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Discussion in 'Miller (EU)' started by Davelantor, Dec 5, 2012.

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  1. Davelantor

    Server - EU [Miller]
    Language - English
    Founder - Archdemon
    Leaders: Eval, Davelantor, Excessum
    Playstyle – Tactical Teamplay

    Follow the Registration Process and then use the application form in the forum.


    The Deathwatch Gaming Team is a professional video gaming team, consisting of players from across the globe who strive to make a living through competing in video game tournaments. We aim to put ourselfs in the Esports history books with the mission statement"Mercenaries never die, they just go to hell and regroup".
    Deathwatch Gaming have been around since 2009 starting out as a competitive team in Global Agenda and since we've worked our way up to become what we are today.

    Out Wiki Page:

    Our site:


    Not many of the new guys know me for who i really am but i tend to set the bar so high that a bunch of people will break, they cant deal with it cuz "It's not fun, It's just a game, You're a idiot" But to us its more of a experience we have together, a competative experience at that.

    I want people to react when they see the DWG Tag.. I want to give us that "Oh **** Effect" or, somethings going on effect, something of a source of inspiration.
    • Voice Com Discipline
    • Development
    • Personal Skill Increasements
    • Participation In The Community & It's Events
    Thats the least of what i can ask of people, if this is something you can't accept or deal with then you should start to consider if this outfit is really for you because rest assured if you can't live up to the expectations and goals set i will start to consider if this outfit is for you.


    Our recruitment policy is relatively easy since most of the evaluation is based on player conduct and is evaluated during gameplay.

    • We are primarily looking for players around Europe, but we'd love to branch out. General age restriction is 18 or over; this is to provide a more mature gameplay for all our members.
    • We expect our members to have confidence in their FPS skills and be willing to participate, learn and follow. Other than that you need a mic since Ts3 is just as essential as your gun.
    • We would like active players to be playing at least 3-4 sessions a week during the EU prime time hours of 7pm-11pm (GMT). Activity is important purely to avoid us becoming a warehouse for people that play once or twice a month.
    • Be active on our forums. A lot of information is distributed here and it also has sub forums for the many other games that our members play.
    • Teamspeak
    • We have a great Teamspeak3 server that we use for all our games. Members are expected to be on TS with a working mic. This rule is a requirement.
    • ts.deathwatchgaming.com

    • Stable Community
    • Leadership over 25+
    • 50-80 Currently Dedicated to PS2
    • Combat Rules And Military Strategy / Gameplay
    • A Code of conduct every member will follow to create a healthy community
    For the Full CoC Click here
    • Absolutely no TKing at all for any reason
    • Never exploit any bug/glitch or use any hacks
    • No racism/sexism/homophobia
    • No Excessive Vulgarity
    • Battle Chat = Don't talk unless it's important
    Looking forward to seeing you inside the game

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  2. cassan0va

  3. No_One

    One of our best enemies in the Field, I really appreciate to play against you guys.
    See you in the game ;)
  4. Genistren

    "Quality Over Quantity", damn straight. You guys have my utmost respect o7
    Best of luck with the fresh post :D
  5. OstLaberFriese

    Keep it rolling guys.
  6. Davelantor

  7. Nenarch

    Just curious as server transfers are coming, Do you have a dedicated infantry squad or players who mainly just play infantry.. I\m not into vehicle spam even if I can use up one magrider per assault to a new base but after that I go infantry until I need a taxi to next battle.
  8. Skrillex0ne

  9. DG-MOD-02

    I am going to close this down and suggest that the discussion continue in the other thread. Thank you!
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