outstanding is my wish to play more TR and not just VS, but it's hard to do when I only know VS players, and when VS always needs help due to constant underpop.
  14. VeryCoolMiller

  15. TobiMK

    Well, if you're running 50% HSR on your SMG, you are most likely losing out on combat effectiveness, rather than gaining some. Deliberately tryharding HSR is often not particularly helpful. Accuracy is much more a stat that can be helpful. A solid 30-33% accuracy is far more valuable than a high HSR that comes at the cost of said accuracy.
  16. TobiMK

    Well, I didnt expect to find myself here. But yeah, that's my character and it's legit. Just spend an awfully large amount of time improving at the game, and there is still quite some room to improve even further. Though admittedly my gameplay has regressed a bit over the last year, since I found a spot where I'm rather comfortable with my skill and don't have to constantly tryhard anymore to keep said level.
  17. DatBoi

    I do hope you're joking, because that's very clearly not you.

    As always "pics or it didn't happen."
  18. Gustavo M

    50% HSR means that I'm dealing twice as much damage compared to someone who has 50% bodyshot accuracy. And that is no way a "combat effectiveness decrease".
  19. TobiMK

    Sorry what? I'm not sure what you are doubting here? I mean I can post a screenshot of my login screen tomorrow if you want, but I don't really see the point if I'm honest. I'd love to know what exactly makes you so sure this isn't me? Do you know me? Well, evidently you don't, but still...
  20. TobiMK

    HSR describes the amount of KILL SHOTS that also were headshots. It does not indicate how many individual bullets landed on the enemy's head. If you are overemphasising headshots, all you do is open yourself to missed shots that could've been landed in the body, instead of next to the head. If you can land literally all your bullets in the head (and not just the last one), you are one of the best players in the game.

    Accuracy is far more important in describing your shooting style, as it actually shows whether you hit your targets or not.