What do I do next for better FPS?

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by KraggTheGrim, Feb 21, 2013.

  1. KraggTheGrim

    I have gone through all the .ini changes I could find, my shadows are now off, and running at 60 FPS in the warp gate, and between 30-40 during fights. I keep seeing people post about their 120 FPS at the warp gates and 60-80FPS in large fights. I think my machine has the power to get me those frame rates, but I just cant seem to get there.

    What options are left for me, can anyone make a suggestion as to how I can to my goal of 60+ FPS in large fights?

    CPU: i7-950 Bloomfield (3.06ghz) Not OC'ed but is water cooled
    Graphics: GTX 570 (1128 MB)
    Ram: 12GB
  2. BenYeeHua

    I think nope, but you are getting the same FPS as me(i5-3210m).
    Did you try delete the UserOptions.ini and let the game reset it?
    And post the UserOptions.ini by using.
  3. TheAppl3

    They're idiots and/or lying. While 120+ at the warpgate is easy enough, 60-80 during major fights doesn't happen. Your machine is nowhere near close to powerful to hit that. You would need by my estimation a 3570k/3770k to hit at least 5.5+ if not 6.0 for 60fps at all times. Not happening. At 4.3 I get 40-50 and the 3570k/3770k is one of the best single-thread-performance chips. The best $4000+ severely over-clocked systems can hardly boast 47+ at all times.

    30-40 is right on the spot for a Nehalem/Bloomfield i7 unfortunately.
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  4. KraggTheGrim

    Thanks for the info. My Newegg order list says my computer turned 2 last month. Was just hopping i could squeeze more power out of it before having to do a new build.

    doing Alt+F tells me that the game is primarily using my CPU, will new graphics cards do much if anything for this game or is it primarily CPU that is limiting me now?

    Always wanted to try SLI, but not worth the money if the game wont utilize it.
  5. BenYeeHua

    Yes, engine issues.
    As I just test awhile, the GU03 gun shoot spark effect back to before the GU02, you can see some FPS increase too.
    Did you unpark the core?
  6. KraggTheGrim

    I have not unparked as i have heard mixed reviews on it. I guess i can always try it.
  7. Kylln

    i think you'll be surprised if trying to squeeze more and more out of your computer by turning things off to get more fps, that it will actually make it run worse by getting syncing issues, stuttering, warping. Go the other way, turn everything to high, play a bit, then go to medium settings and see if you have less problems , if you're even having these problems at all.
  8. BenYeeHua

    Ya, it has better performance than laptop.
  9. Talizzar

    I have an older I7 pushing just under 4ghz with a water cooler. I could try pushing it a bit harder but I don't think there is that much to gain. I have a Nvidia 670. I get over 100 fps in the WG or quiet areas but it drops significantly in big battles. FPS is not the issue with me anymore it is the goofy rendering system where enemies will flat disappear from my sights.

    If you are CPU bound you want to try medium or high settings. One of the devs posted instructions on how to optimize your settings somewhere. I hope it got a sticky. Doing this will unload some of the cpu work to the gpu for better performance. Try to find a balance.

    Your rig is similar to mine. I had a 560ti and upgraded to the 670. It did make a difference. Your Motherboard probably has a performance setting...ie overclocking....try it you should have no issues with a water cooled cpu.
  10. Kylln

    another thing i found that made a big difference , was to force PhysX to be processed by the CPU and not the GPU (i am GPU most the time) I have a 650ti