Well that didn't take long...

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by BetaGuru, Dec 15, 2012.

  1. BetaGuru

    So it's a Saturday night and I'm looking to play some Planetside.

    Hop into the game in Mattherson. It's 10:30pm EST and it's a US East server so I'm thinking, oh yeah, gonna be rockin' and rollin'. Gonna be PACKED. I tried playing in the early afternoon and it was a ghost town, all of the continents out of balance and the fights all crappy, so I was thinking here we do, gonna get into some nice big battles.

    Log in, puts me in Esamir. 13% VS pop, 60%+ TR. Okaaay...

    Look at the other continents. Indar is 80% TR pop. Huh.

    Amerish is 1%TR, , with NC and VS both rocking in the 40% range! Yay! Only it won't let me in to that continent! Boo!

    I played a LOT of PS1. A whole lot. And I'll tell you, it took years for the game to get to a point where the populations were crappy even at primetime. This game isn't even a month old. Really guys? Already? Already I'm logging in, seeing that there are no fights, and logging out?

    Sure didn't take very long.
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  2. Eduard K.

    Welcome to the laws of karma.
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  3. omega4

    I just stopped playing PS2 myself.
  4. Sebulous

    More continents need to come out soon. Get the continents warpgate links in and proper continent locks. Amerish came out pretty quick after Esamir, here I was thinking the same thing would happen after launch. Then again, probably need 5 continents or more to do proper warpgate links. Any info or teasers on continents would help more than floating gunships that we won't see for a year.
  5. Eduard K.

    Lol, that is not going to help this case.

    Surely it is needed but a remedy? nah.
  6. omega4

    As if 3 deserted continents isn't enough, we should have more deserted continents to play on.

  7. Funguy

    I was there as TR....

    We were actually even with NC on population both at around 40% (nc had slightly more) the VC were at 14% regardless as soon as we (tr) started gaining more ground NC just started to leave. Suddenly we went up in 57%

    It seems that people only like to win and dominate - when they get their butts kicked they flee where ever they can keep a positive k/d ratio.

    I honnestly get bored of winning all the time, I dont see the challenge when the entire team swarms a lone base with 10 defenders.
  8. BetaGuru

    Yeah dude I'm not sure MORE continents is gonna fix the problem of there being nobody to fight over them.

    I mean this is pretty crazy. Planetside 1 took years for the populations to die off. Planetside 2 has apparently taken just weeks.
  9. Funguy

    I think soe should take a few lessons from games like 'blacklight retribution' very similar model. even when you lose you still gain experience just not as much - keep both sides happy.

    and... it doesnt take forever to get to the next level or get the next weapon. once you unlock it you can only own it for a limited amount of time and just use cheap ingame currency to repurchase it after some xp points. you could own the gun perm. after investing real cash.
  10. JKooL

    I logged out of Mattherson (I play NC) because the fight on Esamir was just too ridiculous. Even with around 40% continent population, we were pushed back to our warpgate, while the TR had about 47% pop they not only held off BOTH the NC and VS, but they gated both of us. I was so shocked that I lost the desire to keep playing so I logged out.

    Game just isn't fun when there's no where to go to get a good fight. And bashing my head against the wall (i.e., fighting TR who are 95% heavy assault), is just as bad.
  11. Eduard K.

    Why wouldn't they? when the game depends on HA to play since tanks will be spammed next, the best HA always does the trick.

    They must be spamming chain gun purchases atm.
  12. Katana

    More continents isn't going to help!

    Fix the game . . . make bases people want to defend. Remove those stupid ******* jump pads so people can actually defend the bases. Add incentives to be in certain places, as opposed to all over the bloody shop *cough lattice cough*

    Oh and make MBTS a certification thing with crews, as opposed to, you know, turning this into planetworld of tankside
  13. Rivenshield

    Yeah, that presto-change-o empire swapping sure is working out great. Oh, but they could do it anyway. And people want to play with their friends. Et cetera.

    Look at what you have wrought, Sony. You dangle free XP for capping empty bases and the ability to instantly switch to the winning side in front of the console kiddies, and guess what? They're taking advantage of it.
  14. Eduard K.

    Lol and they said it wouldn't be an issue.

    At least this serves as an idea for devs to see faction imbalance, let's just hope they even see it.
  15. BetaGuru

    It's funny that I totally called this in Beta. People hate the bases. They're impossible to defend so people don't get good fights. People stop playing.

    I freaking called it.
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  16. Funguy

    We had a good fight! - especially the one in open ground with almost no air, it was gorgeous. Most nc are HA as well, we were just more organized.

    at first we even lost most of the territory to you guys when we've concentrated on VS
  17. SvZ Owns

    Gonna do this myself :D back to dota2 have fun people tried of this game being broken.