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  1. Aokiwasuke

    So, to the Soltech question. Still no response from the game's development team or Daybreak. This is an issue supported by a large number of community members, and you must respond and act.


    About Daybreak Games

    The issue of anti-cheating can no longer be like the elephant in the room, a problem that everyone knows but doesn't talk about. This issue must be addressed. The PS2CPC represents the ordinary player group, hoping that Daybreak, as an operator, can give players an answer to the anti-cheating question:

    • What problems are Daybreak's having with anti-cheating of the Soltech server?
    • Why not provide an online patrolling GM(server administrator) for the server with the largest number of cheaters?
    • How can Daybreak protect the basic rights and interests of players in a cheater-free environment?
    A week has passed and we still haven't gotten any response.
    Sincerely, we don't want to dump the trash on Reddit. However, this issue has been supported by a large number of Soltech players and Outfit, and we will continue to speak out on this matter.

    If the game environment of soltech continues to deteriorate, players and outfits will be forced to give up playing or migrate to other servers. At that time, cheaters may also enter other servers on a large scale, thereby destroying the game experience of all players.
  2. brutes359

    This game is over 10 years old now, and has literally crossed the console generation line. It is indeed time for them to begin developing a new game such as a plantside 3.

    However, if they haven't begun so already, my suggestion would be to take a good long look at what other games they might be working on. Considering their most recent entries to that list include a crappy "Magic the Gathering" online card game microtransaction trap, and the absolute disgrace that was planetside arena, I think its safe to assume they couldnt give a side-long smirk for planetside anymore. They made their money off this game, and, just like EA, the moment if failed them when they tried to abuse it to get into the battle-royal FAD, they trashed it and moved on.

    We saw the same thing with command and conquer when EA tried to muscle in on the MOBA games scene. They'll hold onto the license of course, they wouldn't dare risk someone else improving on or, goodness forbid profiting off, their IP, but don't expect them to ever use it for anything beyond keeping it on life-support while they drip feed their die-hard veterans meaningless low-effort weapons, reskins, and poorly balanced weapons.

    Also, dont expect to get a response from them. The only time I ever see the moderator say anything is to censor people talking politics in the forums or shutting down threads due to politics in the forums.