Weird/slow(ing) update behavior

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by jollybadger, Dec 18, 2013.

  1. jollybadger

    So, despite deactivated firewall, pretty open settings on my router, no other download running on my PC or any other device in the network, and a fairly decent DSL connection, the launcher installs about 1MB every 10 minutes.

    Whats really weird now is that everything behaves like the launcher would be loading with fullspeed. I can't even watch a youtube video. And yes, this is only in effect, while the launcher tries to update the gamefiles.
    While at the same time it is easily possible to run a pretty hardware hungry rts or multiple-particle-simulation on the same drive.

    Has somebody a (maybe even good) explanation for this?
  2. BrianJ2

    Sony's servers are probably just heavily occupied. IDK if they use p2p(I don't think so) for download transfers.
  3. jollybadger

    If they are just occupied, their upload would be bottle necked, not my download... Right?