[VS] Keepers of the Void [KOTV]

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    Outfit Name: [KOTV] Keepers of the Void
    Faction: VS
    Time Zone(s): CEST
    Specialization: Combined Arms
    VOIP: https://kotv.org/discord

    Who are we?

    Keepers of the Void (KOTV) was created on the Woodman server 7 years ago. After four years of slumber, KOTV is opening up its formal recruitment again, on top of ingame recruitment.
    KOTV has been active since PS2 was released in 2012 and we celebrated our latest anniversary earlier this year.
    You can find some videos of our past anniversaries videos and some of our events in our favorite YouTuber’s, namely Yamiks, page: https://www.youtube.com/user/TheYamiks/search?query=anniversary kotv
    Back in the days we have been working with ProSieben to keep events and activity ongoing on Woodman. We were invited to their “From the Warpgate show” to help with a couple of community led events.

    How do we operate?


    Every mandate members elect the main leaders of the outfit along with an administrative council.
    The administrative council is managing ongoing tasks that have to be done for the community to improve the experience of its members.
    As an example: deciding ingame and discord roles.
    The force commander is leading in-game an independant military body.
    For those having participated in an association’s management might be familiar with our organisation.

    What do we do?

    KOTV is a combined arms outfit.
    That include but is not restricted to :
    - An Air Squad (WIP)
    - Ground Vehicle action when needed
    - A small Construction oriented group
    - A competitive core participating in Outfits Wars (WIP)
    Our objective is first and foremost teaching new players combined arms tasks, to new leader strategy related tasks and improving player retention on Miller.

    Our schedule

    A daily public platoon.
    Sunday OPS.

    From 2 to 3 bastions a week.