Waterson and Briggs 11/23/2012

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by TSR AlexS, Nov 23, 2012.

  1. TSR AlexS Customer Service

    Hey guys! Walterson and Briggs servers are down for the moment. Will keep you guys updated and will let you know once they're up! :D
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  2. Templar1975

    That'll explain why I cannot log in then, thanks for the update Alex :)
  3. Grezkev

    I got booted when Waterson went down before, but it says that the server is up and I keep getting G37 errors during loading screen. It varies between 48-99% when it CTD.
  4. kazumi

    Briggs just came up with a few of my mates. But over 40 of us still cannot login! With the play button.
  5. moondog

    Curses. Oh well, I created a TR character on Briggs, but my first love has always been NC. I shall temporarily frolic over to another server and delight myself (not in a funny way, I might add) with tales of yellow and blue glory. Good luck with your fixes, AlexS.
  6. SpiderOz

    they are or they're :p hehe

    thank you for the info
  7. PooperTrooper

    Why? I thought all issues were resolved yesterday?
  8. Freddo

    Lol the only two servers I have characters on. No wonder I am having issues.
  9. moondog

    'All' is an incredibly imprecise term when applied to bugs.
  10. DirtyHarry

    Should I sit here and keep trying the server or go off and do something more constructive?
  11. SpiderOz

    come help me mow the lawn if you like - send holzy and damit as well, they are both looking a little tubby these days ;)
  12. moondog

    You could post on the forum hoping Sony can accurately predict the future...

    I'm off to another server temporarily to shoot stuff...well actually, miss stuff and get shot by it. There seems plenty of West Coast servers eager for our attention. Move out, soldier!
  13. DirtyHarry

    But... but PS2 is supposed to provide a way for me to ignore my real world responsibilities!
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  14. moondog

    They will always come back to haunt you.

  15. Red_au

    With briggs you should probably just have announcements when it's up.
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  16. MrMchale

    NOOOOOOOOO... I refuse to Accept your reality ..... I want PS2's
  17. TSR AlexS Customer Service

    Hey guys, Just an update. Walterson should be back up, Briggs is still down but should be back up shortly :D
  18. Grezkev

    I'm still getting G37 after loadup ever since Water went down the first time...