What does the other faction have that you want?

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  1. braytz

    sometimes i ask myself how it would be if vanny had an anchored mode.
    seriously: with the combo alpha damage + fastest projectile velocity and fire rate you can shred everything.

    (but i love my shield,but give me back my 3000 hp :mad:).
  2. Noktaj

    TR: Assault Rifles - especially TAR or TORQ
    NC: Assault Rifles - especially Carnage

    dear god, VS assault rifles do suck... :( i'd even use a carbine on my medic if I could... Serpent or Zenith... :confused:
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  3. Grumblefern

    I agree with this except that I find TR aren't that much better while not having any significant standouts at all, though I believe Lynx/TORQ are grossly overrated so there you go, that's why I'm VS now.
  4. SerasVic

    150 x 200 = 30 000

  5. DFDelta

    As TR:
    From VS - Lancer, Lasher
    From NC - Canister, Jackhammer

    As VS:
    From TR: Vulcan, MCG, Anchor Mode (both of them), TRAP
    From NC: Canister, Falcons, Jackhammer

    As NC:
    From TR: Vulcan, MCG, Anchor Mode (both of them), TRAP
    From VS: Lancer, Lasher
  6. SerasVic

    Anchor mode on my Vanguard ...

    :eek: *thinking about it*
  7. Disconsented

    Long Ranged AV
  8. VittorioPentiti

    Striker pls! funny and strong!
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  9. nehylen

    As a VS, damage per mag and the TR Repeater. Sometimes i also wish i had a certed ScatMAX to just get back at the opposition with more of the same.
  10. FieldMarshall

    NC 200 damage weapons, cyclone and the voice packs.
    VS reflex sights.
  11. BetterFasterStronger

    I'm vanu and I love tank-play, so my pick would be the vanguard.
    Not only are the stats amazing, the tank itself is badass looking.
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  12. Mauzeraut

    VS: Vanguard shield and/or vulcan on the Magrider(oh my GOD maybe not), MAX shotgun option, NC or TR noseguns, cyclone, Harasser vulcan. I like the vulcan.
    NC: Eidelon, lockdown, Pulsar C. That's pretty much it.
    TR: Lancer, Any of the other faction's AV MAX options in place of fractures, magburn on a prowler, Gauss Saw.
  13. Ikarius77

    Try to fight in competitive match against an organized nc force, simply impossible... it's huge superior AV range capabilities and perfect in all situations arsenal can win any fight, the only drawback in all entire NC it's AI MAX range cap.
  14. Covah

    Shotguns on my MAX.
    The lancer.
    The magrider / saron.
    The cyclone.
    And the Orion ofc.

    And ZOE....lolno
  15. Hosp

    Being NC I'd Like:

    TR; Trac-5, Pounders, Mosquito, Nighthawk, Cloak Noise, AI MAX Range.
    VS; Orion, Mag Rider, Scythe, Cloak Noise, AI MAX Range.
  16. Mezinov

    Any of the Planetside 1 Music is what I want;
    Link to Playlist

    I still remember Planetside 1's launch. Rushing home from the store with my copy, going to install, and getting hit with dat music. It was love at first beat.

    Planetside 2's music, even with its several revamps, still doesn't come close to matching.
  17. Pelojian

    From NC to TR=Higby

    Then NC can complain about getting uninteresting and bland weapons while the TR gets imaginative weapons that totally don't have bad or ineffective mechanics.
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  18. Appalachian

    I am NC and although VS music is way better it makes me feel like I should have a couple glow sticks and some ecstasy. I want the TR music and command voice on NC.
  19. Danath

  20. Doc Jim

    I play VS and I really want a conventional MBT as an alternative to the Magrider (something with tracks and a turret).