What is nanoweave good for now?

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  1. Iridar51

    Well I'll be damned...

    Nanoweave works with NMG. Meaning nanoweave does affect overshield.

    Just tested this by multiboxing on PTS: http://imgur.com/a/dC5O0

    I equpped Mauler with slugs (500 dmg) on my NC engi, and NMG on my TR. Activate the shield on TR and quickly switch to window with NC to shoot the TR, then switch back to TR to deactivate the shield and screenshot. You can see whether I have Nanoweave equipped in the chat window.

    This method of testing is not perfect, but you can clearly see that overshield takes less damage when Nanoweave is equipped.

    I have no idea why nobody else bothered to test this before, it's so easy. I just took on faith the common knowledge.

    Holy ****...

    We still have yet to figure out just how much energy the overshield has and what are the activation and upkeep costs are, but roughly it's 600-650 energy after activation. Meaning at least 1600 * 1.25 = 2000 effective HP. This is just disgusting.
  2. Imp C Bravo

    Like I said -- I never talked with outfit mates about it as we don't have HAs. But during the beta on PS4 I auraxed the HA and saw a huge survivability increase with the HA so when people started saying that NW didn't affect shield I was a tad confused. Thanks for testing this -- this is huge.
  3. Corezer

    I've been saying for a long time that nanoweave heavies had 2k hp to body, it's more than a bit ridiculous.
  4. Iridar51

    Up to 2125, apparently, according to Wrel, who says that NMG has 750 energy with 50 activation cost.

    So we get ( 1000 + 700 ) / 0.8 = 2125
  5. Crator

    True, that's why we have multiple load-out slots. To switch those abilities for the situation at hand.
  6. Corezer

    In beta it didn't, because nanoweave only gave extra HP, so if anything resist shield was effected but resist/asc was still the go to synergy.

    the nanoweave "nerf" broke heavy shield balance and it is starting to hit critical mass in terms of the number of players abusing the class, combined with terrain bugs that allow the class to negate LA, and server issues allowing more medkit tanking to negate medics, and max nerfs you break this game down like a traditional MMO.

    SMG Infil: lols at tank mines, weak to AI mines, weak to heavy unless they pop their cooldown (EMP) Has element of surprise due to radar monopoly/immunity

    Engineer: Uses tank mines and AV turret to be strong against vehicles and MAX, weak to heavy, also is pocket medic for max, throw ammo boxes

    AI MAX: lols at SMG infil. weak to tank mines, strong against AI mines, weak to engineer, weak to heavy.

    Heavy: strong against SMG infil w/o cooldown, neutral to AI max unless they pop their cooldown (shield), lols at Engineer.

    If a lot of people need revives, or there is a saturation of SMG Infils, medic and AI mine Engineer are situationally useful for min/maxing your chances to complete the dungeon (base)

    If you play any other class/spec, or a vehicle: Sit in the corner with the other PVE kids and wait until you are situationally useful with your hand up to get called on. situations for some kids to shine happen more than for others.