Well I just had an amazing 17 headshot kill streak.

Discussion in 'Infiltrator' started by Hoki, Nov 29, 2012.

  1. Hoki

    SR-7 with 12x scope, really I don't even know why they have other weapons.

    If you want to know the real problem with infs, its that stupid freaking directional damage indicator!
    How do you defeat the stupid directional indicator? Headshots! Do nothing but headshots and you're golden.

    Also it helps to be on really high ground, makes it so theres no bullet drop, just put crosshairs on head, goodnight!

    Was well worth the $7, unlock this weapon seriously.
  2. Apina

    Yeah, we are good at killing. I think this is pretty good class, sure when server is over-crowded you cant do ****, but no-one cant, so better just take tank and get easy kills. What devs needs is megaservers like in Elder Scroll Online, this is just stupid, empty servers during morning and too crowded during evenings, my point is that when there isnt too many people, cloaking is actually good and fun. Perma-stealth is for noobs.
  3. Good_Kitty

    I'm thinking the servers are setup for an easy merger. This is why you cannot take the same name on every server! I also think they are working out the networking/hardware issue on their end to better handle server capacitys. Look for it in the future. I guarantee it as if it was the Men's warehouse.
  4. Timeraider

    Only makes it easier to take out people by randomly shooting XD and as long as your a better infil then the COD kiddos you can get a couple of kills per second since you know they will be standing in the middle of your sight thinking surely noone can see them :p

    also @OP .. yep, headshots are the thing. If you are an infiltrator with an focus on long range sniping. You will surely minimal have 40% of your shots being headshot.
  5. Dreggon

    You're right, headshots are awesome!


    The red glow is fall damage from jumping down from my sniper ledge after using 60 bullets firing on people.
  6. hostilechild

    60 bullets? dam NC gets 30 (5/25)
  7. Meiu

    High ground gets you sniped by other snipers who have a clue. It is best to stay low and creep forward, the closer you are the less likely youll be found because they are busy looking at a distant area for you, or in front of them. If you can get behind and close you will run out of ammo. I always creep forward and around almost like a cloverleaf style recon you would do out in the field for observation. Around, peak in, repeat til at desired position. Once you get behind and close you can eat them all day, last time I did this I went on a streak equal to my ammo I carry. I could have kept going if I brought an engineer with me for ammo :/ Give it a try, the better you are at sniping the closer you can effectively get.
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  8. Dead

    17 consecutive headshots?! Pretty good man.
  9. Eyeklops

    If your getting headshots most of the time the victim will miss the damage indicator, but a there is a good chance one of his buddies will find you by the vapor trail before it dissipates.
  10. PanzerGoddess

    its called patience. Those who wait get rewarded. Grats on the consec hs, Im at 34 atm, that was use the TSAR with a 4x scope at close range popping off NC coming out of a sundy :). **** was so even to the east they had no idea I was behind them hehe, until their libby saw me....apparently I have not learned to dodge the dalton yet....the splash damage just seems....so....big...lol

    Between the S7 and TSAR, I like my TSAR more, I like the combat style of being infy, so I am always in bases hacking, hacking for ams, etc.
  11. jak

    Back in beta, my outfit mates and I would pillage the crown from above as snipers. We've done 50+ killstreaks before. The playerbase is getting smarter, though. There tends to be a LA guy always hanging around to make sure the top is save.

    The new fun are the arms of Amp stations and Tech plants. The tech plant back door can be especially amazing in a bigger fight.
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