[VS] Joint Vanu Air Group

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  1. Negator

    Today ladies and gentlemen, we usher in a new age of cooperative aerospace management. At any given time, there are a large number of solo pilots flitting about, skygodding in a manner not congruous to mutual support and brotherly scientific achievement. No More! Today, we institute the Mattherson Joint Vanu Air Group (JVAG)!

    To partake, simply create a squad listed [continent Joint VS Air], or join an already listed air group. Feed information to fellow pilots. Provide mutual support whilst you aurax those dual photon pods on the backs of the unwashed TR masses. Ensure no NC galaxy makes it to its destination un-harassed. Drink coffee in one hand while skillfully A2A locking the enemy into submission with the other.

    To become an honorary permanent member for life (including respawns), simply accomplish the following:

    *fully cert A2A Photon Missile Pods
    *Prove your nobility by submitting a screenshot of your killboard displaying the uninterrupted destruction of at least 50 enemy infantry in honorable 1v1 combat (with your ESF)
    *Provide 5 screenshots of enemy hate tells after you masterfully decimate them with A2A Photon Missile Pods

    Good flying, folks.

    PS: this is not an outfit. click below for that.