We need an equipable knife slot.

Discussion in 'Infiltrator' started by slannmage, Dec 1, 2012.

  1. slannmage

    Right now without collision all that happens is you run right into each other and then do that WoW thing of circle strafing inside each other and this isn't a euphemism. The quick knife just doesn't work well, it's very awkward with Planetside 2's setup and I've always hated quick knives anyways.

    We should have it as a slot and we should be able to run around with it. BF3 uses both so why not Planetside 2?
  2. Daejin

    I've said the same thing in another thread somewhere. Would be a good edition, especially if they ever put in the Stalker Cloak.
  3. Geandily

    Really mad that the stalker stealth was removed. Right now the infiltrator is pretty much only good for sniping and occasionally hacking vehicle terminals and turrets. It's so weak up close and because the knife takes 2 hits to kill, it's pretty easy for people to turn around and kill you meaning the only option is to shoot a few pistol rounds into them and then finish off with a stab.

    I don't like that. I wish I could cert into a suit that unequipped my primary weapon and gave me a better knife.
  4. Wampa

    God, even if the knife takes 2 hits to kill, it only registers an actual hit like 20% of the time, even on a non moving target. So in most situations it takes like 8-9 swings on a moving target and 2-6 on a stationary target. =(
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  5. YoloSwaggins

    I wonder what ever happened to hitting somebody with the butt your rifle?
  6. Flaeb

    Unless they give us a melee booster, then no.

    Right now I can keep my pistol out, smack the enemy in the back with a few pistol shots then knife for a super fast kill. Making the knife equip-able would be a HUGE nerf UNTIL they add melee booster passive. So till that happens, I have to say NO to making knives a equipment slot.