[VS] Carbine Weapon Choice

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by AwakenRiceball, Jan 1, 2013.

  1. AwakenRiceball

    I already have the Serpent at Purple Medalist. I enjoy the serpent; especially, with Silencer for CQC.

    I want to try a new weapon that many do not use such as the Pulsar-C and the Triple Burst. I am looking at the Pulsar-C because it has the advance forward grip and increase velocity which I find interesting for the cost of the weapon which is fairly cheap. Thoughts and opinion on which to get?
  2. Pikabanga

    I'm interested in this too! (Don't have an answer for you though, sorry.)
  3. Iridar51

    Pulsar C is a "sniping" carbine. Can't say for VS, but from TR perspective sniping carbines are pretty much useless, because they fail hard in CQC. They do outperform "genaral combat" carbines on long range by a decent margin, but, first of all, *sniping* is not what should you do as LA, and second, if enemy is that far away that you need sniping carbine, most of the times you can cut distance with jetpacks.
    Solstice Burst is a vaste of certs, burst-fire mode is useless. Can't you just tap left mouse button if you need short burst? And who fires in bursts anyway, TTK in this game is so low that you just point the gun at person and spray bullets until it's dead.
  4. Paqu

    I have the Pulsar C since I got it from the alpha squad package.

    I used to use it as my long range weapon at one point and I even took the high velocity ammo on it. But like Iridar51 said those "long range" carbines suck at close and Pulsar C is no exception. And to be honest its not very good even from range and scoring kills with it is very hard. Most of the time you only manage to damage enemies before they run for cover.

    If you are looking for a long range weapon for LA get the Nova shotgun with slug ammo and extended magazine. Or Thanatos if you want faster reload and bit smaller clip doesnt bother. It does excellent job at range and you can even kill snipers with it that are trying to gun you down. Since VS doesnt have bullet drop those slugs hits where you aim at them. Here's a little clip I made earlier:

    Also slugs works pretty well up close as well where the Pulsar C fails and you can always take slugs off if you know there will be lots of CQC fighting coming up and thats where the buckshots really shine and pretty much outperforms all other weapons. You just need to get really close with them.
  5. Trysaeder

    The Pulsar C has a bit of NC flavour (recoil is high sustained, low burst) and is an amazing carbine for ammo conservation and medium-long ranged engagements. I used it once by mistake, and now I've got over 300 kills with it on an insane 28% accuracy. There's nothing really wrong with it at close range and the accuracy is just great.
  6. ShumaKun

    Shotgun with slugs is bad at medium range, pulsar c is bad at cqc. I have auraxium medal with pulsar and at long ranges it really shines with hv ammo. If you get used to recoil you can fight with infiltrators at long ranges, you can move from side to side and infiltrator can do **** with his x6 scope. Solstice burst is waste of certs IMO. Solstice sf is decent at any situation and it don't leave me with situations when I can't engage enemy or I was killed just because my weapon is bad at that range and you get underbarrel stuff extra
  7. pnkdth

    Running around like crazy I'd opt for Serpent or VX6-7...

    But for anything else, Pulsar C is where it is at. It has a decent hipfire and is hands down the best mid-long range carbine VS has. I run it with suppressor, adv grip(it has quite a lot of horizontal recoil otherwise), and usually 2x reflex or 4x scope. It really makes the most of the jetpack as you become a very strong at range. High damage and high accuracy means you're conversing ammo better. Definitely one of the least VS-like weapon of the carbines though.

    If you are calm and controlled then it is very good for CQC as well. Just don't go full auto and spray away. This gun, much like NC weapons, begs you to be precise. So yeah, currently I switch between the Serpent and Pulsar C. Shotguns are either too specialized(default ammo) or have waaaaaay too little ammo(slugs).