what does most damage to a MAX? Anti infantry weapons? Or Anti vehicle weapons?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Zizoubaba, Nov 24, 2018.

  1. Zizoubaba

    Basically, I want to build a MAX killing MAX :)
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  2. Twin Suns

    Careful what you wish for....

    I kept hearing all this talk about NC Max's being boss. So I set one up and immediately get wrecked LOL.

    After some adjustments getting wrecked.

    I come to the conclusion that it's totally situational. Stay in the room and don't EVER come out of the room LMAO.

    Joking aside, Make sure to checkout the Salvage and Disengage implant for you're Max. Also a Max ain't shizzit without their N-G.

    Max & N-G= "It takes two to make a thing go right...it takes 2 to make it out of sight" - Rob Base.

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  3. Zizoubaba

    What I mean is, which type of MAX will have a shorter Time To Kill while shooting an enemy MAX?

    I suppose that may also depend on whether the enemy MAX has flak armour?
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  4. Twin Suns

    That's the catch to the Max, so many variables. I've built mine to stay alive and to never leave the room. *chuckles*
    IMHO, you hardly ever get that perfect situation you're load out is built for with the Max.

    For me it's Max meet room, room meet Max.
    Eventually a enemy Max will appear, but not before those LA's flinging MRE's...always wanting a quick game of Hungry Hungry Hippos™

    Any hoot, sorry to bother you.

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  5. Liewec123

    if you're going purely for max kills:
    TR - pounders
    NC - any shotguns except mattocks, no slugs
    VS - comets

    run salvage so you heal off max kills, run kinetic so enemy AI maxes do way less damage :D
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  6. Kristan

    MAXes do already have like 80% of small arms resistance, which might be boosted by kinetic armor, but that case is rare, people prefer flak.

    So the best anti-MAX configuration is Pounders/Falcons/Comets (I don't know which faction do you play). These weapons tend to unleash quite a lot of AV power in a short burst, if not killing the enemy MAX, but at least take more than a half of its health. These weapons are still good in case if you face the infantry... except for Falcons, not that easy to land shots with them.

    But if you still wish to keep somewhat AI capability, while have advantage over enemy MAXes - get Gorgons. They do additional damage to MAXes, since they are partly AV, and not affected by Flak armor. Although they are not that great against infantry, since they only do 125 damage per shot with quite slow ROF.
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  7. Zizoubaba

    thanks a lot!

    so if I'm not mistaken, MAXs are considered (by the game) to be a "vehicle"'?
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  8. AlcyoneSerene

    I was under the impression ns gorgons were the way to go for max killing max, and when going against an NC max to stay at a bit of a distance since those will still shred through the gorgons up close.
  9. LodeTria

    As a game entity they are infantry, they just have different resistances compared to infantry.
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  10. Zizoubaba

    What I mean is, from the perspective of a gun or weapon, that is either AI or AV, a max is I or V?
  11. Scroffel5

    Ok I have nothing to add to this post, but I totally got that reference. You have a good taste in music probably.
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  12. LodeTria

    Ah It's not that simple I'm afraid. Each weapon lives in something we resistance classes, and most vehicles guns have different resistances to each class. For a nice spreadsheet look at this: http://planetside.wikia.com/wiki/Vehicle_armor_and_damage_resistance

    Infantry aren't on their as they have 0% resistance to everything, which get augmented when they wear Flak armour for example.
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  13. Gen.Drake61

    ive notice that vs maxes hate the decimator rockets on ps4,get a rocket in yo. Vs face= 1hit kill,nc maxes usually take 2 rockets,upon reading your post,i got an idea,what if an entire platoon equipped with decimators side by side all fired at once into a tightly guarded doorway with 20+ enemies with 5 maxes,can you overkill!
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  14. Gen.Drake61

    also i remember today getting a random kill where i was using the jump pads on a bio lab and firing a rocket twords the lab where the aircraft landing pad is,proceeded to reproduce it killing the same guy,thing is i think he was a platoon leader,well his platoon did not like me after the 2nd kill because his body fell on a jump pad After i killed him with the decimator point blank and went all the way back to their base in the bio lab,well their was piece for 3 minutes no attackong and suddenly all vs enemies(48 to be exact) decided to equip rockets of thier own and each use the jump pad to get to the base we were defending,any time we would get near our jump pad 24-48 enemies would proceed to use the jump pad to shoot rockets in mid air killing us all...twas a complete tactical fail lol!
  15. Sindroms

    Can't argue with the man.
    AT mines and C4 are still your best bet at taking out a MAX. Archers landing headshots are a good second as well as headshots with the under-barrel grenade launcher on carbines.
  16. Souci

    A max has 2000 hitpoints which can be rapaired.

    How much damage a weapon has to deal to the max to kill it depends on:
    a) the weapon type
    b) the resistance the max has to these weapon type
    c) flak armor/ordinance armor

    resistance can go up to 100 which means a unit with 100 % resistance doesnt take damage from this weapon.
    but it also can go to - xxx which increases the damage beeing done.

    so the max unit with 2000 hp and 80% resistance to small arms can take 10000 damage from small arms until it dies.

    if you want to go in more detail i warmly recomand your this:

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  17. Zizoubaba

    well I tried it out.

    it works AMAZINGLY WELL for killing MAXs.

    Problem is, if those MAXs aren't alone, if there's lots of infantry, you can't really kill the infantry lol
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  18. Twin Suns

    See, Hungry Hungry Hippos™. ;)

  19. strikearrow

    Dunno for sure and great signature, but please change it to "too many" drives me nuts :eek:
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