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Discussion in 'Miller (EU)' started by EvilJollyT, Sep 20, 2013.

  1. EvilJollyT

    Hi all,


    This is MCY's new event outfit. We have been running bi-weekly "VS events" with our partners in crime INI Elite, and it's been so much fun we thought we'd open it up to others. Events have so far taken place on Thursday nights with the next one scheduled for Thursday 3rd October. It's been for fun, for sh*ts and giggles and to play with some excellent players that are normally shooting at you not shooting with you.

    We've enjoyed it so much that some of us are playing VS a few times a week now, so this may even evolve from an event outfit into something more like a secondary outfit.

    So, if you're a little burnt out with your existing empire or outfit and if you're a good player who wants to play with a good team then look us up. Feel free to respond to this thread or send any of us a message in-game (either on our VS or NC chars) and if we like you we might well invite you.

    I should point out that this is not a super-serious outfit, just an opportunity for decent players to squad with people they might not normally have the chance to play with due to existing outfit or empire constraints. It is therefore reserved for alt characters, not mains.

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  2. Loui5D

    Not just MCY and INI members :mad:
  3. EvilJollyT

    Oops, and Louis! Our first non-MCY recruit!
  4. Pella

    Its nice to mix it up. And INI members appreciate doing something different every so often. Also meeting a new group of people with a pinch of banter makes it all worth it.

    Also I think we need to invest in a new Mumble server :O
  5. Linus

    So this is an outfit which recruits people from NC or TR who wish to switch sometimes to VS for the fun. Am I right?
  6. Loui5D

    Yes and No,

    The VS have always been under popped on miller, during alerts their global pop has dropped to 25% on more than one occasion. We decided that they needed a little helping hand and so the outfit was created for when people want to have fun; on the event last Thursday we brought a platoon over to VS and helped them win a prime time alert. (We actually started about 30 mins before the alert so don't start screaming 4th factioner scrub etc)
  7. Linus

    That is nice to you guys, we used to see our players joining other factions during alerts but rarely the contrary.
    We are fighting like lions on Miller but our pack is a little weak at the moment.
    Any help is always welcome for those events.
  8. EvilJollyT

    Kinda. Hell, the native VS can apply if they like. As I said, this is an outfit designed to allow players who can't normally play together due to outfit or factions constraint, play together.

    But, you must apply with an alt character. This is not for mains and is an event outfit only.
  9. Mastachief

  10. huller

    4th empire: Those who switch to the winning team for an easy victory. Essentialy giving a population boost to the winning empire further cementing their victory and negating most opposition. Especialy during allerts and events. Hated by all three other factions.

    5th Empire: those who switch factions depending on who has the northern warpgate on Indar

    6th Empire: those who have an alt in other factions on the same server to play with friends in said faction (wich would put me in that cattegory) or to oppose the 4th faction by helping out the losing empire.

    Boy, that's a lot of empires
  11. EvilJollyT

    We aim to please!
  12. EvilJollyT

    Next event: Thursday 3rd Oct @ 7.30pm UK time.

    INI and MCY will be there.

    Let me know if you want in.
  13. huller

    So, do you use the VS TS server for this or do you use another TS or Mumble server?
  14. Loui5D

    Last time we commandeered INI's mumble, i think Pella want's to get a separate mumble server tho.
  15. SirIBON

    Yeah, come to the dark side.
    We have cookies, and as i say more enemies then enough :)

    And Stay :)
  16. Pella

    Working on a new mumble server. Multiplay's hosting is terrible.

    We have one ready to roll. So i will pass the details on.
  17. EvilJollyT

    Roger dodger. Our Ts is available if required.
  18. EvilJollyT

    Event this Thursday - 7.30pm UK time.

  19. Mastachief

    Multiplay really are terrible we had to switch suppliers due to horrible issues they were incapable of resolving and the robbing crooks still owe us £70.
  20. EvilJollyT

    So, event today.

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