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    Outfit Name: Emerald Immersion [EDIM]
    Server: Miller
    Faction: Vanu Sovereignty
    Specialization: Tactical infantry and vehicle teamplay

    EDIM is a tactically minded outfit, with an emphasis on teamplay and coordination. Our focus is primarily on infantry play, with occasional vehicle elements for the combined arms experience. While not as large as other outfits, together we’re able to make a significant impact on the battlefield, where each member can feel that they’ve personally made a difference.

    What we offer:
    • At least bi-weekly OPs (mix of closed and open)
    • A longstanding, tight-knit community
    • Weekly trainings
    • Mentorship from experienced players
    • Participation in Jaeger events (Community Smash, Lanesmash)
    • Practice and scrims against and with other outfits
    • Events outside of Planetside 2

    What we expect:
    • A mature and friendly face who would like to participate in our community
    • An individual who is ready to learn and follow orders on Teamspeak

    If becoming part of a friendly community is something that interests you, consider joining us! To join, please follow the process below:
    1. Get in contact with us (through Discord, Teamspeak or in-game) and join our next OPs
    2. Join us on Teamspeak (microphone not necessary) to get a feel for how we operate
    3. Send us an application in-game

    Contact information:
    Discord: https://discord.gg/bEhg9nk
    Teamspeak: ts.edim.tech