VS- V10 Snipe Rifle - Details please.

Discussion in 'Infiltrator' started by Melicalol, Nov 23, 2012.

  1. Melicalol

    Ok so I am new to the game, read about what is best Long range snipe rifle, ( V10) I like it... until I put a x12 mag( wasted 30 crest) the zoom is insane that i can see bullet drops... that is if i can even see anyone, it zooms too far for me to see anything.


    What is the best spec for VS Snipe rifle ( preferably the V10)
    V10 + X12 = Bad. my experience to others.

    Please list your experience in game to help others.
  2. Coffeebot

    Haven't tried the 12x for comparison yet, but the 10x provides enough zoom to clearly see targets at the 250-300m range and the first mil-dot for 200m shooting (just put that dot on their head and boom).
  3. Yutty

    um...i think you're doing it wrong. The v10 is great with the x12. The drop without the suppressor is anywhere from just barely under the center to the first dot. Can't get any easier than that to aim with unless it didn't have bullet drop. Now if you add the suppressor to it its a whole different story. Head shots can range up to 3.5-2 dots for long range shots.

    V10 + x12 = killing machine
    v10 + x12 + suppressor = very challenging on you're skill of model height/dot placement match up

    the suppressor is not worth if you're playing long range shooter since with the x12 you'll be off the mini map anyways unless they expand it. But it sounds like you're more comfortable in midrange. I use the x12 with eh suppressor when i'm flanking & sneaking behind groups that are focused moving forward or fighing. The stealth is worth it in close/medium range battles.

    Suggest you practice more or get a weaker scope. Rule of thumb i use with the x12 is if it looks decently far put the first dot on their head. You'll be able to adjust every other shot easily after you figure out what range that gives your a head shot.
  4. Afifa

    I felt like sniping sucked totally until I put the 12x scope on the V10. I like long rang sniping and the standard wasn't cutting it for me. With the 12x, its headshots all day for me. I just wish I could put a 12x on the Nyx - may have spelled that one wrong.